The Skinsaw Man

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Excellent product!


Buy this book! As to the art, the maps and symbols are beautiful. Perhaps reducing or eliminating the character cartoons might free enough space to solve the text size issues. Until then, those suffering from this may solve the problem with a large magnifying glass.

I am really pleased by the quality and information in this first installment, and look forward in Issue #5 to more elucidation of Sin Magic. Other attempts have been made at using the Seven Deadly Sins, but an entire magic system based on that fills me with...anticipation.

In the interest of equal representation, it would be nice if ancient tomes on Virtue Magic (or some such) might be also found in suitably dangerous places, so that entertaining conflicts erupt as the texts are dug up and translated by ambitious and foolish characters. The Positive Runes and Neutral Runes illustrated in the Thassilon chapter of this book look like fertile territory for this sort of development. Keep up the great work!

Here There Be Monsters, Indeed!


Had enough of lugging around a cart full of books for each game? This is your answer! All systems can easily be converted to this simple format, and you can finally focus on roleplaying!

The editing is acceptable, but the best point of this system is that you can easily convert from any other system you wish and come up with a fast and entertaining run without your players needing to spend weeks becoming familiar with the rules.

Try'll like it! I'll be using this system in a local game convention soon to introduce new players to fantasy role playing, and it's perfectly good for seasoned gamers who actually have a life and need to get things done quickly. Enjoy!