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Sovereign Court

thanks for the responses!

I have a question, with only a +4 to UMD can I use wands out of combat without issue?

Sovereign Court

I was reviewing my Lv 4 PFS URogue and I have 1 skill point I did not spend. I'm taking the Human FCB and can't take it at first level because I don't have Rogue Talent until second.So that leaves me with a single skill point to spend.

My current skills are: Acrobatics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Intimate, Knowledge Local, Perception, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Stealth.

I was thinking of Swim or UMD. So what does 1 point do for me in swim or UMD?

Other suggestions welcome!

My character is Henric Carnes, this alias.

Sovereign Court 2/5

I am going with Darkleaf for the same reasons, halves weight, +2 to max dex, no ACP and has mx dex of +7 and save me 325GP over Mithral.

Darkleaf Studded Leather = +3 armor/+7 max dex no ACP, 10 lbs 775GP
Mithril Chain shirt = +4 Armor/+6 max dex no ACP, 12.5 lbs and 1100GP.

Sovereign Court 2/5

So adamantine is the way to go vs. clod iron and silversheen?

Sovereign Court 2/5

My character's sheet is listed on this alias Henric Carnes.

What I think I will do is buy Masterwork Darkleaf Studded Leather, a Masterwork Darkwood Buckler, a couple of magic weapon oils so I can apply it to either melee or ranged weapon and the a potion of fly or what not.

Sovereign Court 2/5

I have looked at a post about what is expected of a pathfinder to be able to do, as in having means to over come swarms, flying, darkness ect.

The question I have as I am going to applying gm credit to this character I will go from level 2 to level 4 and I need suggestions as to what to get for gear. I will have 15 Fame, 9 PP and about 6000GP to work with.

I think I should be grabbing a Magic weapon, cloak or resistance and magic armor?

So a +1 Rapier,(2320GP), +1 Darkwood Cloth Studded Leather(1770gp), +1 Cloak of Resistance (1000GP), for a total of 5090 spent with only 910GP left.

Are these wise purchases? Is leaving my self that low in GP a good idea. This is my first PFS character so I am not sure what priority I should have on gear.

Should I perhaps instead invest in a couple oils of magic weapon in stead of the +1 Rapier?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Sovereign Court

My Sovereign Court Rogue needs to choose between Knowledge Local or Nobility. He has no knowledges currently, he does have a decent modifier of Diplomacy and Bluff. Henric is second level and my intention is to use my 4th lvl stat boost to go into Intelligence.

Which is going to be used more and which is be better for this faction?

The character in question is this alias Henric Carnes.