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Trove of Tef-Naju works particularly well for large groups. Only one character need choose it to see all its "wares" and a large group has a much easier time of pooling extra boons to turn in. Like Keith said, you can mix-and-match boons of different types as much as you like to meet the Traders' prices.

Frencois wrote:

Is it me or Trove of Tef-Naju is worthless?

In our 5 players group, in AD 5, we only rarely have 2 AD3 cards of the same type that we can spare to buy an AD4 one we want.
We very very rarely have have 2 AD4 cards of the same type that we can spare to buy an AD5 one we want.

Having 3 of those never happened.

So 4 of those? Actually it's already rare to have 4 cards on the same type in your deck (not everybody is called Mavaro), but we never manage to have 4 AD4 cards on a single type (there may not even be enough in the game for 4 people).
And someone had 4 AD cards, he wouldn't destroy that game for a single AD5 card.

So I must be missing something. Or are traders only for solo play or OP? If that is the case, I find it disappointing.

Or should the traders work differently for large groups?

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I'm happy you're intrigued by Mavaro's powers. He was a really fun character to experiment with. As I played him, he started as a divine caster and transitioned over the adventure to a formidable ranged combatant and finally wielding a hefty arsenal of arcane artifacts. I fully expect people to find ways to use Mavaro to do astounding things.

Quick note: 100% armor Mavaro does not work very well at all. :/

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emky wrote:
How does the difficult compare to the previous sets? I'm hoping it's not as hard (and certainly not harder!) than Wrath?

We specifically rebuilt the difficulty curve for Mummy' Mask to be better for people completely new to the game and those who haven't played in a while. The first five scenarios are specifically designed to introduce new mechanics at a fun, bite-sized pace. After that, we've got some tough scenarios, but they are mixed in with wacky, story-focused ones. For this set, I wanted to focus on creating more variety and strategy in gameplay, rather than boosting difficulty alone. Wrath still stands as the hardest PACG set by a long shot.

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Mike Selinker wrote:
Sandslice wrote:
Mechalibur wrote:
Careful, you don't wanna know what happens when you reach critical Damiel.
That's when Vic decides that the Second Edition potion-mixing rules need to be in PACG, because critical Damiel is completely overpowered.
Based on this comment, I have decreed that the word "Miscibility" must appear in the Alchemist class deck.

Done. Now let's see if it makes it all the way to print.

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Keith Richmond wrote:

Hmm. But wouldn't _three_ Damiels be better than two? And then...

Some day, we'll make Liz playtest scenarios by playing 6 Damiels at once. Cause that'll clearly give us reasonable and balanced playtest data :)

A three-Damiel Scenario would be lovely. I'll call it, "Two Zooms and a Kaboom!"

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Also, my squeeful excitement at getting to meet cosplayer Alex Peyton as Damiel at Paizocon was entirely genuine:

OMGeez, it's Damiel in real life!

(Mike took the picture)

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
What a cryptic, veiled reference at the end...

What can I say, I live for mystery! (Even half-assed mysteries that can be easily solved by identifying the characters in a picture.) :)

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zeroth_hour wrote:

I'm glad you mentioned Scenario 1-B instead of the harder Scenario 1-A (unless you had a team of all Olenjacks, which of course doesn't beat the team of all Qualzars in 1-A).

Yeah, Scenario 1-A is a doozy. I probably played it 7 or 8 times at BBG.CON. Only won a few times. But I might have set a new record with getting 4 haunts on my character at once! He was pretty much a useless, insane wreck at that point. All I could do was send him to Ravenscar and hope for the best.

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CajunAtx wrote:

So there's only one location for this first scenario? and it's filled with henchmen, barriers, and the villain? Maybe I'm missing too much information from the back of the card?

I'm so rude! Sorry!

Welcome Liz! This post is very interesting to me.. keep them coming!

Yep, there's only the Fog Bank in this scenario and it's full of henchmen. The trick is that you have to bide your time until you can whack a henchman, enabling everyone to raise their hand size, then repeat. It's a very different kind of rhythm compare to most scenarios. To me, it evokes the sense that the heroes are waiting for their windows of opportunity to sneakily take out their kidnappers one at a time.

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ThreeEyedSloth wrote:
Calthaer wrote:
Ninja that...a clue?

Jade Regent confirmed!!!

It wouldn't be a proper welcoming without dissecting your post for hidden clues on upcoming products. :)

The ninja guards are real. One is hovering behind me in smoke form casually spinning a kunai. They've made it very clear that violation of corporate NDA is grounds for dismissal... from this plane of existence. Send help in the form of pirates.