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This is the Reign of Winter adaptation that I played the last year. For those who know the original plot you will see that there are major changes into it.

We brought the story to our highly modified Dragonlance setting, and made a big mashup of things taking Irrisen beyond the Ice Wall. In our version of things, Winter Witches haven't changed the weather of a zone, they just rule over a frozen land.

We have also brought a lot of old retired and semiretired characters from other campaign into the game as secondary characters, who ended dramatically altering the course of the events. Even if the story starts mostly as written, changes start being evident in Mother, Maiden Crone and continue happening until the complete overwrite of The Revenge of the Witch Queen.

I was a player here, and I will be telling the story with the voice of my character, Kileanna. As it is my main alias too, to avoid the post from being confusing, I will use this one as my real voice, and Kileanna's alias for everything that is told in her voice.

Dalindra was the GM, and he will participate by sharing his GMing experience and some behind the scenes stuff that I might not know.

Even though it was a chaotic game, with players getting in and out due to crazy schedules and other issues, it was also the best gaming experience I had. It was my comeback to RPing after having lived a complicated situation, which makes this game somewhat special for me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed playing it!

Of course, all feedback is welcome! I would love to hear anything that you have to say!

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As we are turning Order 66 into a "kill the poster above with a song", I decided to start a new game:

You have to dedicate a song to the poster above. It can be a small fragment, the whole thing, an adaptation you have written, everything is valid!

You can dedicate it based on the avatar, something the poster has said before, anything that made you relate the song to the poster above.

You can post a link as a reference to the song if you want, but as I cannot often check many links as I am on a phone, something written on the thread would be really appreciated to keep track.

Now... Dedicate a song to the poster above you!

I am building a bard that will be picking Improved Trip later and probably Combat Reflexes too.
By now, she is starting at level one.
She is using a longspear as a weapon and qualifies for Combat Expertise, but I'm still unsure which one of the two feats (Dirty Fighting or Combat Expertise) would suit her better.
She's not human, so it will be just one feat at first level. She also has Heirloom Weapon as a trait, which gives her a +2 bonus to trip attempts made with her inherited longspear.
I have considered too going for Lingering Performance as my level one feat, but that would probably delay me too much in taking Improved Trip so at this time I have decided to choose among the aforementioned two.

I'd like to hear some opinions to help me make my mind, because I have good reasons to pick and not to pick both.

Feats wrote:

Superior Summoning

Prerequisites: Augment Summoning, caster level 3rd.

Benefit: Each time you cast a summoning spell that conjures more than one creature, add one to the total number of creatures summoned.

Abyssal Sorcerer wrote:
Added Summonings (Su): At 15th level, whenever you summon a creature with the demon subtype or the fiendish template using a summon monster spell, you summon one additional creature of the same kind.

Does this mean that an Abyssal Sorcerer with Added Summonings would always summon 3 demons/fiendish creatures rather than one?

Or would Superior Summoning only work when the spell was intended to summon more than 1 creature before Added Summonings was applied?

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I've finished GMing my Skull and Shackles campaign and I'd like to continue it. It doesn't seem too complicated as the characters tend to get involved into everything.

Something special about my campaign is that it takes place on a Dragonlance setting, so Golarion specific lore won't work (even though Chelaxians have their replacement so anything involving them would be kinda OK).

The campaign went much alike it's supposed to go in the AP:

-The Undine bard captain has been reluctantly earned the title of Hurricane Queen, but she's more willing to keep adventuring than to involve in politics. She wants to get rid of the title ASAP but doesn't find anyone worth of it.
-I've developed a bit the story of the Deep Platinum and the Aboleth when the PCs found a colony of mind controlled sea elves that were enslaved by the Aboleth to mine the Deep Platinum. For those familiar with Dragonlance's lore, the PCs are wondering if the Deep Platinum could come from the mountain of fire that the God's threw into what is now the Blood Sea (where the story takes place).
-As Minotaurs have their empire on the Blood Sea and the pirates have been so busy fighting other dangers and have changed their leader recently, I had thought about having the Minotaurs to strike an attack against the pirates trying to conquer the lands they own. Tessa Fairwind has her dominions in one of the islands of the Minotaurs and I had thought of them taking control of her homeport while she was away fighting against the invaders. My idea was having the PCs striking back against the Minotaurs and declaring a war.
-An underwater campaign focused on the Aboleth and Deep Platinum could also be attractive but I'd had to develope it some more. Having the Aboleth enslaving the Sea Elves could be interesting.

I'm looking for both ideas to continue or prewritten stuff (I don't care if it's 3PP) to adapt. As the characters would pretty much involve into anything it shouldn't be difficult but I want to keep the pirate and nautical theme (if something is not about that theme but can be adapted to it it's OK).

Any ideas, suggestions etc. are welcome! I'm not on a hurry about this as I won't be GMing it at least in a few months, but I like to collect ideas in advance.

(I'm going to create threads for ideas for some other campaigns later, as I am now in a phase of collecting ideas for different adventures that I am going to GM later).

Thanks everybody in advance.

And Dalindra... Stay away, dammit!

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I love writing stories about what happened in the stories I have GMed or played and sometimes they don't seem to fit anywhere to share them, so I decided to create a thread just for putting some random stories on it.

I might repost some of the ones I have already shared here, just to have everything put together. But not right now. I am feeling lazy.

I am also writing my Skull and Shackles campaign here too, for those who are interested.

Feel free to comment, ask, whatever. Or even share your own stories, just for the sake of sharing them. I love stories!

I'm starting with a story I wrote some years ago for an English bookclub I was in. We were asked to write a short story in English (my native language is Spanish) and I chose to write a scene from a game I GMed. I had to simplify a lot of things as most of the members of the club weren't into Fantasy and I wanted that the story could be understood by everybody.

As a background for this story, Va'ardalia, Dalindra's elven bard, was married to Adealthalaras, the elf who is living this story. It was one of Va'ardalia's best moments.

I would like to share a piece of artwork related to Pathfinder in an art thread, but I'm pretty unsure if I'd break some forum guidelines. I checked the guidelines and didn't find anything about it.

The picture contains nudity, but people would have to be registered and be at least 18 years old to be able to see the picture because of the rules of the hosting page, so I'm unsure if it would be appropiate to post that kind of picture here.

I'd be grateful to have some feedback about what I should do. Thanks in advance.

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I was encouraged by some members of the boards to start a thread where I told the changes I made in my Skull and Shackles campaign, as well as some of the stories of how my PCs handled some situations.

Everybody who knows me a bit will probably know how much I like telling anecdotes and stories, so it didn't take a lot of effort to convince me to open this thread.
I decided to give it all and write the whole story. This is going to be long.

Please, feel free to comment everything that you want, ask questions or share your own stories. I love reading stories and getting feedback as much as I love writing stories.

I apologize for any mistakes I can make. Writing a story in English is still difficult to me.

Sometimes this kind of questions just come into my mind.
Do familiars age, grow old and die of old age?
The logical answer is that they do, but then more questions start popping out.
If a Witch lost her familiar because of old age, she'd lost many of her spells as they would be placed in her familiar.
She wouldn't be able to teach spells to a new one until she lost the first, so it doesn't seem possible to simply «transcribe» the spells to the new familiar.
Is there some oficial ruling about that?
How would you deal with it?

I need some advice to deal with some events surrounding a recurrent NPC from a setting I'm playing/GMing with my group.

First, I'm giving you the backstory for this PC.
The story takes place in a heavily modified Dragonlance setting, and this character is a Solamnic Knight. If you are not familiar with them you can think of something inbetween paladins and LG cavaliers.

He is of noble bearing and has always been the paradigm of Good alignment. He's too much passionate for his own good and always puts good above law if it comes the case.
He used to value his allegiance to knighthood above everything but he was always seen as kinda rebellious because he fought hard to make the knighthood break with some outdated traditions and adapt to modern times. As he saw many leaders as corrupt he tried to change a lot of things from inside, with almost no success and earning many enemies in the high spheres.
But they couldn't get rid of him as he was a war hero who had won many battles and conquered many occupied territories for the Knighthood. He was also the typical handsome and nice man that everybody loved.

For many years, he had a romantic affair with a Silvanesti Elf. He was hopelessly in love with her and they had a secret relationship. He even thought of leaving the Knights to be with her, but he wouldn't be welcome among elves so it wasn't possible.
Even though the relationship was secret, his feelings towards her were not, and their impossible love story was told by bards everywhere.

To avoid that he got too insistent on changing the knighthood he was assigned to a far Keep in a dangerous conquered land, hoping to keep him busy. There he became a hero again, helping to defeat the evil that had conquered the land, and with the death of many key figures from the keep he ended earning the command of the whole Keep.

Now is when the bad things start to happen.

Watching the years pass and seeing that they are stuck on an impossible relationship the elf decides to let him go and breaks the relationship. He was completely torn when that happened, so he focused on his duty and his will to make some changes in the knighthood as a way of dealing with loss.

He wasn't able to change a single thing, only to bother his leaders.

Then a new enemy appeared and he tried to mobilize his fellow knights to deal with it, but they didn't see the danger and refused to help. He kept telling them that he needed more troops to defend his keep but they didn't listen.

At this time two serious issues happened.

First, he was throwing a noble party to celebrate another's knight successes. That knight was a candidate to an arranged marriage with him and everybody knew. How did a bunch of pirates end crashing on the party and starting their own pirate party is a very very long story. He tried to get them kicked out, but he couldn't as he was afraid the pirates could harm the non combatants. Then one of the pirates casted Charm Monster on him and seduced him. He ended making out with her in public... with his possible future wife there (and all the party was for her too).
With this people being so conservative you can imagine that this was a real scandal. As some of the other people's behavior wasn't too civil either, everything was covered, but too many people knew what happened. The Knight was completely ashamed and torn for his own behaviour.

Second, the keep was finally attacked, and they had very few troops. There were almost no survivors (about 20 people of 150). The worse part is that he was useless as a commander. He barely commanded his troops and when he did he gave the wrong orders. A knight without a rank and a woman who wasn't even a knight had to take the leadership to finally repel the attack. He died during the attack but he was resurrected.

Now he's completely broken. He failed as much as he feels the knights have failed him.

But the important issue here is that, with a social scandal and a military failure, his superiors have now good reasons to destroy him (in a non literal way). He's going to be through some militar trial to judge his behavior and they are going to be hard on him. He has pissed too many people.

I want to get some creative ideas on how to punish him, I don't want to be too soft. He's an NPC so I don't care to be harsh if it's interesting.

Even though the knights might have part of the guilt for the defeat, they will never admit it, so they'll try harder to put all the blame on him.

Please, try to keep this thread the more spoiler-free possible, as I still don't know if I am going to be the GM or a player.

I try not to spoil too much the content of APs that I haven't still played just in case I get to play them in a future, that's why I am asking in the messageboards instead of looking to the books and finding out myself.

Would it be possible, with some changes to the characters and encounters to make the events in Hell's Rebels happen in Irrisen or is it everything too much Cheliax-specific? If it's possible, how many substancial changes would be needed? Is there some important event that could not be translated to Irrisen?

As we are not storytelling in Golarion and we have adapted the APs content to our own setting we don't care about misplacing the whole thing, I just want to know if it's possible and how hard would it be plot wise.

This question came up in one of my games.
The players are getting a weapon that is a minor artifact. Aside from doing other stuff, it's a short sword of the planes.
My question is: can it be upgraded via craft magic weapons to add new properties to it, like make it keen, agile, etc.?
If possible, which would be the cost of doing it?

In a campaign I'm playing an enemy has casted Cursed Earth, permanently cursing the land.
How can that effect be removed? With such a huge area, it doesn't seem it can be removed by a Remove Curse effect, that only works on objects and creatures.
Will Miracle or Wish work?

I get that if I cast Feeblemind on an enemy who fails his save his INT/CHA scores drop to 1, disregarding to the previous bonuses/penalties to those scores he might have.
Now say that he is wearing a headband of intellect and I remove it while he's under Feeblemind's effect. Will the INT score still be 1 or would it drop to 0?
Now let's do the opposite. I give a headband of intellect to someone under the effects of Feeblemind. Will his INT score raise above 1 or remain still 1?
I know it's a silly question, but I need to know just for curiosity.

Our group has come to have almost 300k of gold to divide among our party members.
We have already the basic stuff (cloaks of resistance, belts and headbands, rings and amulets to raise AC, etc.). I haven't still bought a headband of intelligence because I kept going with Threefold Aspect, but I'm thinking of getting a +6 to INT headband.

We have 3 metamagic rods: extend spell (lvl 6), reach spells (lvl 6) and quicken spell (lvl 3).
We have a cauldron of overwhelming allies that I often use.
Also I have a handy haversack and I'm wearing a blouse of the cackling witch. I have also hyperboreal robes, even though I'm not wearing them, and a ring of evasion.

I've spent a lot of gold in new spells and, as we have a cool group, passed some of my part of the loot to martials who are more equipment dependent than I.
Now I'm thinking of getting some cool stuff for myself and, aside of the average gear, I wanted to get some ideas about cool stuff I can pick.

The 300k are for all the group members, not myself only, and I don't care a lot about the items being OP, just cool stuff I might not have thought about. Also I don't want to spend a lot in a single item unless it's really, really cool or it really benefits my party as a whole. Also, I might consider picking some cheap stuff that makes something more funny or interesting than useful.

I am a Time buffer/debuffer Witch with some healer tendencies who loves playing a support role but I have also powerful SoS to take advantage of debuffing and of my high INT score.

If you have some gear ideas for my other party members they are welcome too. We have:
Sword and board tankish Fighter.
Archer Skirmisher.
TWF Slayer.
Abjurer Wizard.
Storm Druid with a slight focus in blasting.

The martials all have access to fly via flight boots and have the basics covered.

Some interesting ideas for me or my group?

Two of my players are interested on investing on the Bleeding Critical feat.
I know that the bleeding from the feat stacks with itself.
Would the bleeding still stack the same way if each stack of bleeding came from a different PC?
Should I treat each bleeding as a different source of bleeding regarding to heal attempts and such or a single Heat attempt would stop both?

What happens when a creature with temporary hit points is hit by an attack with poison with an «injury» type? Does she count as wounded even if the damage does not bypass the temporary HP or would it prevent the poison to make effect until the additional hit points are gone?
I didn't have this situation in a game but I am curious.

Sometimes we want to come out with something brilliant, creative, great and amazing to solve situations in the most surprising way possible so other people in the table acknowledges how witty we are.
But sometimes we are the only ones who see our actions as creative, while the rest of the World only see them as plain stupid.

I'm starting this thread so we can post stories where players come out with the most unexpected, bizarre and farfetched plans and you just think: «what in the hell was he thinking about?»

This happened in a Dark Heresy game. We were trapped at a war ravaged planet and our goal was to get out of there ASAP.
We had a kinda new player whose character had a couple of gas grenades. He spent half an hour making complex equations and writing some sort of blueprints while the rest of us were roleplaying other stuff. After that time, the GM asked him what he was going to do. He gave the GM a lengthy and complex explanation about how he was going to tie the grenades to his back and use them to propel himself outside the planet. The GM tried to explain why it was a bad idea but the player wanted to try anyway. Nothing could convince him not to. So the character almost choke to death and didn't lift an inch above the ground.

My players have reached today the Eye of Serenity and I have some issues with the access to it.
It is some kind of portal that allows a character to pass through the walls as if incorporeal and cannot be perceived unless the character is blinded.

Island of the Empty Eyes wrote:
In order to enter the Eye, a supplicant must purposefully blind himself, either with magic (such as blindness/deafness) or by using the irthaval incense kept in the storeroom to the east. Thus blinded to the real world, a character can perceive doorways in the irises of the giant eyes and pass through them as if they were incorporeal, entering the Eye of Serenity.Wearing a blindfold or closing the eyes is not enough. To enter, one's eyes must remain open and uncovered.

But, could this somewhat be bypassed with an UMD check? Could a character who is looking for secret doors find the place that has to be crossed even though it cannot be perceived by common sight?

I'm storytelling Dragonlance since a long time ago, and now I have converted the most relevant characters from older campaigns to Pathfinder rules so I can reuse old characters in my recent campaigns.
Now I'm reusing an old PC from a player as a NPC and I want to fully rework it from D&D 3.5 using Pathfinder rules, with no 3.5 or Dragonlance specific stuff. I'm not completely against using 3rd party but I'd like to avoid it.
This character was a level 20 Dragon Rider which, basically is a Fighter who rides a dragon. He was a Solamnic Knight, and even though he rode on a gold dragon for a time, he went back to his old wyvern mount when the gold dragon was killed in the last boss fight.
I want to keep him as some sort of Fighter with no magic nor mysticism, just a man with a sword and a lance riding a wyvern.
Which would be the best options to replicate this character? I'm not against changing some of the character's mechanics as long as it's nothing too radical (no magic, no alignment changes, etc). My first thought was refactoring him into a Cavalier, but I'd like to consider other options. I guess I can even give him Leadership to provide the mount and keep him as a Fighter.
Thanks in advance for your help.

I've got the Expend spell as a bonus spell from the Time patron, and I'm a bit confused about it.
When I force the opponent to expend an use of his limited magic powers, does he have to take the corresponding action to do it or does he lose the use but doesn't take an action to do so?
I'm thinking of using it against some opponents as a way of making them lose a turn or two, but I don't know if it would work like that.

If I cast a spell that can be made permanent, can another allied spellcaster cast Permanency for me to make that effect permanent, providing it's not one of those effects that can only be made permanent on yourself?

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Yesterday, this issue came out in a game I'm GMing.
One of my players is playing a bard who has Saving Finale as one of her spells.
They were in a room where a hidden Aboleth cast Dominate Monster on the swashbuckler and he failed his saving throw, but the characters didn't realize the spell was casted. I asked the swashbuckler to make a Will save, he used his charmed life but failed anyway.
So the bard decided to end her bardic performance to cast her Saving Finale and allow him to roll again.
I allowed the bard to do it, as I didn't have clear if it was possible and I didn't want to unnecesarily slow the game, but I'm not completely sure it was legit, as I don't know if she would have noticed a failed saving throw was happening at that time.
I mean, if you're going to get engulfed in flames by a fireball, it seems like something easy to notice. If you're going to be weakened by poison or something similar, I can understand it too. But what about failing Will saves when you don't even know that the spell is being cast and the effect might not be obvious?
Would the bard notice her friend's resolve getting weaker? Would she notice something different going on in his mind that would allow her to use that spell?
Because, as this player has told me: how do you really notice when a saving throw is being failed? Sometimes it seems pretty obvious, but another times it seems difficult to notice.
I'd like to get some insight here, because I have a lot of doubts about when I'm going to allow to use this spell and when I shouldn't.

Can I use Stand Still with Weapon Finesse or do I need to pick Agile Maneuvers?
I know I can use DEX in maneuvers that use finesse weapons but I don't know if Stand Still is considered a weapon maneuver or something like interposing yourself in your opponent's way.

My question is: would a creature with paralysis immunity who failed its save against my Ice Tomb hex be still encased in ice because the spell also states that the subject is also unconscious or would the Paralysis immunity prevent also the unconscious effect?
I think the first option is the correct one but I have some doubts.

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"Sure you can use magic to crush enemies, become powerful and that stuff. But if you cannot use magic for really important things, what's the use?"- Kileanna, changeling witch, after using Alter Self during intercourse with her girlfriend.

We all know how to use magic encounter wise. But also, we often like using it just for fun. I want you to share your stories of how you have used your magic or special features in completely frivolous ways.

My best story about it is this one:
I had this player who was playing a CN high level wizard. He had taken a 15-year-old girl NPC as an apprentice for a time. Then she left to learn in a Hogwarts/ProffesorX's academy-like school of magic. He eventually started to think she was not learning fast enough at school so he decided to take her adventuring for about a week. So he casted Polymorph any object on his own rat familiar to create a copy of her apprentice, leaving it in her place.
The rat was very intelligent (for a rat) and could speak as it had ranks in linguistics. But it was still a rat. When they were back the rat had bitten some students, been skipping classes or sleeping at them, completely forgotten about keeping herself clean or wearing any clothes, stolen from school's kitchen and spreading food all over her room and causing all kind of mischief. It wasn't the best impersonation ever. The wizard thought it was perfect anyway.

I'm sure I will remember a lot more like that one but now I want to hear your stories! I'm sure you have many!

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Hi everybody! I'm new to these messageboards but not to the game. I've been following a few threads but I never had the need to post anything.
I'm currently playing a changeling witch whose father was an elf so she is seemingly an elf too.
Recently, I started having some questions about how do changelings pass their heritage to their children:
I don't think they could produce changeling children as they are not full grown hags.
If my changeling is of elven heritage would her children be half-elven on the case of a Human parent or fully elven if the father is an elf?
Or maybe the other parent will define completely the race of the child?
Would it be possible that the changeling, not being fully grown up as a hag, was completely sterile?
Me and my DM find this question very interesting and we are both curious on how would it work as there is nothing written about it.
Also, my changeling is at this time in some sort of relationship with a human girl. Of course, both being women, there was no risk of pregnancy, but my character once used alter self "just for fun" and turned into a male human as she wanted to try something new. My question is:
Can that kind of union be fertile and what kind of children might it produce?
I'm sorry if you find my post too mature or inappropriate. I don't want to offend anyone, I'm just curious on how would these mechanics would work. Thanks for your attention.