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Fallen Ainur Ex-Angel 15/ Evil Overlord 20

Tiadora appears behind you as you watch the bugbear horde sweep down upon Castle Balentyne and the village of Aldencross.

"Well done. The master commends your exquisite performance. Yet there is still much to do. Follow me," She commands as she sweps towards the shore of the lake. She leads youto a ramshackle river barge Halstyn’s Folly tied to Lake Tarik’s bank.

The captain and three man crew of this shallow-bottomed barge all appear to be thoroughly under Tiadora’s control. They are certainly no threat.

“The master commands you board. You will learn more later.” Tiadora will tolerate no delay.

Accommodations are crude. There is only one cabin and Tiadora has already evicted the so-called captain and made that her own personal domain. Any suggestions of sharing are greeted with scorn and a harsh declination.

This means that you must make do with sleeping with the crew on the deck of the barge. There is a roof but no walls and at night on the lake and rivers, it can be bitterly cold.

The Folly is bound for Farholde, a three hundred mile journey through the great scar that almost cuts the isle of Talingarde in twain. The barge is sluggish making less than twenty four miles a day. That means that you have twelve days to rest and enjoy the leisurely journey.

Please feel free to ask questions, and do any crafting or other things in your posts.

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Fallen Ainur Ex-Angel 15/ Evil Overlord 20

Here we go. It's time for what we've all been waiting for...

The Way of the Wicked, Morgoth style!

Fallen Ainur Ex-Angel 15/ Evil Overlord 20

The way of the wicked is a series of choices not frequently visited by our protagonists. Yet there is another path, a greater path, one that is even less frequented. This is the Path of Damnation. Watch as our villains slowly become empowered by Asmodeus to crush the disciples of Mitra and overthrow Talingarde.
When we last saw our heroes, they had escaped from the dreaded Branderscar Prison, which did not live up to its terrible reputation. Then, our rapscallions crossed the moors, battling guard patrols, Lashtongue the Fey Toad, and navigating a trap-strewn chasm to find and restore a three thousand year old temple of Asmodeus. There they earned the Blessing of Asmodeus, and gained a Mythic Tier.
Having survived the trials of the Temple, our heroes are travelling to a mysterious location, where they will meet their mysterious benefactor, and truly start their journey down the Path of Damnation...

The manor house sits atop one of the many rolling hills that dot these moors, the only sign of it being something more is the lantern in the second floor window, the sign you were told to look for. It seems this is the manor of the mysterious individual who engineered your escape from the prison.

At the door of the manor house, you are met by the same woman that pulled aside Semirhage. She no longer looks as if she is destined for a funeral, but is instead garbed in a diaphanous white gown, giving her an almost angelic appearance. However, as soon as she speaks you are dissuaded of that notion.

“Dearest, you took long enough,” she says pitilessly.
“We were beginning to wonder if you’d ever make it. Oh, and you brought friends. The master commands all of you to appear before him but before that, you must be made presentable. Slaves!”

She claps her hands. A dozen young attractive men and women all wearing very traditional servant’s livery appear quickly, their heads bowed.

“These people are our guests,” she commands imperiously. “See them to their rooms. I want them cleaned, dressed and refreshed. Quickly.”

There is something in that last word that sounds like a threat. Certainly the slaves take it that way, hustling to perform their duties.

Sense Motive DC 15:

The slaves are as addled and enchanted as the sergeant was.