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Nephits wrote:

Can I take the halfling trait: Human Shadow?

It's in Inner Sea Races.

Yea, that's fine.

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Yea, still recruiting at the moment, have 3 characters posted so far plus a few people interested.

Will aim to finalise the party on Sunday night and then can start next week.

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No to third party stuff - I haven't really read any of it to know what is/isn't balanced etc.

For Rogues I'm happy chained or unchained really - the game itself doesn't have to follow PFS rules but you still gain some chronicle sheets that you can apply to a different character at the end.

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Alignment-wise Good and Neutral are fine.

For evil characters I'd be tempted to allow it as long as they're able to be mature about it - play ball with the party/not go on a murder-spree etc.

I'm happy on Item Creation feats - there's not tonnes of free time about in the module though but can add in some more at appropriate times if people do want to craft stuff.

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andreww wrote:
Would you be OK with the Monster Tactician archetype for Inquisitor?

Yea, happy for that - just no superior summoning please (gets a bit much with tonnes of summons about).

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Grumbaki wrote:

Never did dragon’s demand. Sounds like fun.

Are Aasimar/Tieflings allowed?

Happy for Aasimar/Tieflings

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DM rel20 wrote:
15 point buy for pfs credit?

Runs the same as campaign mode would for an adventure path, so you take a non-PFS character through the whole Module and then get the 3 or 4 chronicle sheets once finished to use on a PFS character.

If running as normal for PFS with legal characters there's only certain bits of the module you play and at irregular levels and so you wouldn't get the whole story and would need to gain levels elsewhere too.

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I'm going to GM the Pathfinder Module Dragons Demand in campaign mode for PFS credit. You will gain chronicle sheets to apply to a different PFS legal character at levels 1-3, 3-5, 5-7 and an extra one at 2, 4 or 6 for completing the whole thing.

For the game I'm looking for a party of 4-5 1st level PCs using 15-points buy for starting stats, 2 traits and the average starting wealth for your class. I'm happy with most 1st party races/archetypes/feats etc. (as a rule of thumb check with me on anything not PFS legal).

For character backgrounds you've been hired by a man named Silas Gribb to work as caravan guards operating on a minor trade route through the Verduran Forest in North-Central Taldor between Wispil and Dunholme.

Players can expect to reach 7th level by the time they complete this epic adventure—if they manage to survive the wrath of a dragon when his demands aren’t met! (copied off the Module description).

I will be going for 1 post a day for the game. I work shifts so my posting times will vary slightly week to week.