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Not perfect, but close enough


I'll keep this short, as others have gone in depth into the pros and cons of the Legendary Shifter class and its archetypes. The Legendary Shifter is what the base Shifter class should have been upon release.

While not perfect, the Legendary Shifter more than adequately represents the idea of the druidic paladin with the emphasis on wild shaping. While I'm not sure how wild shaping into a magical beast compares to plants and elementals, there is a simplistic synergy in the Legendary Shifter emulating a magical beast when the Druid can't.

To be extremely nit-picky, there are some typos. But none are so prevalent to detract from the quality of the class and archetypes. The only real negative I have is that the Polymorph Savant prestige class is only for a Legendary Shifter.

I highly recommend this PDF for everyone.