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Leryn growls at the enemy

Discard fox for evade
Examine after evade:
random card: 1d10 ⇒ 3 Catacombs Card 3: Acid Jet

The place of man is too crowded. I almost pity my brethren living there domesticated but they do have less of a chance to starve than my pack ever had.
One of the dogs attempts to get close but backs away respectfully after sending one growl its way. The woman who raised me as pup found a sharp circular piece of metal that she seemed to like very much.
The man who she and the others have been chasing is close by; the stench he emitted was foul and unlike any other smell I have ever encountered.
The small humanoid that smells of several different large sweaty animals was very keen on taking on the other man and charged right towards him. She wasn't a member of the pack but her spirit was in the right place. As I circled around the large man clad in black armor, he lashed out cutting my ear and killing the gnome's mount. After howling with pain, I refocused on the man and growled even louder as I gnashed on his arm. For a split second, the man sensed fear but the feeling did not last very long before the gnome impaled him with a large wooden pole.

Leryn cocks his head at the sight of the hopping shock toads, whimpers, and retreats back into the Stonework passages with his tail no longer proudl in the air.

Leryn spits out the chunk of batwing in his mouth, yawns, and then curls up on the floor next to Adowyn.

Leryn sees the gnoll ahead in the brickworks, licks his lips, and bounds towards the gnoll