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Why do you need a battlemap of the library?
I'm pretty sure that the zombies that fell from the cliff were destroyed upon impact, the only ones still moving that the characters have to dispose of are the ones roaming the graveyard.

James Jacobs wrote:
Lekgolo wrote:
After Gauntlight fires its beam on the graveyard, why does the recharging ribbon of light from area D9 stop at area B35? Shouldn't it also go through area A11 until reaching A25(the cupola)?
Eventually it probably should, but by having it not extend as far gives the PCs (and thus the players) a visual cue that the Gauntlight can't keep zapping things, and thus (hopefully) implies to the PCs (and thus the players) that they're not on a timer and can take their time exploring the dungeon. The Abomanation Vaults were meant to host numerous separate forays, not one long marathon.

Oh, okay, my players have very different theories, they think it's somehow connecting to the blood pool on A11 (since they refuse to go into Gauntlight at night, for them it's just a weird pool of blood that never dries).

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After Gauntlight fires its beam on the graveyard, why does the recharging ribbon of light from area D9 stop at area B35? Shouldn't it also go through area A11 until reaching A25(the cupola)?

James Jacobs wrote:

Feel free to adjust as you need, but as written, no one in Otari can craft items. Wrin in particular can't which is why she runs an item shop—she sees the need for adventurers to have a place to buy and trade in magic items but since no one in town can make them, running a curio shop is a next best solution.

If you DO adjust things so that there's thriving item creators in town, I suggest that you change out Otari's "Trinket Trade" ability for thematic reasons, since if they have in-town crafters, there's less of a push to keep the trinket trade in and out of town as robust.

Thank you for responding, that is good to know. I guess it makes sense, although some players will be surprised that they can't transfer the runes from the magic weapons or runestones found in the adventure.

I guess it's time for them to invest in crafting!

Trapline wrote:
And outside of the few (couple? Wrin and Carman?) NPCs who have full stat-blocks there is no reason to assume somebody like Morliblint doesn't craft.

Sure, but Morlibint in particular does have a full stat-block (

Sure Absalom is an option, but it's over 60 miles away, that's 2 days on horse, or 4 days for the round-trip, plus at least another 4 days to craft the item.

An 8 day trip (or the same amount of wait if using delivery) for something as simple as etching a rune on a given weapon seems way too excesive.

Morlibint should've been given the ability to craft magical items imo, he already has a good crafting bonus.

I know I can just give anyone the required ability if I want, I was just wondering if there's someone in Otari that canonically knows how to craft magic items.

PD: Also Carman being basically the town smith without even being trained in Crafting is very weird.

The obvious choices would be either Wrin or Morlibint, or even Carman, but they don't have the necessary ability, hence my question.

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Third game: as the new party enters Gauntlight ruins, one PC falls through the drawbrige, for some reason he decides to go exploring alone (!?) following the shore to the west, he ends up finding the dead giant frog and the two giant larvae kill him.

Fourth game: after returning to Otari with the corpse of their fallen comrade and burying him, the party finds another adventurer willing to accompany them to Gauntlight.
On the morning of the next day they arrive at the ruins, after some exploration, the party goes to A14 and face the giant scorpion, which results in another TPK.

This AP is proving to be extremely deadly...

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TPK on the second game... the PCs went basically straight into room A12, found the secret door to the second level, and faced off with 4 morlock scavengers that killed them.

By the way, the interactive map of Level 1 is missing 3 of the 4 secret doors present in the non-interactive map. Only the one is area A4 is present, the ones in areas A12 and A13 are missing.