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Wow. Attacking Xbox Live and PSN have no real effect on the money these companies make--I'll use my PS Wallet to buy stuff in a few days, when these cybertards get bored or get caught.

So, why attack the networks and ruin xmas gaming fun for so many of the very same people who would normally cheer (silently or otherwise) the hacker community? Why alienate your fan base?

Absolutely ridiculous.


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I'm moving to Fortress Hood in a few days; I expect to be moved in and have all my RPG gear by the middle of February.

Any retired officers or NCOs in the area want to strike up a gaming group in the next 45-60 days?

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the Evil Within official website.

Chapter One/Tutorial walkthrough.

Actual full gameplay is best seen beginning with Chapter Two

Survival Horror; Mikami-directed.

I just picked up this game over the weekend on a Black Friday sale at the PS Store. It's been out for a little while now, but I initially avoided it due to the third person camera-style (which I tend to dislike). Anyone playing?

Technical note/TTP: I eventually set the screen grain down to 0. It defaults at 100, which I think is weird. At 0 the blacks are very black and graphics actually look worthy of being corralled in the Next Gen category. On Full Default grain, there's a lot of white shading in the blacks, distant objects are blurred and sometimes completely obscured.

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Official Trailer

The above link takes you to Apple Trailers, so this is the real one.

For the extreme brevity of it; holy smoke, but it looks great!

As I watched it, well..hairs standing on end, goosebumps, eyes gradually widened, ridiculous, enormous face-splitting grin, spontaneous clapping: yes, I'm excited.

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Here it is; the actual 'Diablo III' I was promised 15 years ago...

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Has anyone tried this demo/marketing/advert mini-game?

I found it has some very nice, genuine scares, but the insane, repetitive looping (while a nice metaphor) eventually (one full hour later) became grating and...yes, boring.

Apparently, there are clues throughout your walk down the two halls, but they don't seem logical and they're definitely not intuitive.

If Silent Hills follows this model, I don't see myself playing--I don't have the patience and certainly not the time.

Anyone else? Anyone actually finish the demo?

Apparently, the demo can't be completed without a set of headphones and mic plugged in (the headphones trigger script in the game; the mic uses your breathing, which is expected to increase at certain intense moments, to trigger script, as well--I don't have these for my PS4 and I'm not going to buy a set just to see the end of the demo.

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I just finished Outlast on PS4: in a word, spectacular!

This is the first horror game I've ever played where I have actually been scared. Very immersive, very effective, and it doesn't even have very good graphics.

An interesting aspect of the game is your complete inability to fight back--all you can do is sneak, run, and hide. At first this can be frustrating, especially when you have so many opportunities to appropriate any number and types of weapons, from your own fists and dropped knives, to clubs and even dropped firearms; hell, even power tools. Eventually, though (and once you understand this--I did not and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to fight before I cheated, looked online, and discovered you simply can't), the inability to forcefully defend yourself becomes the greatest challenge of the game.

Anyone else playing? I just started the DLC. Quick question (and I've looked online and no one else seems to be having this problem):


DLC cannibal cook section; he tosses me in the crematory and says, "Stay in there and cook!"

I head to the back of the oven and begin striking the wall; the bricks begin to give way. At the fifth strike, I am suddenly unable to hit the wall. I can still move around, but striking the wall is no longer an option. I’ve tried all three controller layouts, but I experience the same issue every time.

I’ve looked online and no one else seems to be having any trouble. I’ve watched several walkthroughs of this section of the game, and everyone else tumbles through the broken wall after five strikes.

Any suggestions?

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...by which I mean--it's time for your kids to continue movement toward the Singularity with their own computer.

At what age do you (Paizonians with children) plan to allow a computer in your child's room?

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So, it seems The Stand has a director, Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars), and it's gone from three movies to three hours and the promise of an all-star A-list cast. Then again...Spielberg has been making The Talisman for 12 years now, so who knows what will actually happen in the next couple years.

At any rate, I usually re-read the novel every three years or so (it's one of my absolute all-time favorites), but I only recently re-watched the 1994 miniseries. It's probably been 15 or more years since I last watched it, and I was surprised, after viewing it on Netflix this weekend, how many scenes I was absolutely sure were in the movie that weren't--so much so that I spent no small amount of time looking around on the web to be sure I wasn't watching some truncated and poorly-edited version.

Something else I noticed was that the movie was actually quite a lot of fun, and very accessible--if you've read the novel. If you haven't, then despite its six-hour length, it feels like hours of scenes are simply missing: watching the movie with my brother-in-law this weekend, who's never read the novel and hadn't before seen the film, found him constantly peppering me with questions about why this was happening, and when that had happened, and what caused this character to do that and that character to do this...it was difficult, in a word.

So, I wonder how such a long and complex cross-country novel, with so many characters and subplots, could possibly be digested, effectively, into a single theatrical release.

What do you think?

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I sincerely lament for the 'good old days' of just five years ago when the most lively, energetic, and often no-holds-barred non-gaming-related discussions were held right here at Paizo.

The OTD section of the Boards was the go-to place for philosophical, well-thought and well-written, intellectually- and socially-engaged, well, off-topic discussions--things that didn't necessarily define the gamer stereotype, things about which--and not surprising to actual gamers--we were intensely passionate!

These days, before any fur flies or digital faces are smacked, the Heavy Hand of Thread-Lock descends because the thread might become 'hostile'!?

Are we really such intellectual cowards that the engines of discourse perforce must drive debate that is only flawlessly, precisely, undoubtedly inoffensive to anyone in any way?

What's happened to us?

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What an absolutely amazing movie--a PhD's worth of philosophy education in a two-hour dramady.

This is one of those can't-stop-thinking-about-it movies. Highly recommended; probably the best film I've seen, ever.

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Can you guys just throw this in with my next Pathfinder package? I didn't see the option to do so at checkout. I'm not after a shipping discount, just trying to consolidate packages.

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Anyone watching this?

I've only seen the first episode, but I feel like if you've seen any of the previous 8 seasons, then you've already seen season 9.

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Just a thought exercise, so no trolling, if you please:

What might have happened over the last 14 years if Gore had become President in 2000?

List your key events by year.

WTF!? I literally can't find any OTD topics to read because there're something like a hundred spam threads! Gary! WE need you!

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Csn't believe there's no thread here at Paizo.

Tyson is doing a great job. The most recent episode, all about light, is my favorite so far.

Anyone else watching?

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Noah with an all-star cast.

I'm an atheist, so the story is fantasy/mythology to me.

Nonetheless, this trailer is awesome.

This thread is dedicated to the reductio ad absurdum of the internet.

Let me start it off with this top tier school's commercial.

Yes, yes it's true: you can be such an under achiever your entire youth that actually getting into a real university was impossible, yet still be in the less than 0.0000000001% of all humanity who make it through the NASA astronaut program!

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If you could only watch one TV show per year, what would it be?

You can only select shows currently in production (at the time of your posting; and I emphasize not to yell, but because someone is bound to name Buffy, or Farscape, or Firefly, or any number of very awesome but canceled shows), which includes cable programs that run counter to standard US network seasons.

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I can't believe there's no thread for this movie.

Just saw it tonight. WOW!

I went in expecting a let down. Very, very pleasantly surprised.

Go see it now, while it's still in theatres. You will not regret the cost of admission.

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The Eclipse might just be the best ghost story I've ever seen. A haunting, heart-breaking, but ultimately very beautiful film. I cannot recommend this movie highly enough.

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Die Wand

Probably the best film I've seen this year. Best in the original German; don't worry about missing something because you were busy reading subtitles--you will watch this movie again.

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Best Disney feature I've seen in a really long time. We're going back for another go tomorrow. Very, very highly recommended.

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I went to see this with the kids today and was surprised to find us just three of about a dozen attendees.

It's a silly film, not to be taken too seriously, and it potentially plays up some poor stereotypes of Native Americans, but we found it generally unoffensive and really quite funny. My kids were laughing out loud throughout the movie, and there were plenty of in-jokes that seemed specially written for adults my age and with my interests. George Takei as the time travel egg-ship STEVE was super ("Oh, my..."), and Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson played off one another perfectly.

I didn't look up any reviews until I got home, and I guess this movie has all but tanked; everybody (pretty much) hates it.

Anyone here seen it? Am I too easily amused? Is this actually an awful movie?

Free Birds

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My system is on the way. I received Battlefield 4, the camera and a spare DS4 controller in the mail today.

Anyone have theirs yet?

How do you like it? What are you playing?

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The Conjuring. A kind-of Amityville-esq Horror tale. Really, really good, and worth the price of admission.

Here's the trailer

Based on a 'true story'. There's a great mythology here; the movie is extremely well-crafted. Great ending, which most of these types of tales suffer severe difficulty achieving. A sequel's in the works, which I assume is another Warren story.

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Awesome. The sour fruits of domestic violence.

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Literature and Cinema 6001

I felt like, through the whole movie, I was in one of those ridiculous graduate courses in English-Lit. In those days, I routinely made the same kind of absolutely incredible (by which I mean not credible) contentions.

Seriously, you could give almost any movie the same treatment.

Nonetheless, very fun and entertaining.

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Europa Report.

One of the finest films of its type I have ever seen. Good science, great cinematic execution, effective story.

A definite must-see.

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This programme airs on Destination America.

I'm a sucker for these cryptid shows, even the bad ones. This one, three episodes in, seems pretty good. It's entertaining for 45 minutes if nothing else.

I haven't seen anything yet suggesting the whole show is staged, but if it's not, this is the best semi-pro team out there: I think they've found more 'evidence' in three episodes (especially tracks and noises) than all the other similar series combined.

A fun diversion.

Shadow Lodge

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First shalt thou disallow any and all future petitions by he who is known locally on the interwebz as 'yellowdingo', then shalt thou count to one, no more, no less.

One shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be one, and this is the number less itself of petitions that he who is known locally on the interwebz as 'yellowdingo' may be allowed to submit.

Two shalt thou not count.

Neither count zero, excepting that thou then proceed to one.

Three is right out.

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If you've published stories or novels, poetry, essays, or articles, link us to them here.

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Just picked this up from the clearance bin for $6.

It includes the original Doom games from the 90s.

I played through 'The Earth Base', which is level one of Doom 2...

Kills: 99%
Items: 97%
Secret: 100%

Time: ...par for time is 30 seconds.



It took me over an hour of running in circles looking for doors. I finally cheated and watched a play through on YouTube.

Meanwhile, I'm kicking serious ass in Doom 3. How can an ancient legacy game be so much more dificult.

Still, loads of fun.

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I luckily preordered my PS4 before Amazon ran out. After watching this walkthrough, I'm a quick decision from buying a PS3 tomorrow just to play this game.

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A bit of googling and I was surprised to find little on the subject.

Anyone ever experience (especially regularly) a raw, tearful, emotional response to learning something new and particularly awesome?

I'm interested in the neurological reasons for this. Mathematical or scientific epiphanies can often bring me to tearful excited laughter (and I mean actual happy tears). I don't mean to say that this happens when I devise or derive something new myself, only that it happens when I gain an understanding of a thing that had particularly eluded me.

Weird, I know.

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iOS 7 Concept.

Looks a lot like a Windows interface on an iPhone chassis.

I know it's an unofficial mock-up concept vid, but it's based on the latest rumors, for what it's worth.

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Astronauts are awesome!

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An awesome movie.

Just picked this up tonight. Never heard of it before, but definitely a winner.

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So awesome!

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Wow. Just spectacular.

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I so seriously want to see this movie!

I know it's not real, but wouldn't it be totally brilliant!?

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Lego Jabba's Palace Offends Muslim Community; Lego Ceases Production

Buy your set today, because it'll cost a small fortune a year from now.

This thread is devoted to collecting and discussing apparently offensive items.

Is the complaint about the Lego set legit, or hypersensitive political correctness at its best?

I'm a Western rational secularist, so I don't see it at all. Personally, I think it's more a matter of hypersensitive activists insecure in their own standing, likely looking, deliberately, for offense in and from everything around them.

What do you think?

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I propose a Bill that makes it illegal to fail a student for arguing that the Refrigerator Fairy turns that light on and off.

As long as students are still required to answer correctly on tests, I really don't care what they privately believe. And if a student wants to submit a paper or research project that argues H. sapiens and T. rex cohabited, then awesome--as long as they follow the scientific method (...whereby they will prove themselves wrong).

I can argue all day that 2+2=5 for extremely large values of 2, but I still better answer '2' on the test.

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I'm a bit over an hour into this game; just started exploring NYC, and found new meaning to the term 'concrete jungle'.

Gameplay is more streamlined and controls are more responsive vice Crysis 2. The story is developing nicely, and Psycho is a fun NPC who doesn't get in the way (or really help in fights at all), or hog the best weapon for 99.5% of the game.

The graphics are phenomenal--honestly the best graphics I've ever seen in a video game.

Anyone else playing?

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V/H/S is a found-footage style film. Personally, I'm a big fan of these, but I understand how many might be put off by yet another one. The cool thing about this movie is that it's a series of stories in the vein of Tales from the Dark Side. I went into this one having no idea what it was about, just that it was a horror film, and found myself very pleasantly surprised by just how good it is.

Overall, surprisingly well made for a low-budget flick, and the acting--with the exception of one tale, which suffers from dialogue issues, and another one, which seems to suffers from a huge dose of reductio ad absurdum that's eventually resolved, both of which are nonetheless saved by the coolness of the ideas (you'll know it when you see it)-- actually comes off as realistic and genuine.

At any rate, if you hate found-footage films, you'll probably hate this one too. If you like them, or are still neutral, give it a shot.

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Jeffrey Combs at his best.

Saw this tonight--was worried it would be torture porn (which I detest)--it is not. Actually a great movie. A stellar Pyrrhic ending; very highly recommended.

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Cool enough to me to merit a weekend jaunt to China this spring.

Promotional video here.

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Awesome, and a lot of work.

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