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It's official: I'm kkkkeeeeyyyyy-rrrrraaaaazzzzyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, a couple plays through SimCity 2000 will teach you all you need to know about running a successful population...until the User makes aliens attack in the middle of an earthquake, right after a geo-storm, and followed by flash-flooding. That'll teach those pesky little Sims...

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Sissyl wrote:
So... lizards increase the level of hydrogen peroxide when regenerating a tail? I... need to say I don't quite see why this would be a good idea for humans...

The next time I cut myself, I'll just drink some hydrogen peroxide.

Sissyl wrote:

Problem is solvable. Do more research on the meson cannon concept, to make one viable. Once you have one, put gunpowder detectors every 200 meters or so, all over every major city. Then build two large towers with a meson cannon part in each. Then once the gunpowder detectors sniff positive, which is quite fast due to gases diffusing at about 1.6 km/second, you triangulate the position of the gunpowder explosion and target that place with the meson cannon. It will lead to a localized detonation that will take out the shooter, but very little else. Now make this system fully automated.

Voila, no more firearms problems.

"You talk with friendly gestures, I talk with this Cannon."

So...where's the safest place to view The End of the World-- as close as possible to a Mayan ziggurat, or as far from one as possible... like the Moon, or Pluto?


[crude]Only gay pirates would make her walk the plank![/crude]

Maggie did it.

Ahhh damn...I knew I shouldn't have maxed out all the credit cards last night...

Hookers and blow, man.

Hookers and blow.

That should be just enough time to finish the [i]Honest Hearts[/i[ DLC...

I cast SUMMON YELLOW DINGO!!!!!!!!!!


and stuff

If I call you a nasty name, but I'm the only one around...are you still a victim of name-calling?

Xpltvdeleted wrote:

Yes. It reminds me of the nude in-flight safety brief that a Dutch airline did. :D

Link! Link! Link!

I fully support BQD!

Mikaze wrote:

You people and your fancy technology.

I'll be over here with my good ol' fashioned books until it's time to go build another barn or churn some more butter.


brock wrote:

...@Jenny: There is always the 'Pics or Your're a Sock Puppet' thread in Off Topic, if you want to post something to slay the doubters.

Preferably nothing that's going to have Ross or Gary stripping stuff out of the database again :)

...before most of us get a chance to look at it...

All right! First post!

I'm first! I'm first, oh yeah, 'cause I'm the awesomest!

How about a $5000 Paizo Pathfinders' Cruise? Eat, drink, be merry, and spend the weekend on the high seas with the Paizo Crew! Come aboard, Pathfinders all!

Arrgh, game designers! I'm a pirate an' I'm here fo' ya boooooty!

Guys, I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to bow out as this year's Guest of Honor.

Shifty wrote:
Solnes wrote:

LOL, hubby is trying to convince me to simply wear the sign with the date. :\
I think I can do the Tink shirt. I have like 10...which one would ya like?
So did this ever happen?

No, we's been waitin', we has.

Blimey! It's that red devil again!

Back to the pics! I thoughts we wuz gettin' some pics of a Tink!!


pres man wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
I keep telling people the Na'vi are dragon riders.
Well if their tentacles are really genticles, then when they plug in ... Oh, you meant riding, like ... riding. Sorry.

So the scene where she 'connects' with her animal...

Let's start an anti-Avatar organization before more unsuspecting moviegoers become sheep to the slaughter:

Bothered About Avatar...aka, BAA...

Get it?



Never mind.

Let's start an anti-Avatar organization before more unsuspecting moviegoers become sheep to the slaughter:

Bothered About Avatar...aka, BAA...

Get it?



Never mind.

Other 'bad words' that are actually awesome!!!

-Fried Chicken
-Triple Fried Chicken
-Fried Ice Cream
-Ice Cream-covered Fried Chicken
-Pork Rinds

Still boring.

What a boring discussion.

Me in all mine glooooooory!

Celestial Healer wrote:
You're not kidding anyone, Heathy. We've all seen the movie about you.

My eyes, my eyes! It burrrrns, it does!

I've got a great idea!!

A group of teenagers are pulled into the "Realm of Golarion" by taking a magical dark ride trip on an amusement park roller coaster!

Invariably, the children try to return home, but often take detours to help people, or find that their fates are intertwined with the fate of others!

Upon arriving in the Realm the children are a little out of place, but the Chronicler appears, assuming the role of their mentor, and gives them each clothing and magical paraphernalia to suit their abilities! Cool, huh!?

Wait a minute...

What's a 'thanksgiving?'

Female mallards are mallardettes.

Dungeons & Dragons weekly cartoon remake coming this November to Fox.



Bitter Thorn wrote:
Defiant Enterprise wrote:
Bitter Thorn wrote:
Davi The Eccentric wrote:
Some... Thing Drifts Past Alaska
Did they ever report the result of the analysis?
See here

I had a daub on my toast this morning. It goes well with a hunk of Double Gloucester.

Michael Jackson died?

Dear Claire,

Since your cells regenerate as they are damaged, you should have unending strength, right? As your muscles tire, lipids and creatine should constantly reform, and as your tendons and muscles stretch to the breaking point, they would simply repair, making you not only invincible but also insurmountably strong, right? Also, you should never need sleep, because your body would repair itself as it tires, and neurochemical functions would need no downtime. Right...? With all of this in mind, do you even need to eat? The possibilities are endless--you should fire your writers; they're holding you back.

Dear Superman,

How do you keep your hair cut? Isn't your hair as strong as steel and shouldn't it regenerate as quickly as the rest of your cells?

YBF (*your biggest fan*)

Get a room, you two!

Merisiel and Seoni...

...are two heroines from the Pathfinder Chronicles.


There are lions in Detroit? Isn't is too cold up there for lions?

Fish swims up boy's...ahem

Now I wonder how that really happened...

The Sun is awesome.

Prof. Tolkien wrote:
Neither comments contain an ad hominem argument.
Samuel Weiss wrote:

Ad hominem.

...The first references the presumed mental stability of the individual rather than addressing the argument. The second address the motives of the individual, again rather than addressing the argument. Both comments contain an ad hominem argument.

I think the prof added a little extra something-something to his Earl Grey that morning.

would call the booger-pickin' finger, but others

Tyrol, Adama, Starbuck and Kandanski.

Oh, wait...nevermind.

Zapp wrote:
...surely you see the signs written in the sky as clearly as I do? :)


Peanuts! I love peanuts! Chocolate-covered peanuts, chipotle-flavored peanuts, sea salt peanuts, Cajun spicy peanuts, fired peanuts, banana peanuts, caramel peanuts, vanilla peanuts, peanut butter peanuts!

Everyone knows the sun goes around the earth, and the seasons change because Persephone does the house arrest thing down in Hades; and winter is sometimes longer because Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow.

Zombieneighbours wrote:

...Oh, and I really should not have to explain this, but Fusion does not use 'rods' it uses hydrogen plasma. You are thinking of fission, which illustrates my point about education very nicely.

Hey, Ms Smarty Pants--I don't know how you got your 'education,' but Fusion uses only the highest quality fruits, to create rich tasty juices, smoothies and yoggies. Visit our juice bar at the Edgware Mall and get a healthy dose of fruit vitality! Only £1 during Happy Hour!

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