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As least this strip proves once and for all martial classes can't stand up against a full caster.

I kid, I kid, I kid.

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The Raven Black wrote:
Uninterrupted Torment

Title reminds me of my dating life.

Mark Hoover wrote:
Meh... I've seen better today.

To be fair, that's going to be a hard sell as a date movie.

Call me old fashioned, but after spending $160 on tapas, sangria and a movie, I fancy a bit of rutting.

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Hythlodeus wrote:
Paizo run officially out of ideas?

I wouldn't say that. I mean between them they must have over 120 years of gaming experience under their belt right? (quick somebody do the math!)

Why even young ingenue Mark Moreland brings like 6 years into that brain trust.

Nay Hythlodeus, Paizo knows what makes gamers really happy:

A reason to kvetch and moan.


Chris Mortika wrote:
(Maybe every Tier I judge will choose to change one of their PCs to a gunfighter of the equivalent level. That's what PFS needs.)

Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Mortika, 5 Star GM, all around good egg, and your herald of the coming apocalypse.


Wiki Monster wrote:
Fixed your link, Baron, to point to the actual wiki and not the one that we abandoned on wikia over a year ago.

Your pardon O great Wiki Monster, we are aware of the new site but the older page had more information on that particular Prince of Perdition.

HangarFlying wrote:
Ahhhhhh good eye! I didn't catch that the first time I looked at the pic!

I wonder if something similar was said at the Paizo offices just about now.

; )

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DukeRuckley wrote:
I've noticed quite a lot of harsh and disrespectful language directed toward the Paizo staff as of late,

I don't think remarks by the Paizo staff directed at Cosmo counts in this case ...

; )

Hobbun wrote:
Well, he has made reference to 'the next set' for awhile now, so we knew it was already coming. :)

This is true Hobbun but it's the manner of how Erik has drawn our attention for said future projects is what I was referring to.

From last weeks somewhat (though I am sure that was not the intent) polarizing blog, to now new anticipation of "what's behind the door," without skipping a beat - that's showmanship sir.

I think I may have seen some Paizo staff and contributors who 'play tested' a larger model/version of this map at Gen Con.

For research I am sure.


I was speed reading and misread the thread title as "switch Hitler's build" and thougt 'we have stats on Hitler?'

I am such a Set fanboy; he can turn an otherwise great post into a sexy post.

If he only looked liked Karlie Kloss I would break up with my girl friend and ask him ... well 'her' - out.

So many ninjas in this thread.

Biichama, your player has more than new mammaries to worry about.

Maddona will want those brass brasseries back.

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Remember not all witches share Feiya's temprament:

Double, double, toil and trouble,
fire burn and cauldron bubble;

The widow’s farm is soaked by rain,
I give her neighbor’s cows murrain;

A Hand of Glory I can make,
if I’ve a dead man’s fat to take;

Distance will avail you naught,
a poppet will convey ill thought;

Devil, demon, daemon, hag,
with all I will my black tongue wag;

By candles’ magic I can make
a weak man strong, or strength can take;

Do not risk my ire or wrath,
for I walk down a darker path;

By the pricking of my thumbs,
something evil this way comes.

Drunk Fighter: 'Here, this scythe is yours now! HIC! She was no good against measly skeletons anyways'.

Veteran Barkeep: (Taking the scythe) 'Masterwork eh? Well this is not the worst tip I've received, now here's a tip for you, next time bring one of these to the fight, (waves adamantine tankard) and don't play drinking games with a barkeep when Constitution is your dump stat!'

CapeCodRPGer wrote:

Lisa a Nascar fan?

Pod Race

feytharn wrote:
Lisa Stevens wrote:

You want me to let you in on Erik's punishment as a gift for your birthday? Yikes, that is a bit strange. But, to each their own, I guess...


That's WHY she's Still best CEO ever...

Gorbacz wrote:
I guess I need to start my own thread on this as well! ;)

Well some guy named James Jacobs started one ...

Kajehase wrote:
I, GROGNARD wrote:
Back in my day cultists were bald swarthy men with Charisma scores of 6.
Didn't the Beatles deal with those?

Ringo was not that swarthy.

Gorbacz wrote:
TSA fondling

We call it a "lifestyle choice".

Mark Moreland wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Still on the totally NOT CORRECT side of the ocean. *sigh*
Are you saying we should hold it in Japan? is confused

Gorbacz was thinking more in the vicinity of the other former Axis power.

The one with masterwork tanks.

He should have stowed away in Dragnmoon's luggage back when he had a chance.

jakebacon wrote:
Do Chalaxians have an accent? And if so, what real-world equivalent would it sound like?

Did anyone ask the opinion of these players?



If I was going to play "hide the anything" with Kostchtchie I would pretend to be someone else too.

He's one ugly mofo. And that uni brow ... so neolithic.

New Page in the New Year.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
It's getting bumped up to a full 4 pages in the new World Guide.

The battle cry of '4 pages' is the new 'two scoops of raisins' for PRPG.

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

Is that a halfling nativity?

Is Jesus a halfling in Golarion? Because that'd be sweet.

Oh your a brave one.

Excuse me whilst I grab my 10' pole.

Le Triops est mort,

Vive le Triops!

Was Jason the Flower girl at the ceremony?


Mark Moreland wrote:
Dragnmoon wrote:
Wait.... but what where the numbers?... ;)
Bulmahn Big

Fixed that for you

That's one Epic level thread necromancy folks !

Whoa !

Empowered Raise Thread in action!

Todd the Laughing Biologist should be along shortly.

baron arem heshvaun wrote:
Homeland Defender (PrC) by night


That's one broken PrC!

I understand that Expedite Transit is a needed class ability which helps define the class, but don't tell me Channeling Tax and Tariffs, Search and Seizure as a swift action and bonding with Sea Containers of Vast Holding are not all broken! Come on Paizo! Come on !

[/end rant]

baron arem heshvaun wrote:

James Sutter

Homeland Defender (PrC) by night

Or maybe, just maybe, he's a wee bit wierd.

bonus Grognard spoiler

The Aboleth made the first Globsterlope as a gift for a mad wizard thrall.

James Jacobs wrote:
I periodically get annoyed at the East Coast thinking that the world revolves around their time zone when it OBVIOUSLY revolves around the Pacific time zone, but that's a different story.

But since Mark moved to sit at your lap this is no longer an issue right ?

Bicoastal !

This is all well and good but




Dragnmoon wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
(note that this is NOT the same as saying all paladins serve deities)
Now this is an Interesting quote of you James, are you saying, unlike Clerics in Golarion, that Paladins don't have to pick a specific deity? And if so how would that work?

I think a lone tear drop just escaped James' eye...


MisterSlanky wrote:
Kyle Baird wrote:
Maybe next year I'll pin my badge to my underwear...
Have Josh write his name in your underwear. And then sell it on ebay.

Fixed that for you.


WillDM4food wrote:

Allow me to be the first to worship you as the Demigod of 1st edition Nostalgia. Your proper worship will, of course, require the regular sacrifice of virgins! ;)

Actually, it was during 1st Ed when we last saw a virgin in these dang parts ...


Thank you, I'll be here all week, remember to tip your waitress.

Sagawork Studios wrote:
A summary of the last 12 pages.

Whoa, no one said Elric? Even as a joke?


Sword and Spells (and synonyms aplenty) for my lord Mona !

Cosmo in the Blog wrote:


Well at least there is some historic pedigree in that statement.

Huzzah !

Great work on Jenny and Laithoron's part !

I would like nothing better than if Paizo could give me a wee bit of budget I could fill in every single female iconic at Gencon with a few gals that would do us all proud ... alas ... le sigh

You can ask Tim Hitchcock and Torc the Orc :)


Not since the sack of Rome or the fall of Bagdad has such a grand husky statue of 'nobility' been cast down.

le sigh.

James Jacobs wrote:
Rob is out sick today ...

With these words, the dread Curse of the Rum Tummy is born.

Great NPCs!

They can even all put in the same encounter.

As a Golarion Boy Band.

Christopher Dudley wrote:

Also, ninjas.



uriel222 wrote:
Send in Blackie and Clip-Clop

That's also the name of the worst R&B duo, ever.

Excellent question KK !

I really look forward to the next 50 or so replies to this ...

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