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I've heard Velociraptor, Roc and Cat (Big) are the main 3 and have been for some time (although levels 4-7 Ape is king) but is that still true or has something new come to the fore (Ive heard things about the Digmaul for instance)? Or is my information inaccurate? PFS legal only please, I know about the Warcat of Rull and how broken it is.

I have built a Cleric for PFS. Said Cleric is a Human Herald Caller of either Sarenrae or Uskiyeria (Both NG deities with Scimitar favoured weapon).
My Stats are
Str 7
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 18
Cha 12

My Expected Feat Progression is Weapon Finesse (1st), Improved Initiative (Bonus), Dervish Dance (3rd), Sacred Summons (5th), Summon Good Monster (7th, though I'm considering switching it and Sacred Summons around). I'm not sure what to take for further levels, although I'm considering taking divine interference at 11th level. My archetype grants me Augment Summoning and Superior Summoning for free.

My Skills (of which I get 6 a level from my favoured class bonus and from the better skill progression of my archetype) are Perception, Sense Motive, Diplomacy, Perform (Dance) (until I get two ranks, after which I'm thinking of putting it in a profession skill for Job Checks), Spellcraft, Linguistics and I can't decide what to use the 6th Skill on (maybe Knowledge Religion or Knowledge Planes?)

My Traits are Seeker (Class Skill Perception) and Cleansing Light (re-roll 1 on Channel Energy), although I'm considering replacing Cleansing Light with some trait that gives me a dex-based class skill like Acrobatics or something and putting my 6th Skill into that.

My Domain (of which I have only one due to my archetype) is the biggest stumbling block for me. Sun has good anti-undead stuff but the domain spells are weak. Glory (Heroism subdomain) has decent spells and abilities but I suspect they're targeted at a more "Battling" Cleric. Fire has some nice blast spells but I think the usefulness will wear off at higher levels. These all assume Sarenrae as deity and I'm tempted to switch to Uskiyeria (which means changing trait also) solely for that god's Animal (Feather Subdomain) as an animal companion is usually quite powerful. But then, I'll lose the ability to summon elementals based on my archetype's restrictions. Very Tricky.

I feel I have some Good Ideas but I need help. Any advice?

20 point buy, human, based off this, improved init as human bonus feat. How should I point buy?

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I'm not sure there's time to do this but none of the mythic paths have any abilities which work for psychic magic (hierophant and archmage are limited to divine and arcane magic). What sort of mythic paths are there for psychic characters? I think there should be one.

When she is CN, Arushalae loses most of her spell like abilities. These are returned to her when she finally becomes CG, with changes. Her Detect Good becomes Detect Evil. Her Energy Drain becomes an inverse variant. But by the rules, she maintains the ability to summon a Babau once a day with a 50% chance. Is this intended? What should her summon be replaced with?

The undead bloodline arcana allows among other things, for you to affect once-human undead with mind-affecting spells. This includes Ghouls, wights, vampires, ghosts etc. But what about basic human skeletons and zombies who have no Int? Does the mindless trump the bloodline arcana?

In their realm, the demon lord gets a lot of mythic powers. But outside their realm, do they count as mythic for spells that effect mythic or non-mythic creatures (can augmented mythic disintegrate kill a demon lord on the Material Plane instantly if it fails the saving throw)?

Do Demon lords have to spend mythic power to use SLA's mythic?

Question in title.

For that matter, wouldn't this make blindness extremely powerful as it stops Wizards from regaining spells

Does a Sorceror's bloodline arcana only work for their sorceror spells or for any multi-class spells they cast like divine spells. It is not clear.

I notice that Rasputin's statblock allows him the ability to cast Miracle 3/day. His statblock gives no tactical information of how he should use his most powerful spell.

What should I have him do with it?

I have to build a build with this class combination for my game. 25 point buy. ? means non-bard.

Currently we have Fighter, Alchemist, Inquisitor and Sorceror, all with Bard 1.


Hi everyone,

I've been looking on the Paizo forums but I can't seem to find any decent examples of Bard Builds. What I'm looking for is a build that is able to do things by itself and be a powerful independant character in its own right, able to do well in fights, social scenarios or what have you (although I am liable to narrow down so that it is a master of one thing). All I have found is a skill monkey who I can't see functioning in any scenario where skills aren't being rolled and who does little in combat and this weird musetouched Aasimar thing. I'm even okay with it being multiclass (provided the first Level is Bard). I just want a powerful bard.

Preferably, I'd like it to be 25 pt buy with a minimum of non-open content stuff. I'd also like a full list of skill ranks and spells known, as well as the customary abillity scores/feats.

This thread is not about the critique and dissection of the non-top 32. This is a thread where we can ask each other if we saw each others items.

If it's illegal to do this the mods can lock the thread.

My item was the flask of healing. It was a flask that was like a splash weapon and when you threw it, it healed 2d8+4 damage (hurting undead of course).

Did anyone see this?

Feel free to post if you want to ask if someone saw an item.

Do these exist?

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In the linked thread, the OP demonstrates how a 20th level Zen Archer Quiggong Monk is able to defeat a Shoggoth, Balor, Pit Fiend, Tarn Linnorm, Ancient Gold Dragon, Solar Angel and the Tarrasque in succession with only one rest period to regain abillities, Ki etc.

He then proceeds to ask if any other class could triumph over it as his Zen Archer could.

So here is my challenge: can any of you build a 20th level character of any class, race and archetype combo to triumph over these seven beasts with only one rest period?

Builds must be 20 point buy but can include any feat, spell, item, trait etc from anything published by Paizo.

Builds should be as descriptively full as possible as per the linked example.

These are the fight rules regarding dice rolls

Fight Rules : no one flees for good - the pride of classdom and the Bestiary are at stake. Single d20s always result in 10, multiple d20s (like full attacks) go 10-11-9, 10-9-11, and repeat. Threats kick in when the percentages from hits (not misses) build up to 60% within or over rounds (eg. 12 basic /20x2 hits would offer one threat and confirmation). Strictly mathematically speaking, multiple 20x2 threats don’t produce exact 5% threat chances, apparently, but for a game guide I reckon a flat 5% per pip will do. If there’s a decisive close call I’ll flag it. Rough but simple.
End Quote

Terrain rules for combats.

Shoggoth: Underwater, normal light levels, 90 feet apart, everyone has normal concealment beyond 20 feet, no surprise round.

Balor: 10 feet by 10 feet candle lit room, 100 feet high, 10 feet apart, Balor has foreknowledge of character's abilities and gets surprise round.

Pit Fiend: 60 feet by 60 feet dark room, 60 feet high, 50 feet apart, Pit Fiend has foreknowledge of character's abilities, no surprise round.

Tarn Linnorm: Moon lit Tarn, 50 feet apart, Linnorm gets surprise round.

Ancient Gold Dragon: Open Plain, 300 feet apart, Winner of perception check gets surprise round, Dragon starts in the air.

Solar Angel: Garden, 40 feet apart, Character gets surprise round, Solar does not have all its buffs up but if threatened it can plane shift away, buff itself and come back.

Tarrasque, Open Plain, Characters choice of distance (maximum 100 feet), Character gets surprise round.

Let the battle begin!