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I was looking at this as a very bad sign for 4e. Having your shelf space reduced/removed from a major retailer is not a good thing.

We are talking about going from 2-3 shelves full of D&D to only a handful of books.

But now I am not so sure. Looking at the new Essentials Red Box, they are all over Chapters/Coles. I am assuming that they are trying to avoid market confusion by focusing the Essentials line into big box type book stores to attract new players/old players who haven't played in a long time. Keep the other books in the specialty stores for those who are already into D&D.

PsychoticWarrior wrote:
Dude, go to an actual gaming store. Chapters is s@@% for new gaming books. TO only has about 20 gaming stores.

Actually, up until now, the local Chapters has been great for gaming books. They tended to get them out earlier than the actual release dates and my discount card made the prices competitive. Trying not to be a pessimist, but not having it come out in Chapters at all makes me worried. (I did a search of all Chapters/Coles within 100 km of me. There is one store that has 2 copies of the Dark Sun Campaign setting.

As for the Toronto gaming stores, it comes down to convenience. I had 2 that were (relatively) close to me. One closed up last summer due to the owner's wife wanting to get out of Toronto, the other has stopped ordering new gaming books at all and has moved it's focus to comics and collectables. Downtown is just not the easiest to get to, park, etc.

It is out, right? Or did it get delayed? I get most of my books from Chapters and they have had nothing related to Dark Sun up here in Toronto.

Almost finished The Fall (Chuck Hogan and Guillermo Del Toro)...a very good read!

On book 6 of The Runelords by David Farland. I had read the first 2 years ago and it sort of dropped off my radar. Picked them up again recently and I am flying through them.

So I checked out the Dungeon Annual at my local Chapters. I am honestly not sure what I was expecting, but I was disappointed by the fact that there was just 5 adventures contained in it, and little else. Especially because it is all stuff that I have access to for a nominal fee. I would much rather that they had spent their time and put the whole adventure path into a hardcover. Now that would be something that I could get behind :)

Currently reading At The Gates of Darkness...the latest by Raymond Feist.

About half way through Fall of Thanes, the final book in The Godless World trilogy by Brian Ruckley. It's been a pretty good read.

Larry Latourneau wrote:
About half way through Fall of Thanes, the final book in The Godless World trilogy by Brian Ruckley. It's been a pretty good read.

Well....that is obviously in the wrong place....sorry about that :)

About half way through Fall of Thanes, the final book in The Godless World trilogy by Brian Ruckley. It's been a pretty good read.

So now that the final module has been published, I was wondering if anyone has been running/playing it through out? I just wanted to hear some opinions on the AP as a whole.

Also, I have downloaded all of the pdfs, but I am feeling a bit lazy....does anyone know if there are companion articles from Dragon, and if so which issues they are in?



I think it might be a bug...started my character from scratch and was able to pick it. Silly quirk.

I am trying to pick the Paladin Multi class feat, Soldier of Faith. The only requirements are Str 13 and Cha 13, both of which I have. Yet it won't show up on my choices. Any ideas?

Just fnishing up the Prydain Chronicles...a little bit of nostalgia :)

Just finished The Company by K.J. Parker and I am about to start Generation A by Douglas Coupland.

Check out the demo here link!

Pretty nifty (IMHO)

Paul Hedges wrote:
I just got mine and am pleased. I have been using the zune pass for a few months now and it kicks ass. I like to try lots of different kinds of music and the pass allows me to do that. The screen on the player itself is a fingerprint nightmare. Anybody else try it out?

No love for the Canucks yet!

I glanced through it at Chapters..while it looks interesting, I find it hard to shell out that much money for a book that is, essentially, repackaging stuff that I am already paying for (I know that they have added some things). I think I will pass and wait on the DMG2.

I'm in!

Just finished "Off Season" by Jack Ketchum and have started "Offspring" (the sequel). Very graphic, a quick read.

After that, starting "The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and how it changed America". Looks like an interesting read.

carborundum wrote:
The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:

Recently finished:

- The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie
- Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie
- Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie

What did you think?

I'm rereading all the Wheel of Time books in expectation of the next one. When I heard that the 'last book' was being split into 3 I thought it was a case of the publisher squeezing every last drop out of a cash cow. When I discovered part 1 was 800 pages I got all excited. I read the first one yesterday, a tempo I'd better not keep up :-)

Is there news on the next Wheel of Time book coming out soon?

Currently reading the House of Night series. Sort of a Buffy meets Harry Potter mix up. Enjoyable for what they are.

Shadowcat7 wrote:
Just started Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb. So far so good.

Hope you enjoy it...I really like most of Hobb's work.

I am now on...LarryLat.

Playing Tiger Woods online mostly, but always up for something new ;)

Aaron Bitman wrote:
Larry Latourneau wrote:
I fondly remember scouring yard sales for issues (back when people actually sold comics at yard sales :) ).

People still do. Just a couple of years ago, I was at a yard sale and noticed a stack of 30+-year-old issues of "Claw: The Unconquered."

(I guess you meant people used to sell MORE comics at yard sales in some former time?)

Yeah...I find them hard to find anymore...and most of the time when I do, they are way overpriced.

Not to sound old and crotchety, but comics just don't seem to do it for the younger set (very big generalization, I know). I have quite a few boxes of comics, hardly any in great condition. I buy/bought to read them (most over and over), not to store them away. Each year I take a couple boxes out for our annual street sale (so about around 600 comics I would guess) and sell them for 25 cents or 5 for a dollar. I am lucky if I sell $10 worth. Most kids walk on by and the majority of 'adults' seem to be collectors hoping for the rare mint comic find. I know my wife would hate it, but if I managed to come across comics that cheap, I would be walking away with a lot more for my collection ;)

I actually loaded up a couple bags full of comics and gave them to some kids who were very interested in the comics, but their parents would only let them spend $5 between them.

Jib wrote:
Any fans of the old 1970's Kamandi comic from DC?

Loved that series...I fondly remember scouring yard sales for issues (back when people actually sold comics at yard sales :) ).

WoTC has started posting some conversion articles for some of the books released for 3.5 just prior to the move to 4e.

You can find the following article:

Exemplars of Evil - Chapter 2

Newest Excerpt: Story Items - Weapons

WoTC blurb wrote:

There’s no protection in the world that can stop this cutting edge. Or out of the world, for that matter.

Along with armor and neck slot items, weapons are central to an adventurer’s gear. Even the most diplomatic adventurer knows that when defense isn’t enough, there’s no substitute for a good offense.

Includes the stats block for Alfsair Spear and Screaming Bow.

Scott Betts wrote:

I've added Part Four: The Haunted Heart to the blog. Myriana, the swamp environs, and a couple of encounters designed to take place within Whitewillow are included.

I've also updated the Burnt Offerings compiled conversion document. It was missing the bunyip encounter, which is now in there, and some of the Divinity feats needed a little reworking.

All that's left for The Hook Mountain Massacre is...Hook Mountain. Finishing this adventure up will mark the official halfway point in this conversion process. Enjoy!

Tales from the Rusty Dragon

Hey Scott...any chance I can ask you a few questions offline?

Send me an email if so.



The next excerpt is up: Story Items - Armour

The official blurb:

WOTC wrote:

No attack is too devastating to be turned aside.

Armor is an integral part of any adventurer’s gear. From the wizard’s robes and the barbarian’s hide to the bard’s chainmail and the paladin’s plate, armor’s protection is available to every hero.

Enchantments improve the wearer’s Armor Class,whether by filling plate armor’s gaps with shields of force or hardening leather armor into something that can stop a ballista shot. Seasoned adventurers can depend on magic armor to protect them even from the teeth of an ancient wyrm.

At least some of the time.

Contains the stats block and story behind 2 pieces of armour:

Holy Radiance Armour
Shield of Silver Light (I Like this one :))

Hal Maclean wrote:
Larry Latourneau wrote:
If you have questions, ask them and I will try to answer them :)

How many roads must a man walk down?

What's the sound of one hand clapping?

If a tree falls in the forest will a woodchuck chuck it?

One...his own road


Depends on if it falls on the woodchuck or not.

Anyone going?

carborundum wrote:
Larry Latourneau wrote:
Just started The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan....very creepy so far...
Oooo - is it good?

I bought it Friday, finished it last night :)

I thought it was very good...some nice creepy parts. I think it may have been because of Del Toro's influence, but I seemed to really visualize how it would look/play out as if it was a movie. I don't think there are any plans (yet) to make it a movie, but they could.

The only down side was that I didn't read the inside cover, so I didn't know it was the first of a trilogy, the other 2 due to come out in 2010 and 2011. I tend to read quickly, and couple that with a complete lack of patience, so I tend to not buy trilogies/series until they are either all released, or about to be all released.

Stefan Hill wrote:

Seriously, D&D full stop (who cares which edition) is nothing compared to the toy market. Honest truth is we play a niche game, we aren't main stream and we aren't the cool kids. Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts.

Trying to compare say Transformers to D&D is like comparing sales for Coca Cola to sale volumes of Diet, caffine free, organically grown mung bean flavoured enemas...


Dude...where the heck do you shop?

Sebastian wrote:
bugleyman wrote:

It's almost like one could've predict where this thread was going...

Everyone I know who's started a thread like this has had it go very well. ;-)

Well played....well played.


What exactly is a "Living <Insert Setting here> Campaign"?

roguerouge wrote:

Great adaptation. First two thirds of the film gets rid of the tediously long development of inessential elements (Weasley's Quidditch problem, who could the Half-Blood Prince be?) while still giving the payoff. Very strong humor, even funnier than the third film. Definitely worth your money.

It does, however, feature the same problem as the books: Ginny has no chemistry with Harry. She's basically a narrative reward without a personality of her own. Fanficcers have it right: the series would be much more interesting with a Harry-Luna pairing or even (gasp!) a Harry-Draco pairing. And Snape's crowning moment of awesome could have used more time.

I would have to disagree with the part about the Half-Blood prince's identity...

My reasons:

The impact that Snape, the person Harry has spent his whole time since arriving at Hogwarts hating, is the person he had just spent the entire school year admiring was pretty important (IMO) to Harry's developement as a character. Harry has slowly been learning that his Dad (and his friends) were more like Draco and his cronies, and that that Snape was not as bad as he seemed to believe.

Dragnmoon wrote:
Larry Latourneau wrote:
Dragnmoon wrote:
I missed the original one, what was the problem with it?
Most of the powers were listed as Immediate Interrupts, which actually made some of them unplayable (i.e. there was a level 10 power that was an immediate interrupt with the trigger being that you kill your quarry. Given that you can't do an immediate action on your own turn, it would be very unlikely that this power would ever come into play.
DId they update the Full Dragon PDF, or just that article?

The Dragon compilation does not happen until the 31st, so it will contain the new and improved article :)

Dragnmoon wrote:
I missed the original one, what was the problem with it?

Most of the powers were listed as Immediate Interrupts, which actually made some of them unplayable (i.e. there was a level 10 power that was an immediate interrupt with the trigger being that you kill your quarry. Given that you can't do an immediate action on your own turn, it would be very unlikely that this power would ever come into play.

Not sure if anyone was following htis, but WoTC recently released a Class Acts article that was chock full 'o errors. A lot looked like someone got trigger happy on the cut and paste when it came to the power section.

Well WoTC re-released the article today, along with a letter of apology:

Andy Collins wrote:

Today, we posted a new version of the Class Acts: Ranger article that originally appeared on July 13, 2009.

To put it bluntly, the previous version of the article was of unacceptable quality. You, the readers, correctly pointed that out and we agreed. Hence, these revisions.

We apologize for this lapse in quality.

Though we believe that this particular article is an isolated failure in our mission to provide D&D Insiders with high-quality, exciting content every month, we still take this failure very seriously.

We're confident that the new version of the article adheres to our (and your) high standards for all published game material -- whether that material comes to you on paper or via the digital format.

We're also reviewing our process for designing, developing, and editing Insider content to identify places where additional time or training are required to avoid such errors in the future.

We appreciate the trust that you place in us, and we'll strive to continue to justify that trust.

Thank you, and good gaming.

Andy Collins
RPG Development & Editing Manager
Wizards of the Coast R&D

The first excerpt from Adventurer's Vault 2 is out, along with the schedule of upcoming excerpts.

The first article is on Immurements, which were apparently prlaytested in Dragon, but I must have missed it before.

Immurements are:


a rare form of magical prison that contains a place that has been sealed away from the rest of the world. The enchantments placed on immurements are fragile; when an immurement’s power is expended in a blast, it releases the terrain and effects contained within it into the blast area for a short time.

Each immurement description provides the features of the terrain and effects contained within it. Refer to the illustration of each immurement for placement of specific terrain.

The upcoming excerpts and release dates are:

Story Items: Armour (July 24th)
Story Items: Weapons (July 27th)
Story Items: Implements (July 31st)
Lair Items (Aug. 3rd)
Ammunition (Aug. 7th)
Item Sets, Part 1 (Aug. 10th)
Item Sets, Part 2 (Aug. 14th)

Just started The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan....very creepy so far...

Brian Carpenter wrote:
Gah. I really can't wait to get this. I haven't been looking forward to a book release like this for a while. I'm playing a cleric of Calistria in our 4E Pathfinder game. Any chance you could tell us how many domains there are or even possibly list them? Pretty please.


To summarize, your divine character gains access to the domains of his or her deity, which means they gain access to those domains feats. Each divine domain has a divinity feat and a domain feat associated with it, and they follow the normal rules for picking feats.

There are more than 30 Domains and they are as follows:

Avandra: Change, Freedom, Luck
Bahamut: Hope, Justice, Protection
Corellon: Arcana, Skill, Wilderness
Erathis: Civilization, Creation, Justice
Ioun: Fate, Knowledge, Skill
Kord: Storm, Strength, War
Melora: Life, Sea, Wilderness
Moradin: Creation, Earth, Protection
Pelor: Hope, Life, Sun
The Raven Queen: Death, Fate, Winter
Sehanine: Love, Moon, Trickery
Asmodeus: Civilization, Tyranny
Bane: Skill, War
Grummsh: Destruction, Strength
Lolth: Darkness, Trickery
Tharizdun: Destruction, Madness
Tiamat: Strife, Vengeance
Torog: Earth, Torment
Vecna: Knowledge, Undeath
Zehir: Darkness, Poison

I must say I was a little disappointed that they didn't list the Gods from Eberron and FR, especially given the fact that they went out of their way to include racial feats for Warforged, Khalastar, Drow, Gensai, etc.

Celestial Healer wrote:
Is the new Invoker material going to blow my mind? I'd like to play one sometime.

New Class Feature:

The Covenant of Malediction
- Manifestation: When you use a divine encounter or daily attack power on your turn, you can push one target hit by the power 1 square after the power's effect is resolved
- Channel Divinity (Maledictor's Doom): Minor Action, Close Blast 5, only enemies. Each target takes a -1 penalty to attack rolls and saving throws until the end of your next turn. In addition, whenever the target is hit by a fear attack before the end of your next turn, you can push the target 1 square as a free action

New Build:
Malediction Invoker
Wisdom, then Con, then Int in order of importance of ability scores.

New powers suitable for Covenant of Malediction, Covenant of Preservation and Covenant of Wrath

New Paragon Paths:
Adept of Whispers
Crimson Arbiter
Devoted Oracle
Divine Hand
Divine Philosopher
Keeper of the Nine
Speaker of the Word
Theurge of the Compact
Vessel of Ichor

Tieren wrote:
Larry Latourneau wrote:
If you have questions, ask them and I will try to answer them :)
How much more is there in the way of Paladin Str abilities? anything particularly shiny about new paladin stuff?

New Class feature:

Replace Lay on Hands with one of two new options
- Ardent Vow: Melee Touch, Minor (Once per round, up to a max. number of times per day = Wisdom modifier. The next time you attack the target, before the end of your next turn, you gain a bonus to the damage roll equal to 5 + Wis. modifier. Also, whenever you attack the target before the end of the encounter, it is subject to your divine sanction until the end of your next turn.
- Virute's Touch: Melee Touch, Minor (Once per round, up to a max. number of times per day = Wisdom modifier. You remove one condition from the target: Blinded, Dazed, Deafened, Slowed, Stunned or Weakened

New Builds:
Ardent Paladin
- More like a striker than the other builds
- Willingly sacrifice your own health and defense to strike down enemies, even giving up some healing ability to be a more powerful attacker.
- Str, then Wis, then Con in order of importance.

Virtuous Paladin (Can be seen as a free excerpt at WoTC)

New Paragon Paths:
Champion of Corellon
Faithful Shield
Gray Guard
Hammer of Moradin
Holy Conqueror
Knight of the Chalice
Questing Knight
Scion of Sacrifice
Slayer of the Dead

arkady_v wrote:
Larry Latourneau wrote:
If you have questions, ask them and I will try to answer them :)
Well, tell me as much about the Avenger as possible. What's the new build? Oath Power? Any decent damage powers?

Keep in mind, I haven't done much with the Avenger, as no-one in my group has played one.

New Build: Commanding Avenger - based on the Censure of Unity (+1 bonus to damage rolls against your Oath of Emnity target for each ally adjacent to that target. So the idea is to swear your oath and then surround the target with as many allies as possible. Wisdom, then Intelligence, then Dex in order of importance for abilities.

2 new At Wills:

Bond of Censure: Ranged 5, Wisdom vs. Will. If target is your Oath target, and you have no enemies adjacent to you, make 2 attack rolls and take the higher of the two. Target is pulled a number of squares = Int. modifier. If they end up adjacent, they take 1d10 radiant damage.

Leading Strike: Melee, Wisdom vs. AC, 1[W] + Wis. modifier. One ally adjacent to you or the target gains a bonus to their next damage roll against the target equal to your Int. modified.

They have a cool level 29 Daily called Cataclysmic Duel. Does 7[W] + Wisdom mod. damage and target takes -2 to attack rolls against you (save ends) (Half Damage on a miss).

Effect is, for the rest of the encounter whenever the target hits you, it gets to choose one of your allies within 5 squares and knock them prone. When you hit the target, you choose an enemy within 5 squares of the target and daze them (save ends daze)

New Paragon Paths:

Ardent Champion
Dervish of Dawn
Fread Imperator
Favored Soul
Relentless Slayer
Serene Initiate
Watchful Shepherd
Weapon of Fortune

If you have questions, ask them and I will try to answer them :)

I have to say, I was kind of disappointed in parts...


I really missed the big fight at the end. I was really hoping for a huge F/X spectucular.

I know it would have been hard to incorporate Dumbledore's backstory, but I found the lack of it made the drinking of the poison kind of seemed much more poignant knowing that the pain Dumbledore was experiencing was due in part ot his own past and his own regrets.

Dumbledore not using the invisibility cloak and the petrifying charm on Harry before the end at the top of the tower. It was a perfect explanation of why Harry did nothing to prevent what happened. The movie just made him seem kind of a chump.

I wished they had explored the bit between Snape and Harry at the end. The book expressed how much more pained Snape was over what happened.

That being said, there were parts that I loved. I found the Quidditch scenes some of the best they've done. I loved Slughorne as well.

I can understand why they skipped the funeral, as it would be a great opening piece to the next movie

I would give it 3 out of 5...

Khyber's Harvest, the module written by Keith Baker and released as part of Free RPG Day 2009 is now available over at WoTC.

Here is the blurb:


A trek across the Shadow Marches leads weary travelers to Blackroot, a quiet village of ramshackle huts nestled among the darkwood trees. Here, orcs and humans live in peace. However, all is not well. Something evil has crawled up from below, threatening to devour the village and its denizens. Only a party of brave heroes stands in its way.

This Dungeons & Dragons adventure, created for Free RPG Day 2009, is set in the Eberron campaign setting, although it can be adapted for any D&D campaign. Khyber's Harvest is designed for 2nd-level characters and includes a complete adventure plus five pre-generated characters.

he wanted to follow through with this plan.

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