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OK, so I love to play Pathfinder because of how open ended and creative you can be. I also love the spell casting classes for this as well but while playing I sometimes feel that I am more restricted out-of-combat then I am in combat, at least in terms of magic.

Take summon spells for instance. they are balanced to last just long enough to make a decent contribution in combat but outside of combat they barely last any time.

I was thinking you can make a feat or something like

Out-Of-Combat Casting: Conjuration

Summoned creatures last for minutes instead of rounds. Creatures summoned this way have 1HP and -5AC.

Id leave attacks along so creatures could still sunder walls and do other useful things that aren't killing.

You could even increase casting time and it wouldn't matter much out of combat.

Any other ideas?

Not trying to railroad actions but mammoth hunting is kinda plain, simple and boring after you get by the brutality.

You can retro anything you want to add to this set-up

Prologue: The Damned Cold

The winter has been especially brutal for the coven. Had it not been for Nagual's knowledge of mammoth hunting then perhaps they would all have starved.

It was the end of one such hunt. They had cornered a herd along a cliff-side, scaring them off the edge. The location had been picked carefully, high enough cliff to kill but not enough to be a mess.

Nagual instructed the other coven members how to butcher the dead creatures, collecting meat and pelt.

The snowstorm that had been raging started to die down, enough to see a long figure walking towards the group.

Nagual recognized him, he was a relatively new member of the coven. A witchdoctor from further north. No one knew his name and he had never said a word. The elder witches had vouched for him and that was enough.

The witchdoctor walked toward Nagual naked, he had no need for protection from the elements. He carried no weapons or supplies. His only possession seemed to be a thin strip of parchment in his hand and for the fist time Nagual herd him speak.

"We should speak" With that he turned and walked back motioning for Nagual to follow.

This is a continuation of this thread to allow the players that did not get into the first round to have a game. If not enough of them want in then we will open to outside apps.

Please re-porst you characters here!

OK before deciding if you want to ride on my game I just want to lay down some ground rules. I hope it doesn't scare too many people off but I just want to be honest about my style. I am a more narrative focused GM in PbP which means you may feel like the game is less "Open-world"

I think at least early on we need focused direction or it can really fall apart. Once we get going in a direction then I release the reigns more. I just want to make sure everyone is settling together.

When we level up: When it makes sense in the story. I would like to have a lot of the level up hit during certain story beats. Most game are engineered with this in mind anyway but it sucks to play a character who does things that don't reward XP. So kinda forget the who XP thing.

Starting items: Here are your options start with average gold if you want or submit a "Wish-List" of items that make sense for you and I'll give you ether thumbs up or down.

New Into: The funeral will still be the starting point but I would all like the characters to be "Pen-pals" That would explain why you not a pallbearer and why you don't get dragged into the story with the other group but you still have a steak.

Please read this thread:

It has all good information but specificly I want to adopt the writing style.

I like

Psioney walked over to where Minmaximus was eating and asked “Can I borrow your sword?”

More then

@ Minmaximus: “Can I see your sword?”

Here is a good example of a game I was a part of that used this well. I played Clouse, a hobgoblin marshal:

I like the flow of this style of game.

Jeesh that's a lot to throw out there. Anyone still interested?

*Edit* additional information from the other thread copied over.

ou can go 20 point if you want to but if you stick to 15 points then I'll throw you nifty toys and be more lenient on the materials you can draw from.

I prefer interesting over huge stats but some need the extra points to cover a wider range of stats. Like paladins who I don't want having to suffer because their class almost requires decent points into both STR/DEX and Cha for abilities to work well.

I may get half levels every now and then to space things out. Like a "You get an extra trait!" or "You just gained this ability due to story!"

Pen Pals: Yes, keep the traits you want. I'm thinking that as long as you have some sort of long distance acquaintance with the professor that is all right.

I like the idea that the players are all outsiders, and thus will be shunned by most of the town, you doubly so because you are also a wizard.

Outsiders brought in may be more trustworthy to some people in the town that are paranoid of hidden elements within the town. Sorry for being cryptic but I don't want to spoil anything for you or the other group that is playing the same scenario.

If wren wants to play along I want our two groups to be acting through the same evens but from different perspectives, never really meeting, unless we want to.