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Kishmo wrote:
Dang, I'll have one of whatever Sheila's drinking.

Not if it means I have to sit in front of a stained glass window of….myself battling heroically. Or maybe that’s how she got to where she is. Drinking.

Take this with a huge grain of salt as I almost never play Sorcerers and don’t think I have ever played a Wizard. Wizards are outdated and should be consigned to the derivative bins whence Gandaldore and Saurmort derived. The distinction between Sorcerers and Wizards should rather be combined into a spellcasting class that casts a bunch of different ways utilising a bunch of different sources. With the ability to heal.

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Parry wrote:

The exemplar isn't the enlightened Buddha. Their divinity isn't clearly and easily manifested. I think everyone here is over-estimating the divinity aspect demigods characters (Even though class description seems to specifically mentioning the demigod aspect).

The exemplar is a "hero". They are not so much made powerful by their items but their items serve as a manifesting form for their superhuman potential. If they didn't need these, they would be gods.

Well it is one way to look at things. But only one way. And it’s a neat thesis. But again, only one. Sadly, there are about a million kajillion bazillion ways of quantifying just how godlike…gods are and twice as many that describe the provenance of their powers - the one presented in the playtest document is one of them. And they are all about as logical as the next. My favorite is the one about backwards tea leaves, dried bananas and wrought iron fish legs. But not in that order.

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Rue Dickey wrote:
"Oh no, the gunslinger doesn't have a cell phone!!!" is one of my favorite lines of in-game dialogue, no lie.

Who doesn’t give the primitive timetraveller here to fight space fascists a phone, or at least an ear-piece/comm unit? Sounds like inefficient use of available resources. Rookie error.

The real problem is what to call them? Batmanimist? Animattle? I keep thinking of a character called Anna “Ani” Baptiste.

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Aha! 12 and a half hours until the un-veil-ing of the Nipple Lord, which moast definitely was not a class, prestige class or archetype in PF1. I *cannot* wait. Squeeee!

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First pic is a dwarf. Nip Nippleson. Demigod-at-law.

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Sibelius Eos Owm wrote:
Not seeing the bait, however... OP had a suggestion to be included in the game. Unfortunate timing notwithstanding, there's nothing controversial about that phrasing.

It’s the capitalised “Inclusion” that Darksol is alluding to. To, you know, make Pathfinder more…inclusive.

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The king Has has a bro. Nah. I think the king is Ha. It’s Ha’s…bro.

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So if you hit a pumpkin with a baseball bat the pumpkin pretty much asplodes. It’s internet…like…thang. Do keep up.

There’s hope for you yet.

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You know you could say something nice. And remember the iconics are just one way of representing the class…

The Age of Lost Omens is getting a bit old. Time for the Age of Broken Destinies.

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And banana.

Perpdepog wrote:
Given that Avatar is the name of a spell I doubt it's going to be a class' name.

It does have three vowels tho’…


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I clearly didn’t read the OP clearly enough.

3 syllables.

3 vowels.

Commander works. As does Strategist.

Fateweaver does not work, as it has two vowels, one that occurs three times (e), and one that occurs twice (a).

Godcaller works. And Michael Sayre likes Godcallers of Sarkoris.

Symbiote works, even if “y” is “sometimes a vowel”.

Banana doesn’t work, because it tastes yummy.

I like the idea of Apostate as having something to do with a dead god. Or Incarnate

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Farien wrote:
Announce a "Pathfinder 2.6" that is based on rolling 3d6 for checks instead of 1d20.

3d6? 3d6!?! Well, I guess it isn’t as completely, stupendously ridiculous and outré-for-the-sake-of-being-outré as relying on a…pair of 12 sided dice.

SilentInfinity wrote:
Psyched for this game! Will it be updated to officially include the Remaster rules once out?

Waitaminnit. Rules or lore? Will this be all about Golarion’s lore, or Golarion’s lore and PF2R’s rules? Because…they are…different things. I’m not sure knowing how exactly Power Attack works or at what level a Kineticist gets what would make someone a Lore Master.

Trixleby wrote:
Are gnomes really that bad?

I’m afraid so…Terrible, in fact.

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Perpdepog wrote:
Sibelius Eos Owm wrote:
WWHsmackdown wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
There will be a lot of stuff about this story coming from the Narrative team, never fear, but we're quite a ways out from announcing anything more about the details. There's still PLENTY of time for folks to get in their predictions and guesses.
Im guessing the town artisan class. I'm ready to to roll a baker!
You're onto something here methinks. New Rare class has got to be the fabled and mystifying Super Commoner. Comes with subclasses in all major forms of fantasy villager profession, including Farmer, Weaver, Baker, and Smith. This is what the hints were pointing to all along!
It shall be called the Uncommoner.

And will be Rare.

Sanityfaerie wrote:

There is no reason whatsoever to be a gnome.

Exactly my thoughts….

I just like the thought of thinking that (at least) a god (Pathfinder) and a planet (Starfinder) are both gonna get “whacked”.

Driftbourne wrote:
LandSwordBear wrote:
Bye bye Castrovel…
Wrong elves, Apostae is where Starfinder drow live.

No, Apostae apparently “isn’t going anywhere”. So, right elves, right planet.

Bye bye Castrovel…

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I definitely want my starship to fly at 1st level, whether PF2 or SF2…

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GM Anonymous... wrote:

Ok so you want to Steal the Envoys for PF2

That will be a DC 24 thievery check.
Would anyone like to help and aid with that check?

There’s an Operator in the cantina with a folding pulsecannon that I think is saying “Hold my mgvurkz”. Though they may be a little inebriated.

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It matters not!

Dragonhearthx wrote:
Rude_ wrote:
Necromancy as a 5th tradition sounds interesting but not sure how that would be implemented but I'd be all for new necromantic spells to fill a 5th tradition of magic.
Instead of calling it necromancy, how about soul or spirit magic. That way it could also open up more less-than-savory options.

It shouldn’t be a matter of savory or not unless you are a ghoul necromancer, or possibly a vampire necromancer. I’m not sure many beings actually taste…sweet. Some types of fruit-conversant leshy types perhaps…

siegfriedliner wrote:
Manifesting your kinetic aura tells the anyone who know what it means that your a kinetesist and what elements you have which is something you might not always want to advertise.

Unless of course you are about to meet Duchess Primproper. Important to appear ready for anything and all that…

Alternatively, for those who like Epic/Mythic/High Level play, Seneschal will be a Path, each character gets a Destiny, there’ll be a sidebar about how, handled incorrectly, Mythic play might be problematic if not broken, and a little grey haired old goblin lady works as a weaver….um…Weavers are also a Path.


For those who like magic, Spellweavers will be a Thing, who can heal a broken destiny. So there’s that. Oh, and also, seneschals.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
mean, on Golarion it's possible for someone to construct an atomic bomb. Lots of potential conflicts would be extremely different if, say, Cheliax became a nuclear power. But that's not the sort of story we want to tell…

Well, about that…

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Reza la Canaille wrote:
Just to be safe, murder anyone that isn't a human.

Because humans are…ok? What if you have a party of elves, or leshies or orcs?

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I’m still trying to work out something pretty simple. If I get a partial boost, is it actually like I’m getting something? Or…not? Like I’m pretty sure it isn’t a boost to my attribute, and the partial thing seems like it is going to be checked in a box. But apart from that, what did I actually get? And why? Is it…chocolate flavored? That would be cool. If I have more than one partial, can I make it into a boost later? I can? In ten minutes, or…now?

I’m not sure about “bad design”, but it definitely feels like uninspired implementation, especially given the opportunity and remit of the Remaster. Sacred cows and all that.

It’s a silly “gift”. That literally does nothing. Until later. When it is a marshmellow.

I’m not sure an entire species is ok with being called an “okay substitute”. ;)

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And pick 13 for PF4.

JiCi wrote:

I'm surprised that we still don't have a halfling/gnome hybrid...

Like, seriously? There has NEVER been a "gnomeling" since D&D's creation in the 70s?

Probably because they are so bad individually, no one would want to combine them. That would be synergising the awfulness.

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Someone needs to take action!

Totally uninterested in the flavor text for rules mechanics. Would save a hell of a lot of space wiping them from the face of the earth. Which I always here is at a premium. Space, that is. And space is also a good place from which to launch nukes that will eradicate the flavor text. Only. Way. To. Be. Sure.

Have the mechanics be clear. I don’t need someone else to imagine what happens, and it seems that there are more cases where the flavor text is contrary to the mechanic rather than being used where there might be confusion. To me this is the same argument as folx who say they use AI to generate their character’s names. Why?

Also, I need the Gorbler base class yesterday. With Trained skill in Deer taming at first level.

decipher wrote:
so how long is a day in pathfinder in real time? or for example i get a bonus that says in the game it lasts for 1 hour, how much time is that 1 hour in real time? please help

I’m confused.

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OliveToad wrote:
Are there any funerial/burial rights for Mwangi or Anadi characters?

Same rights as everyone else, unless there is some discrimination going on.

Or use honey.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
Jacob Jett wrote:
In three different editions of D&D and dozens other ttrpgs, this is a problem I've literally never encountered.

I mean, for example, if you can fly all day and have a cantrip that does damage, you can defeat an infinite number of bears without taking any damage. You will just eventually get sleepy and fly off where the bears can't get you.

There's also stuff like "Pit traps are not a problem when you can just fly out of them."

Lanzborne, the Fighter [glasses the prairie with his mystical scope of ocularity] “I… infinite number of…bears”.

Aeriyal, the Rogue: “Wha…bears? Owlbears?”

Schtudius, the Battle Mage: [nudges Aeriyal worriedly] “Eh-hem”.

Aeriyal: “Wha…oh, right. *koff* Umm. [restrikes confused but alert pose] “Beakclaws? Or..was it Clawbeaks? Feathergnashers?

Lanzborne: “…Nah. Just….bears.” [frowns as he snaps shut the mystical scope of ocularity with time worn and professional tap]. “I think we can take them.”

Aeriyal: “Sure, my trusty ever repeating double flaming penetrating enervating crossbow should do the trick.”

Gaslyte, the Thaumaturge : “Or we could, you know, go around…”

Lanzborne: [looks at Aeriyal’s weapon suspiciously] “Say, aren’t you the GM’s boyfriend?”

Aeriyal: [ignoring Lanzborne] “I can fly almost all day. We can be at the coastline by sundown and the Wizard’s stonepirk agents won’t know what hit ‘em”

Gaslyte: [gestures widely indicating the pastoral expanse] “Or we could ignore them and….”

Schtudius: [in some deep thought] “Perhaps an infinite number of bears isn’t exactly an objectively ideal encounter. I mean…infinite is….big. Perhaps an illusion…”

Aeriyal: [jets upwards and off like an arrow…or…bolt] “Yee!”

Gaslyte: [sits down, hurriedly fumbles with a tome] “The treatise says there is a western path through the moors…”

Lanzborne: “Nope, bears it is.”

Schtudius: “Infinite XP…”

Gaslyte: [stops flipping pages, and covetously, fervently prays over an arachnid pendant before surreptitiously hiding it beneath their ebon mailshirt] “Surface dwellers!”

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OceanshieldwolPF 2.5 wrote:
The Raven Black wrote:
OceanshieldwolPF 2.5 wrote:

and an anteater rogue with a propensity for lifting knickknacks with their tongue. Extra points for a skeleton anteater, for the visuals alone. Ok, so it is a separate ancestry, but still, toothless folk can dream….raight?

Since we will be getting guidelines for Half-any ancestry as a versatile heritage, you will have to decide whether they are Half-Skeleton Awakened anteater or a Half-Awakened anteater Skeleton.
Ehrmagherd. I think I am broken. In half.

You must be joking. Clearly it is a half-Skeleton Awakened anteater. No time to be half awake.

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You’d need to be pretty strong, or Large I guess to successfully fire the Halflings and the little buggers never quite stop fidgeting or even trying to escape the pouch. Halfling range weapons are weird.

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Perpdepog wrote:
I'd rather walk down the roads paved with pavement. Intentions make a notoriously poor building material.

See in Australia, we walk on the pavement (I guess in the US that is the…sidewalk?) but drive on the road. So it would be super weird for the road to have pavement on it, because you’d either end up with angry drivers honking their horns or multiple pedestrian fatalities.

And if the road to hell really is paved with good intentions, then it must use that Solar Freakin’ Roadways product, coz those folx made a packet on Indie-gogo, but I haven’t seen one…anywhere.

An awakened human that has speech and can use tools. Only…wisely. Wakes up every morning and thinks…I am a human…before thinking it is anything else.

Perpdepog wrote:
Rysky wrote:

“Are we know to expect every Serpentfolk in Golarion to act like Cobra Commander”

yes, no backsiessssss

AP 201--Can our party of heroes stop the sinister scaled Sekmin from assembling their most deadly device yet, the Solar Dominator?

AP 206 - Having failed to stop the mysterious and ongoing disappearance of owlbears, mimics and drow the party now faces the uncanny noble sekmin, the Snekpeep. The Solar Dominator has been repurposed into the ORC cannon, an unholy device capable of replacing your favorite creature with a bland, beige coloured stand in.

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DaverdGM wrote:
Aaron Shanks wrote:
Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:

How long ago was this remastering planned? It seems that the OGL mess may be the justification for this but I am what I kept hearing in the Roll for Combat and the Twitch stream is that they have been working on this for months. If the OGL debacle was in Januaryish, would they be able to have all of these planned to go out in November for the first 2 books? Or was this something that was always planned? If it was always planned I think that needs to be stated.

Will subsequent APs and books have a Pathfinder Remastered logo?

The Remaster Project was not considered until after January. It’s been a tremendous behind the scenes reshuffle.
Assuming the work is not finished, is there a possibility for adding a accessibility feature?, I'm referring to the use of Metric system along the Imperial one, something like every time a distance or a weight is called in the rules it could be displayed in both units like 10f(22m). If it's not to much to ask.

Which might be great but I also vote they get the conversions right.

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drakinar 451 wrote:
I would like a spontaneous caster version of the magus. I love the fighter / mage trope but hate prepared casters.

Well dang, that’s just outright silly.

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