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Yora wrote:


If the goal is to create something that brings people together in a common creative space, then I don't think a cute pun is worth the alienation it brings because of it's controversial and problematic name.

I feel like I am missing something here. What is controversial and problematic about the name ORC?

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Adraius wrote:
In the profiles of the teachers at the end of the book, Nhyira section says that one of her (the book uses female pronouns, so I'll echo that) common associates is someone named Thema, with whom she discusses landscaping. If this was a cut NPC, can anyone tell us anything about who they were? I'm hungry for more people to add to the Magaambya. Otherwise, anyone else strike us as likely to enjoy discussing landscaping?

She is the groundskeeper and gets a quick mention in the first book (Kindled Magic) during the teacher's assignment by Koride Ulawa. Also, she is dicussed in this Paizo Blog article on Magaambya staff.

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Thank you everyone, this has been really helpful. I do not have a player who will track time or log sessions, but I will probably guesstimate the days/weeks while using a calendar to approximate what happens in a week.

Thanks again!

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Hey everyone,

I will soon be starting my first 'long' campaign as DM (I've done some one-shots), and as a group we decided on Hell's Rebels. I have decided to start out with using the Rebellion rules, and after one or two sessions using it we will evaluate whether to continue with it or drop the rules.

However, I am not 100% sure how to track the time in order to know when it is time for an upkeep phase. It says at the end/start of every week, so are they expecting me to accurately keep a calendar or tally mark the days in order to know when a new one starts? It might be a very common thing to do, I just know I personally never had to because I only ran short adventures before and I cannot remember my previous DMs doing so.

So I hope someone here can enlighten me. Do I track the days accurately or did people here use different solutions (was personally thinking at the end of every other sessions or something)?

Much appreciated =)