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Alright, so I need some assistance with how to handle this situation as a DM. We are about to start Empty Graves, which, if you're familiar with the book deals with the mysterious group wearing gold masks and causing trouble. However, in The Half Dead City, within the first dungeon my party had taken funeral masks and worn them in some sort of Hollywood Undead parody. While most of the party can take the masks off, our Oread (Terra-cotta Monk, funnily enough) Monk has gotten one stuck on his head because he put the cursed headband from the second dungeon over the mask that he was wearing.

I'm trying to find a fun way of dealing with this as a DM because I honestly had no idea that something like that was going to come up. I've got a sorcerer throwing snowballs, a Catfolk Ranger who has hit one target in an entire book, an Inquisitor who is keeping a bestiary and was in what was essentially a coma for an in-game month because he had a bad run in with Mind Fire and every other disease that he could have possibly caught, and an Oread with a charisma score that's nearly criminal and made it his goal for the first book to steal Velriana's hat. Also, as a new DM I could use a couple ideas on how to handle the Panic Levels. Thanks!