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Murderhobo's need not apply


Oh dear, it seems the Pathfinder Society has built up a bit of a reputation lately... it seems that many think we are all rough, aggressive and bad company.
Then there is this scenario, where our social characters really got to shine. No sir, we are actual investigators with excellent social skills.

I agree with Woran: the GM is key here in portraying all the NPCs right. And indeed, a quiet place to play is probably best.

Otherwise you could miss out on fun like:

short spoiler:

Our GM told us that we had roleplayed our way out of one or two combat encounters, by rolling some good diplomacy checks and the clever use of a "Charm Person" spell.

We payed off thugs to leave an NPC alone (only then to start harassing that NPC ourselves of course).
Oh my word, the houses that you get to visit. My sorceress had a fangirl moment while meeting a very important archdean.

Why can I only play this scenario once? More like these please!

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A worthy follow-up to "We be Goblins". We all had a great laugh playing this module.

My suggestions to players:
- don't play the two modules back to back. The second one has a similar structure (but with the sessions I played being weeks apart, that was no problem)
- only play with people who love a bit of mayhem, funny voices and setting fire to almost everything. The roleplay this module provides is just too funny for words.

We be Goblins, you be food! *tries to set fire to her own review*