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Full Name



3rd Degree Droid


Scoundrel 1


Not applicable. Chassis has a masculicne physique




7 weeks


I am L0K1. Fluent in over 6 million forms of communication.

Strength 11
Dexterity 16
Constitution 0
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About L0K1



Originally designated C3-X6 or 'Threex', this protocol droid stepped off the assembly line at Droidworks incomplete, was shipped to Bespin in its current state and subsequently earmarked for return when Threex's incomplete condition was discovered by its new owner; the administrator of Cloud City, who had bought the droid for negotiation and translation tasks.

Droidworks, not wanting to spend exorbitant costs to ship a single droid back to their factories, offered to 'flash' Threex's heuristic processor by remote signal. However, a minor administrative error at Droidworks caused a catastrophic chain of events during the remote upload:

At the same, Droidworks ‘Clandestine Labs’ R&D Department was about to transmit several hundred terabytes of data, containing the protocols and memory-maps of an ancient Hunter-Killer assassin droid –part of tender submission for an Imperial military contract that Droidworks was competing for.

The transmissions were accidentally switched.

Droidworks realised their mistake in the final few minutes of the process. Frantically, the technicians responsible cut the upload and keyed the comm, hoping that they had enough time to get the owner to complete a 'hard-reset' of Threex.
Comm static was the only indication that they were too late.
In an effort to cover up the mistake, the entire incident was wiped from the Droidworks admin logs.

* * * * * *

Threex did not kill his terrified owner, but simply walked out of the tech bay and stowed away on the next vessel leaving Cloud City; a passenger freighter called The Dreamers Journey. When the technicians cut the transmission, Threex only received part of his new ID code and what was left of C3-X6 was slowly corrupting. In essence, Threex was losing his identity. The droid shut to minimal power and spent the next few weeks reorganising his memory allocation and prime protocols, listening to the freighter mechanics as they carried out their day to day duties. The droid heard it all; bad joke after bad joke interspersed with tales of Outer-Rim Gunslingers, Bounty Hunters and Hutt Gangsters.

After several weeks of deliberation, the droid initiated a random ID designation executable and came up with the temporary ID of L0K1 or ‘Low-Key’. Given that no-one had questioned his presence on board the freighter, L0K1 thought the phonetics of the designation rather apt.

In L0K1s first few minutes of self-awareness, something awoke inside of the droid. A call. A yearning. A desire to become the fastest gunslinger in the galaxy.

To do this, L0K1 needs locate the rest of that transmission denied to him. Even if it means breaking into each imperial base in the galaxy to find it.

Now fully aware, L0K1 has ‘acquired’ several items and a few weapons from the freighter’s meagre armoury. L0K1 has also relocated to Cabin 167C where L0K1 has attached itself as property of the Miraluka passenger.