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Drejk wrote:
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The Planes? Convince me that this won't become an Angels vs. Devils issue.
Because daemons and proteans are more awesome. :D
*whisper* kytons...

We have such sights to show you!

Oh the sweet sweet suffering

This is even harder to do on a smart phone. And I gotta get up in five hours. >.<

Where there's a whip

There's a way ...

We are explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others.

Whip me beat me make me write bad checks ...

Kytania looks a bit aggreived at this interruption

Come my love, we have much to do, and little time to do it. Leave the madwoman to her own ends.

The chained girl giggles

My love, it is so wonderful to see you free. Shall we depart?

Rusty chains slither from under the rubble, writhing and reforming into Kytania.

Ahh, that was interesting ..

She steps forward and waves her hand. The golems are pinioned by rusty chains that erupt from every surface of the cave. She strides forward and grasps the chalice.

Come out come out wherever you are ...

The chalice smokes, and a black vapor begins to emerge...

Frost the Ancient wrote:


"I really do love that spell. Destroy them."
The stone golems turn on the Gugs and attack.
Seriously, how long can it take to kill about a dozen Gugs? If The Giggler is comin' ot, it won't be from these clowns.

OK, If you want to ratchet it up, I hope this wont turn into a 'Bulrog has many powers' scenario ...

The Stone golems tear the Gugs apart, their limbs twitching and ripping the rocky constructs asunder as they are dismembered. As they fall, the chains that had blocked the entrance fall away and reform into a humanoid shape.

Lizard? Are you ready to release my beloved?

Countess Sorsha wrote:

Oh, that's okay. It's just that apparently there are other places and things outside even the interthereal sea, which the Elven Queen isn't very happy about. If they're from the interthereal sea, then they're relatively native, so that's fine.

The burned creature laughs

The Interthereal Sea is just the broth upon which reality is formed. It is nothing but a womb and a road. Things that come from beyond still touch the shore of it, just not as easily reached, and with very different frames of reference. For instance fire and pain..

The chains on the creature suddenly unspool, revealing a burned crispy woman. That woman peels off her burned epidermis revealing sticky red musculature. Skin erupts all over the muscles, clothing the woman in seconds, revealing a truly beautiful Celestial-looking visage. She smiles and the hovering chains rewrap themselves around her, digging rusty barbs in the new pink flesh and piercing the newly grown aquamarine-colored eyes. Blood and ocular fluid drip down the rusty chains in rivulets.

Ahh, better... Kytania hisses

Countess Sorsha wrote:

Umm, by Far-Realm you mean the place where the aboleth deities hang out, and so forth?

The burning form finally extinguishes, a smell of bacon rising in the air. She laughs, bits of burned lip flesh spittering out

Among other beings. You must realize that these realms here are but a small group bobbling on the sunlit surface of the Interthereal Sea. Down in the dark depths strange things swim. Sometimes they swim to the surface to feed ....

Countess Sorsha wrote:

No. I mean who are you?

The flaming being bows deeply, her chains glowing red hot against her peeling skin

How shockingly bad form of me! I am Kytania, an angel of the far realms. I am an epicure of sensation, both pleasure and pain, and I have come to the lands of Dream to assist my love in escaping the grasp of these wyrms. He has called me from far away to be his consort.

The burning woman looks at the countess

And whom might you be, curious one?

Countess Sorsha wrote:

I don't know, she says completely seriously.

That's the why you're here; what about the who?

The who is my love, my master, the Harlequin. He is the Trickster, the Herald of Old Chaos, the Giggle in the Dark. These wyrms think to bind him, but he shall cavort under strange stars again. It is foretold..

Fine. Big fwoom. How do you want to resolve this fight? Kytania will get the Giggler out of there. I am open to suggestions

The fire elemental runs up to Kytania, enveloping her in fire. She shrieks, but then begins laughing as her skin crisps and peels off.

Silly dragon, I have spent aeons immersed in fire ..

She inhales and the fire elemental is sucked into her mouth. She spits out a pillar of fire and grins at the bound dracolich

Priestess of Discord wrote:

bondage? hilarious, coming from the lady in chains!

LOL, sarcasm is a great tool ..

Countess Sorsha wrote:

Would you mind explaining to me, please, who you are and what you're doing here? I've been sent to find out, and I really don't want to blow this mission. The person I take orders from really won't be that happy if I don't have anything to report back.

The chained being turns and laughs sprightly

I am here to free my love from bondage, is there no greater quest?

The dark form hisses in laughter as the Gugs swarm Candle Lighter.

Now time to add a bit of fun to the fight ...

The form waves a hand and rusty chains spring forth around Candle Lighter, binding him fast

These chains are highly resistant to magic or fire, so Candle Lighter should be stuck for a bit

The cruel barbed chains sink deep into his undead flesh

The chain-wrapped creature retreives several items from the swirling wreckage after a long period of searching.

Yesss .... with these the dreamer shall wake!

It (she?) drifts off into the greenish byte fog surrounding the shattered remains of the Records Room.

In a dismal corner of the Interthereal Sea a small sargasso of wreckage floats aimlessly in the binary void. The cathode hiss and green flicker of the random ones and zeros dimly illuminate various pieces of equipment and rubble.

A figure floats out of the swarm of bytes swirling about the wreckage. The figure is a red-haired humanoid. It is hard to tell gender since the form is wrapped tightly in a cocoon of barbed chains. The chains wrap right up to the being's face, actually passing through the creature's eye sockets. If there was someone present to guess, the line of the jaw and the fullness of the red lips would indicate an original gender of female. Blood seeps out from the rusty barbed chains, trailing behind the creature like a crimson cloak.

Despite what must be an extremely painful chain habillement, the being is smiling. It searches the rubble, the fact that it has no eyes seemingly no obstacle to sight.

Where is my pretty ..It hisses