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Seasonal Genius


This is probably my favorite of any pathfinder AP

Thick atmosphere, chilling, gut churning set pieces, and genuine hack and slash intensity click together in what could easily become a stand alone module with minor tweaks, yet fits well into the ROTR continuity.

Even if the overall structure of the module (linear, three chapter) leaves little room for narrative inventiveness on the player's part, the moment to moment play is still quite open ended. A certain trek through a corn field is a particular highlight of nonlinear horror in a controlled narrative structure.

Although an ending grind and particularly ferocious bbeg required a bit of nerfing, Skinsaw is the rare AP that succeeds in integrating horror into a fantasy roleplaying environment. The call of cthulhu style investigations and fiendish haunt system mesh shockingly well with the combat, which is a rarity.

I'll definitely be picking this one up this month with an unsuspecting party

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Theatre of mixed reactions


In my time time of G Ming, my PC's have made numerous public appearances, but never once as performers. While I was still in the process of reading the module, I saw this adventure as an opportunity to introduce another type of challenge to my game. Truth be told, things did not go quite as cleanly as planned. Interactions with the script and rolls became sketchy, and the damage count kept rising much faster than anyone expected. Still, this did not tone down the genius behind this adventure, and even if things went awry at some points, the content of the adventure kept the PC's into finishing the play, along with creating a hatred for Chelish nobility. There are plenty of interesting role playing experiences, and if you have a group that exists for combat alone (we all know how annoying that can be) this is a chance to change things up a bit.