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I've searched the forums for an answer on this and have not found it yet, I've found things that are close but none that answers my specific question.

The sacred shield lasts until "struck in combat". Does the hit have to beat your AC to count as "struck"? Because armor doesn't restrict somebody's ability to physically hit you (which is why touch AC is so much lower), it just drastically reduces the chance for that hit to cause damage.

When my Cleric 7 / Holy Vindicator 1 activates sacred shield, with +2 full plate, +2 shield, and a phylactery of positive channeling, his AC will jump up to a 33. If somebody rolls to attack and has a 30 to hit him, is the Sacred Shield expended at that point, or does it stay in place until somebody gets a 33+ to hit me?

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Just going off of base non-magical mundane weapons, but including all proficiency types, which weapons are great? Which are terrible? Are there any weapons that you consistently build a specific class around, and weapons that just clog up the weapon list in the book with their highly situational uselessness? Have you ever come up with ideas for making a terrible weapon useful?

For example, the Lucerne Hammer is great. But I see a lot of hate for daggers, and starknives seem terrible.

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Is there a master list of all Pathfinder Society Modules, and of all Pathfinder (non-society) modules that give Chronicle sheets? For example, Dragon's Demand gives 4 PFS chronicle sheets.

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In a game I run, there is a cleric of Urgathoa who has successfully (barely) used the Command Undead feat to take over a Wraith. As intelligent undead, the Wraith gets a chance every 24 hours to break the hold of Command Undead. He just has to roll a 12 or better to make his save, so it's far from impossible.

When intelligent undead break free of control, does the cleric know right away through some supernatural ability that they no longer control it, or can the Wraith pretend to still be dominated until a time when he can most effectively turn on the party?

Side note, if they manage to kill the Young Adult Huge-sized dragon at the end of the module, with the wraith's assistance (especially through Con drain of the dragon), I'm going to have the dragon arise as a Dracolich far beyond their power to defeat, and it will become the new Big Bad for a sandbox campaign after the module.

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I've got a bunch of songs that, when I hear them, make me think of specific Pathfinder classes. It gave me the idea to make a full playlist. I'm missing a few classes, figured I'd see if I could get some input or ideas.

* Alchemist
* Bard - Piano Man by Billy Joel
* Barbarian - Blood and Thunder by Mastodon
* Cavalier - The Trooper by Iron Maiden
* Cleric - Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath (Dio era)
* Druid
* Fighter - Sword by Grave Digger
* Gunslinger - The Rifle's Spiral by The Shins
* Inquisitor
* Magus
* Monk
* Ninja
* Oracle
* Paladin - God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash
* Ranger
* Rogue - Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap by AC/DC
* Samurai
* Sorcerer
* Summoner - Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult
* Witch - American Witch by Rob Zombie
* Wizard - The Wizard by Black Sabbath (Ozzy era)

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I'm thinking about making a Ranger for PFS with the Infiltrator archetype. The Adaptations are nice, and they let you get darkvision 60ft at 3rd level(as well as other neat things), at the cost of favored terrain. I'm having a hard time deciding which favored enemy to take though.

The Ranger will be a "switch hitter" style, as per Treantmonk's guide to Rangers. This means he starts combat using a bow, then drops the bow, Quick Draws a sword (Longsword to start, then Greatsword), and moves to melee. For flavor purposes, I'd prefer using a -sword of some variety over any other weapon.

For a human ranger, what would be the ideal infiltrator adaptations for Pathfinder Society play specifically? Darkvision has first priority, followed by natural armor. I'd also like it to be something where I'm likely to fight the favored enemy in nearly any given scenario. Here's some of the ones I have in mind.

  • Aberration: amphibious, darkvision 60 ft., Iron Will, natural armor +2.
  • Animal: climb 15 ft., darkvision 60 ft., Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, low-light vision, natural armor (+2), swim 15 ft.
  • Construct: darkvision 60 ft., Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, low-light vision.
  • Humanoid (gnoll): darkvision 60 ft., Exotic Weapon Proficiency (dire flail), natural armor +2.
  • Humanoid (goblinoid): darkvision 60 ft., goblin fast, Skill Focus (Stealth), natural armor (+2).
  • Humanoid (reptilian): darkvision 60 ft., kobold fast (as goblin fast), lizardfolk hold breath, natural armor +2, Skill Focus (choose Acrobatics, Perception, or Stealth).
  • Magical Beast: darkvision 60 ft., Great Fortitude, low-light vision, natural armor +2.
  • Monstrous Humanoid: darkvision 60 ft., Lightning Reflexes, low-light vision, natural armor +2.
  • Outsider: darkvision 60 ft., energy resistance 5 (choose one type of energy from acid, cold, electricity, or fire), Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes.
  • Undead: darkvision 60 ft., Great Fortitude, Iron Will, natural armor (+2). Skill Focus (Stealth).

Undead would be fantastic, except for the DR/bludgeoning that many undead have, and how that wouldn't mesh well with using a sword. Although I can just use blunt arrows and stick to ranged fighting vs undead. Having a bonus against Constructs would be great in some of the mid to high scenarios. Many of the others have the things I'm looking for, but are rarely encountered, like gnolls and reptilian types. Evil Outsider from what I'm hearing would be good for season 5. It'd go well with cold iron weapons.

It looks like I'm focusing a lot on combat, but there will be a non-combat aspect to the character, I'm just paralyzed by indecision on the combat side of it.

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I'm considering making a character for the Skull and Shackles storyline. I was going to play a human barbarian with the sea rager archetype. Part of the archetype is that the sea rager can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to 4x their constitution score. So, if I had 18 constitution, I could hold my breath for 72 rounds.

I'm also looking at the human racial trait Heart of the Sea, which gives a racial bonus to swim checks and profession: sailor. This trait additionally states "They can hold their breath twice as long as normal". Would that stack with the Sea Rager benefits to holding breath? So, would 72 rounds become 144 rounds?

The way I'd look at it,
1. It's coming from 2 separate and distinct places, from a barbarian class ability, and from a racial ability.
2. It's not like being able to hold your breath a long time underwater is a game breaking trait, it just keeps you from drowning, and would possibly facilitate drowning someone else easier.