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Constant Errors Were Distracting


I've read Rise of the Runelords, Crimson Throne, Legacy of Fire, Kingmaker, Serpent's Skull, and what's been released so far for Carrion Crown, and this book is by far the worst I've read (possibly one of the worse adventures I've read in more than 30 years of gaming) when it comes to continuity, grammar, and typography errors. Is the big bad male or female? The pictures say one thing, but the text states and implies both. What is the name if the big bad's tower? It's called one thing in the description of the estate and then referred to as something else for the rest of the adventure. Then there's poorly written sentences, jumbled words, doubled words, and by the end of it I found that I was very distracted by all the errors.

The concept is very unique and original and is a very different take on the infiltration scenario. Truly cool.

Overall, I don't see why the drow had to be changed. Much of what's been explained in PF about drow just doesn't make much sense because there's no firm framework to force it to be. This was one thing Paizo didn't need to reinvent to "own."

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Excellent Adventure


One of the things I've discovered since starting out as a novice game master back in the late 70s is that it takes more work to write a decent low level adventure than it does a higher level adventure, and it takes even more work to write a *good* low level adventure that challenges and rewards the characters without being a deathtrap or walkover.

The Godsmouth Heresy has delivered. It's a fantastic blend of problem solving, combat, and role playing that is the type of adventure I prefer to see offered for print. The scale and scope is just about right for a long evening or two shorter sessions of play and is easily used as a springboard to launch a Kaer Maga centered campaign.

The cathedral at the end was a great touch and compensated for the lack of a "city" part of the adventure.

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Excellent Starter Adventure


This is one of the best starter adventures I've read in quite some time. More experienced players may find the dungeon crawl atmosphere a bit old school, but I like it, especially for newer players as it focuses the attention on the adventure at hand rather than allowing the players to wander off like free range kittens.

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A Good Idea


I was surprised when I saw this posted on the Paizo Store Blog and after looking at it, bought both this item and the adventure. Using the world as we know it as a fantasy setting has been something I've been doing since the late 1980s and I was intrigued to see another person's take on the setting.

Overall, the quality of the product content is very good. Grammar is good, typos are pretty non-existent, and the prose is clearly written in a fashion that says, "game supplement" rather than "history thesis". The characters shown in the art are suitable for the era portrayed.

Overall, I liked it but was left wanting more historical background, cultural background, and explanations that satisfied or answered the faults I had with the product.

First, the dating system. Why is it using a Christian based dating system when there was no Christ or Christ event?

Second, the political groups. Many of the political groups came about due to how Europe developed hand in hand with Christianity, the Islamic invasion, the Roman successor states, and the clash between Christianity and the old religions.

Third, how the non-human races fit in. It seems like they're afterthoughts and not integral parts of the world.

Fourth, how the monsters influenced geopolitical development.

I guess what I was hoping for was something more along the lines of the cultures being used as the basis for the nations and groups rather than specific historical governments shoehorned into a fantasy setting.

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I expected more from the hype


Maybe I was expected too much given the pedigree of the author, but I just wasn't that impressed with the plot, development, twists or turns, and as a whole, it was dreadfully predictable.

As I read it, if felt like I was reading an adventure where the writer decided to throw "special" monsters at the group until they either buckled, ran, or prevailed.