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Vic could you concoct me a potion that would make it "approximately February 2016".

This is the Class Deck I have been waiting for. When it comes out I will have been waiting for over a year and a half.

The Oracle I became interested in today will not even be coming out till a month before. So I hope the Monk can keep me occupied till that comes out at least.

I am going to try to state this as clearly as possible.

A player I talked to asked me to call them when I get to Adventure 6 in S&S. They want to (re)play it with me when I get there. They want to be able to help me(I am guessing), upgrade their deck, and get their 3 feats(skill, power, and card). They want to do this before the end of November when WotR Adventure 6 comes out to play. They plan on playing this character in that Adventure getting to Tier 8.

By the rules as written. I am guessing a Tier 7 character is allowed to do Adventure 6 series until they complete a whole (previously uncompleted) Adventure 6 or after 4 scenarios if they choose to advance a Tier when they get their card feat. At which time they will be Tier 8(and effectively retired unless their are higher tier adventures at conventions).

While this seems legal. It does seem a little like cheating. Not the replaying S&S 6. But doing both. I understand wanting to carry a character over. I want to do that with my characters who complete an entire adventure path. But in OP that seems a little Over Powered. And if Paizo in all their glory do create a High Tier(6) Adventure for convention play. The Tier 8 Character could not play in it.


Replaying Scenarios
You may replay any Adventure Card Guild scenario as many times as you like, as long as you are of the appropriate tier (see “New Advancement System: Tiers” above.) Your character may only gain the reward from a given scenario, adventure, or adventure path once. However, you may upgrade your deck each time you complete the scenario, and completing the same scenario multiple times counts toward your feat advancement.


*Paizo possibly creating a High Tier(Level 6) Adventure for a convention is pure speculation. I just stated this number as it would allow for the most players possible(Tiers 5-7). Without letting someone bring a character who did one of the things I have previously stated(unless they did not finish the 2nd Adventure 6).

Can a character that completed all of S&S do any of WotR?

I am not sure if there is a Tier 7 or if 6 is the cap.

If there is a Tier 7 then you would only be able to do Adventure 6.

But if Tier 6 is the cap you would be able to do Adventure 5 and 6.

You can not just order a single card. It has to be at least 10 cards of the same size. So at that price it's better to purchase the set. Unless you create cards or select other peoples custom cards. Official Paizo cards are a $1 each(cheapest publisher price possible(Thank you Vic Wertz)) and custom cards are $0.50 each.

You may have to try to checkout more than once if it tries to force you to only accept premium shipping. Its a huge price difference.


So from a pricing standpoint you can look at it two ways(unless you are already buying one set and need more than 6 Councilor's Ring(s)).

1. You bought a set of 6 rings for $6 and got 63 other cards for $3.99. A real decent value.


2. You only need (enter number here) ring(s) and got the rest for $(9.99-(number of rings needed)).


Pricing cost(for me). $9.99 + Local and State sales tax(.70) + Shipping($2.99 Standard 1-2 weeks USPS in the US) = $13.68

Approximate weight is 0.3 US pounds(According to UPS on the checkout).


I only need one ring when I purchase this set(as you need the card to play it for Season 1). When the price was $24 for this set with shipping it was not worth it. But after checking their shipping prices and several attempts at checking out. Standard shipping with USPS finally came up that was almost $10 cheaper. And $14 for the convenience of having all the cards for the season plus 6 copies of the ring is a lot nicer.

As I own everything for Skull and Shackles(Base set, Character Add-on Deck, and Adventures 2-6). When I purchase this(from DriveThru Cards) and the PDFs(from Paizo) I am essentially doubling my game(or getting a second game) for $41.62. A real value.


I thought I would add this to help others. Who might be like me and getting into the PACG now(or will be) that there are new Deck Class(es) coming out.

I bought the Monk Class Deck and I am excited to be receiving it hopefully this evening. As I have been playing the Monk for over a year with my group of friends in RotR. But the class I am really excited for(The Alchemist) is slated to come out now in February 2016.

I know they have changed dates and classes on Class Decks. But it seems to be set now. And I was not waiting anymore for the Alchemist when I seen the Monk come out. I am still getting the Alchemist Class Deck when it comes out though.

I will be writing a product review when I receive my order.

I appreciate it if you have read these ramblings and hope you got a piece of information that helps you in some way.