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Got to scenario 6D in a two player adventure. I’m playing Kess, and my co-player is Fumbus. Neither of us has any particular need for a melee weapon, so we both let the loot weapon Serithtial pass. I mean, that’s the way that loot works, right? You might get a bonus for having it, but never before this point has it been required for advancement, and it was not explicitly stated when we got it that we needed to keep it.

So yeah. 6D. We’re now stuck with having to play the scenario until the correct weapon is included (a slightly less than 1/6 chance). That feels bad. Is that how it’s supposed to work?

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The rules for the scenario say that for every 5 cards in it, replace one with the proxy. Does this mean that you should evenly space the proxies five cards apart, replace one random card in every five blessings so that they’re approximately five cards apart, or just shuffle them into the hourglass so they appear at random?

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Just hit adventure 3 in Season of the Righteous, and I’m a little confused about card removal. The Adventure Path card has the normal home rules for getting rid of Basics and Elites (remove basics when they’re banished after 3, elites when they’re banished after 5). I’m assuming this is overridden by the removal rules in the organized play guide (basics and elites three less than current are removed)? Is that correct, or does the balance for the season rely on the all the elites still being in there up to 5?

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We were playing the scenario "A Sandstorm of Malevolent Will". A sandstorm threw us into an Aghash a couple times, causing us to add both the extra sandstorms into the blessings deck. At this point, there is one Sandstorm in the blessings discard, and the rest are in the blessings pile. If we should examine another Aghash, there are three possibilities that I can see for what would happen:

1) Discard a card from the blessings deck, but don't add a sandstorm. This seems to satisfy the "do everything you can" ruling, and seems the most likely.
2) Take a sandstorm from the blessings discard to shuffle in to the blessings deck.
3) Use a token to represent sandstorms to add to the blessings deck.

Like I said, 1 seems most likely, and will probably not cause problems if every Sandstorm is in the blessings deck. Wanted to get an official opinion, though.

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Just got in Mummy's Mask today, and I think we're missing one of the card packs. We're missing the B scenarios, locations, villains, and henchmen (+some monsters, and Traders) (other than the ones from the "Open Me First" pack, which we have). Pretty sure one of the plastic wrapped sections just didn't make it in.

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We got our copy of the Island of Empty Eyes off Amazon, and it didn't come with the errata pack. I tried to get it through my local game store, but they didn't have any luck going through their distributor (probably since it's so long after release). Any chance there are still any packs sitting around somewhere? I'd really like to try the bonus scenario from it.

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I'm fairly certain I've got this right now, but I've been playing it incorrectly long enough that I wanted to post and make sure. Last night, we were playing the Pleasure Center scenario, and on my first turn I drew the villain. Each of our characters were spread out to one of the locations, so all the locations could be temp closed. The character at the Yearning House had no chance of succeeding at the check to temp close, but they did have the Lexicon of Paradox in hand. I remembered a previous forum post that established that the effects of temp closing were not the same as closing, and so we decided that temp closing was not closing and the Lexicon of Paradox didn't apply.

It occurred to me later that Blessings of Gozreh shouldn't allow you to add two dice to an attempt to temp close (we had been playing that it could), since according to the rulebook, you aren't actually making a check to close the location, you're just fufilling the "When Closing" requirements.

Am I overthinking this? Is temp closing considered a type of closing for the purpose of "any check to close a location" or "attempts to close that location"? Or am I correct that temp closing is completely unrelated, other than happening to require you to fulfill the "When Closing" requirements of a location?

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I was looking into why I haven't gotten WotR: Adventure Pack 5 yet, and found that my shipping address had been unset somehow for my subscription. I've fixed it. Is there any way I can get the adventure pack shipped out now?

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Rapture of Rupture's At This Location effect says "At the start of your turn, succeed at [...] or move to a random location." At the start of your turn suggests to me that it happens around the same time you advance the blessings deck, meaning that you still have your move step afterward. Can you move back to Rapture of Rupture on the same turn you are moved away from it? And if so, what is the point of this At This Location effect?

Oddly enough, this hasn't actually come up in our game yet, but it seems like it could if we play through the fourth adventure again at some point.

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I'm a little confused about what happens to the Mist Horror after you defeat it. The card text says, "After you act, shuffle this card into a random open location, then move to a random location."

At first I was afraid that this meant the Mist Horror wasn't banished, but thinking about it this doesn't seem like it would be the case. It seems like the Mist Horror should be shuffled into a random open location after you act, but then the encounter resolution would happen as normal so you would have to look through the location to find and banish the Mist Horror. There's no would on the card, so it doesn't override normal resolution.

Can I get some input on this card? Because it doesn't seem like that would be the intention.

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This is a character I've been working on. I haven't gotten a chance to playtest him yet, but he is kind of weird, so I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or criticisms before I took him into an actual game.

Male Orc Wizard

Strength d12 □+1 □+2 □+3 □+4
Melee: Strength + 1
Dexterity d6 □+1 □+2
Constitution d8 □+1 □+2 □+3
Fortitude: Constitution + 3
Intelligence d6 □+1 □+2 □+3 □+4
Arcane: Intelligence + 2
Knowledge: Intelligence + 2
Wisdom d4 □+1
Charisma d4 □+1

Hand Size 6 □ 7 □ 8
When you play a spell with the attack trait during combat, you may add your Strength Die (□ +1) (□ +2) to the check.

When you would incur a penalty for lacking weapon proficiency, you may banish the card at the end of the turn instead.

Weapon -
Spell 6 □ 7 □ 8 □ 9
Armor 3 □ 4 □ 5
Item 1 □ 2
Ally 1 □ 2 □ 3
Blessing 4 □ 5 □ 6


Kilazar (Swordslinger)
Hand Size 6 □ 7 □ 8 □ 9
PROFICIENT WITH Light Armors □ Heavy armors □ Weapons

When you play a spell with the attack trait during combat, you may add your Strength Die (□ +1) (□ +2) to the check.

When you would incur a penalty for lacking weapon proficiency, you may banish the card at the end of the turn instead. (□ If you play a weapon during a combat and would not incur a penalty, gain a +2 on the check).

When rebuilding your deck, you may keep up to 4 weapons in place of an equal number of spells.

When playing a weapon during combat, you may discard the weapon to add the Attack trait (□ and Magic trait) and your Arcane Skill (□+1) to the check.

During your move step, you may bury (□ discard) a spell to recharge 1 (□2) random weapons from your discard pile.

Kilazar (Punchmancer)
Hand Size 6 □ 7 □ 8
PROFICIENT WITH Light Armors □ Heavy armors

When you play a spell with the attack trait during combat, you may add your Strength Skill (□+1) (□+2) (□+3) (□+4) to the check.

When you would incur a penalty for lacking weapon proficiency, you may banish the card at the end of the turn instead.

□ Gain the skill Arcane: Strength + 3 (□ You may use your Arcane skill in place of a combat or non-combat Melee check. □ This check gains the magic trait.)

□ You may recharge a spell to add the adventure deck number to a combat check. (□ You may also play another spell on this check)