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Human Ftr5 | HP 60/60 | AC 26 (T 12, FF 24, CMD 21) | F +6 R +4 W +2 | Mv 30' | Init +3 | Per +9

About Kronug the Merciless

Background and Personality:
The Kellid warrior earned the name ‘Merciless’ at a young age, for letting a foe flee. Kronug had proven his martial prowess and defeated the Ulfen; if the Ulfen wanted to come back for a rematch later, Kronug had no problem with that. But his clan thought it unusually cruel, to leave a foe alive and shamed instead of finishing them off. Cultural differences.
Kronug found himself much happier among the Southern people, and in particular among those who considered that combat could be a sport. He fought many opponents in arenas around the Inner Sea, and was generally glad to spare those who chose to surrender or flee. If they did not, then he would respect their wishes.

The Pathfinder Society eventually took an interest in Kronug, and recruited him to the Lastwall Lodge. From there, he participated in many missions to fight the orcs of Belkzen (or, on occasion, forces of the Whispering Way). Orcs, as a rule, do not retreat or surrender, and neither do undead. Kronug wasn’t overly bothered by this, and threw himself into the missions with gusto. Every battle is a chance to prove his worth to Gorum.

In the course of his time in the Society, Kronug picked up skills for working alongside other combatants. He could rally them to resist attacks, and found that he fought better alongside his allies. He even learned particular training from the knights of Lastwall; although Iomedae is the nation’s primary deity, there are many in the country who follow Gorum, and the Inheritor’s servants know they need every ally they can get.

Kronug, for his part, respects the followers of Iomedae. He doesn’t mock them or belittle them. They too are great warriors, just of a different discipline than his.

Kronug is a powerfully-built Kellid, though not overly tall (he is about 5’9” and 180 lb). He has black hair and dark brown eyes. His armor is unadorned, and he does not make any great effort to keep it pristine.

Kronug the Merciless:

Human Fighter (Drill Sergeant) 5
CG Medium Humanoid
Alternate Racial Traits: Dual Talent
Init +3; Perception +9
AC 26, touch 12, flatfooted 24 (Armor +10, Dex +2, Shield +3, Trait +1); +2 Dodge vs. giants
HP 60 (40+4d5)
Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2
Speed 20 ft.
Melee Gorum’s Thorn +12 (2d6+8/17-20) or +10 (2d6+14/17-20)
Ranged Composite Longbow +8 (1d8+3/x3)
Str 18, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 8
BAB +5; CMB +9; CMD 21 (+2 vs giants, +5 vs grapple, +5 vs trip)
1: Auspicious Birth (Conjunction), Shield Focus
2: Weapon Focus (Greatsword), Shake it Off (Sharable)
3: Lastwall Phalanx
4: Unhindering Shield
5: Advanced Weapon Training (Fighter’s Tactics)

Traits Dwarf-Trained, Defender of the Society
FCB Fighter +5 CMD vs Trip, Grapple
Skills (3 per level)
Perception 5 +9
Climb 4 +11 (-4 ACP)
Swim 4 +11 (-4 ACP)
Survival 2 +6
Background Skills
Handle Animal 5 +7
Linguistics 1 +2
Profession (Soldier) 1 +5
Knowledge (Engineering) 3 +7
Languages Common, Hallit, Giant, Sylvan
Special Tactician 2/day (Shake it Off; standard action, 30’, 5 rounds), Armor Training (+1 max Dex, -1 ACP, full movement in medium armor), Weapon Training (Heavy Blades +1)

Equipment (4,500)
+1 Full Plate (2,500)
+1 Buckler (1,155)
Composite Longbow (+3 Str) (300)
20 arrows (1)
Pathfinder’s Kit (12)
Gorum’s Thorn (Special)
Remaining: 532 GP