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Armag's Tomb gave my PCs a case of the yellow-bellies. My crew, through multiple characters, have never backed away from a single fight. But as soon as they encountered the first hall of heavy fog, and first minor confusion effect and webbed stair case, they started talking about leaving. Then the fighter charges the iron golem with the golem bane scarab and misses. The golem lands to crits, the cleric does nothing, the fighter runs away, and the rest of the group follwed. Was a pretty sad sight to see. Lost a lot of respect for my group.

Excellent! Thanks guys! Appreciate the clarity!

What AC is it going to hit? When it happened to me, it was my touch AC that the DM said it hit. Now that I am the DM, it looks to me as though it would just hit your normal AC. Any advice?

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I would like to see an evil campaign. Allow my PCs to be a group of Duergars, Drow, Goblins, or even just evil humans for some goal. My PCs are in Kingmaker now and they are all complaining about how always being the do-gooder is getting a bit boring.

Wow.... Dot.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Hey there folks,

You cannot normally use a double weapon in one hand unless it is sized smaller than you. This feat allows you to get around that restriction.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
Paizo Publishing

Thanks JB!

I am glad to see that everyone is just as confused by this one as me. At this point it sounds like we have reached the following agreement

  • -You can use a quarterstaff as a one handed weapon without the feat, just cannot two weapon fight.
  • -You CANNOT use a quarterstaff as a one handed weapon normally, only as a 2 handed weapon.

Can we get some JJ help here to give us a better feeling on what this is all about?

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Am I missing something on quarterstaff master? It seems like a wasted feat. According to the Core Rules

PFRPG CRB wrote:
Double weapons: ... quarterstaves...A creature wielding a double weapon in one hand can't use it as a double weapon-only one end of the weapons can be used in a given round.

In UM the quarterstaff master feat says the same thing.

So why would I wait until I meet the prereqs to take a feat which allows me to do what I already can do? The only benefit to the feat is that you can take weapon specialization without having fighter levels. No other feat is based on this feat.

Someone please let me know what I am missing here.

Please preview cleric archetypes! I need them!

Is this where I beg and plead for the writers to perhaps post a sample of the combat cleric archetypes? just one? That would fit with Gorum? I have a player in my Kingmaker game that is desperately trying to make one... it sure would help! Please? James? Sean? Somebody?

Excellent! Thank you both. Although I am curious for any further opinions on the matter...

If a character has on a ring of cannibalism, can they put a ring of sustinance on the other hand to negate the effects?

As a DM, I am in the River Kingdoms trying to stop a kingdom for starting up.

As a player I am in Westcrown trying to save the city from an evil dude.

As another player I am in Qadira on my way to Kalamarane, Katapesh. (campaign starts in a month)

Brian Bachman wrote:

Seems like every time I open a Kingmaker thread there is somebody talking about the evil kingdom their players are starting. Sometimes it seems like at least half the kingdoms out there are evil. While there are rules for evil kingdoms, Kingmaker, like most APs, assumes that the PCs will have at least some benificent motives for undertaking alot of the quests and missions. Evil groups would either need to develop their own motivation or just ignore those missions to do their own thing.

As far as kingdom building goes, I'm also struggling a bit with why evil characters would want to create a kingdom, unless it is to live out certain tyrannical fantasies, and if that's the case, why anyone would willingly move there to submit to their rule.

I must admit my own bias. I never play evil characters except in occasional one-off adventures. When I am GM, as I am now for Kingmaker, I don't allow evil characters, for a wide variety of reasons. I admit to being puzzled as to why so many people like to play villains.

So educate me on why y'all like to play evil characters, and particularly in Kingmaker, how this is impacting your campaign.

I really wish I knew why people like playing evil characters, but I know that my players actually begged me for an all evil campaign, so I re-wrote second darkness so that it was from the drow side. Allowing them to call down a test star, etc. And gave them the option of noticing that there were four non-drow pretending to be drow, etc. In the end, they still lost and Golorion was saved... but they said they loved the game.

Perhaps we all have some hidden anger, and ruthlessly killing imaginary things helps....

My kingmaker group just picked up a cursed item... failed to identify its cursed ability and are now wearing it. Problem is, the person wearing it is the only person in the group able to cast "remove curse".

Can the character cast remove curse on himself to remove the item?

Black Fang wrote:
Krongar wrote:

Sorry, but I just don't have the time to look through all the pages of RRR. In the encounter with the Scythe tree there is a robe of Vermin as treasure which looks like a robe of bones. Two questions.

1.) Do you run this like a cursed item, where detect magic/identify tells them it is a robe of bones and when they use it... suprise!

2.) Where is a robe of vermin, what does it do?


Robe of Vermin

Wow... thanks... I feel like an idiot.... I even looked in the cursed items section and managed to miss it... sorry for wasting your time....

Sorry, but I just don't have the time to look through all the pages of RRR. In the encounter with the Scythe tree there is a robe of Vermin as treasure which looks like a robe of bones. Two questions.

1.) Do you run this like a cursed item, where detect magic/identify tells them it is a robe of bones and when they use it... suprise!

2.) Where is a robe of vermin, what does it do?


martinaj wrote:
I'd disagree with that take on Gorrum. To me, he seems savage but not cruel. I tend to portray him as a god who exists for battle, and nothing else. The form of combat that his followers utilize do not matter to him, so long as they fight. I see him as exulting in his triumphing over a worthy opponent, though being largely unconcerned with decorum, dogma, or process. The battlefield is Gorrum's temple, and all who bear arms there are welcome in it.

Now see, that is the view on Gorum that I initially had...

But Can that be made into a PFRPG version of a Paladin of Freedom?


Are you familiar with the D&D 3.5 "Paladins of Freedom, Slaughter, and Tyranny"?

The Paladin of Freedom, from UA is what I was thinking about allowing him to do. However, I think some of the other posters have a point that Gorum's overall philosophy is one that would require him to be thinking Anti-Paladin from the APG.

For that matter, does someone know if there is a link to a conversion to PFRPG for the Holy Warrior that was in the Campaign Setting, that would allow my player to make a Holy Warrior cleric of Gorum?

One of my players has died, and wants to come back as a Paladin of Gorum.

I actually have no issue with this, as I think the LG requirement in silly. As long a you are always trying to uphold your God's desires, you can be a paladin.

Therefore, I plan on changing nothing of the paladin except. Alignment to CG. And spell list to chaos stuff instead of law stuff, and vice versa as needed. And Aura of Justice to be Aura of Freedom (wording change only)

Any other suggestions?

Thanks Sean... that is all great advice, and a few new tricks that I didn't know seven years ago.

Seven years ago, I would meet with my friends and we would all paint minis together. Then, I went to grad school, didn't have time, and started investing in plastic minis.

Now I have time to paint again, problem is, I no longer know what the "best practices" are. I was hoping that you guys could shed some light on this including...

What should I use as my base? White or black? Water or oil-base?

For painting, water or oil base.

Clear coat when finished. Yes or no.

What other tips and advice do you have?

Excellent idea!

I unfortunately already went with another route.

I bought cheap frames for the maps from the map folio then covered it with a series of post-it notes cut into hexes. As my player walk-through or ride-through a hex, I tell them the terrain type, when they explore it, I remove the post-it note.

Normally I am a 20 point buy type of DM, but I am contemplating the use of the dice pool option for when I start Kingmaker in August or the Heroic option.

I just want to know when this is shipping out? When?!?!?! I cannot take the suspense anymore. My players are finishing second darkness... they will start this in September.... I must know... what day will the PDF appear in my account, and what day will the print version show up on my doorstep!