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Adventure topics of interest

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1.  Tordek
Advanced Bestiary (Green Ronin) Mummy Conversions
Post, by Krome

2.  Tordek
Sundering Armor (HPs?)
Post, by Krome

3.  Red Raven
New Base Class in the works
Post, by Felgoroth

4.  Tordek
Creating BBEG methods
Post, by Krome

5.  Leaf Leshy
Homebrew Class Idea: Tarot Mage
Post, by donato

6.  Chatterer
Group vs. 1 BBEG - musing about things that could borrowed from 4E
Thread (77 posts),

7.  Ury Sevenskulls
BBEG Challenge
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Seeking help on a longterm project: A total conversion of Temple of Elemental Evil
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9.  Emkrah
Maybe an egyptian style campaign?
Thread (23 posts),

10.  Tiefling
Ideal location for this city on Golarion?
Thread (54 posts),

11.  Elan
APs you'd like to see in the future
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A Request: Clearer Room/Encounter Info
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13.  Dwarf
What Third Party Adventure Path Do You Want?
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14.  Staunton Vhane
Wake of the Watcher: The Gods are from Another Universe? Whoa...
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15.  Trinia Sabor
101 Supervillains
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