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For your feats I would go something like this

1 Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Evocation)
3 Spell specialization (Go Burning hands or snowball to start and switch to fireball or battering blast later)
5 Iron Will
*** Bonus *** Metamagic intensify as a bonus feat (magical lineage trait Fireball or battering blast)
7 Improved familiar (This is where the good familiars become available)
9 Metamagic Empower
10 ***Bonus*** Metamagic Dazing or Maximize
11 Spell Penetration
13 Craft Rod or wonderous item or pick up Dazing or Maximize here
15 Spell perfection
***Bonus*** Metamagic quicken

Go for evocation school with admixture if you are planning on going the fireball route so you can change the elemental type otherwise go conjuration teleportation if you are going the battering blast route so you can bounce around and blast things.

I tend to agree with part of that assessment but the major reason for having the high perception is so you can have an action in the surprise round. An enemy who gets the drop on you has the clear upper hand and sometimes it can spell disaster. Also just because a party member has a high perception doesnt mean you shouldn't either. If they miss their perception check to notice something important you can pick up the slack.

I feel it is the most valuable skill, have your head on a swivel...

"also wasn't aware you were granted a VMC for free in addition to everything else, which again makes me wonder why you'd take unsanctioned knowledge if you already are sorceror in addition to a paladin, but w/e."

VMC isn't free you lose your 3rd 7th 11th 15th and 19th lvl feats in exchange for the bloodline powers but without the skill focus or charisma requirement that Eldritch Heritage requires.

It works like this for Multiclass Variant
3rd lvl feat exchanged for 1st lvl bloodline
7th lvl feat exchanged for 3rd lvl bloodline
11th feat must purchase bloodline feat
15th lvl feat exchanged for 9th lvl bloodline
19th lvl feat exchanged for 15th bloodline

So I'm not a sorcerer and do not gain sorcerer spells.

I'm getting permission to use the minotaur bloodline along with mystic healing and dragon knight archetype, which has no overlap with Oath of Vengeance Archetype.

In any event it's a 25 point that is going to Super fun to play. It's a low magic item atmosphere so strong builds are encouraged to balance our GM wants us to build something new and interesting and he is also making the content more challenging to spice things up.

Wow a lot of good information from everyone and I really appreciate the tips and advice. With that said, I think I finally have everything put together in a way I think will work and fits my characters background. Some of the information will be useful with regard on my role and how to benefit my party to keep them alive as well as going to now give you a quick character background and show you the final product. The only thing im now debating is what Trevor86 said about lowering my charisma and adding dex…

Name: Malekhorne
Background (quick quick version)
..Found in the woods by a polymorphed gold dragon and raised up during his childhood and taught in the ways of ABSU....and then later sent to continue his studies further with a man nicknamed "Father Stache" in a church that continued the ways of ABSU and then in a Knightly order of the "Light and the Talon" During these years witnessed the Fall of his
Adopted Gold Dragon father in an amazingly brutal and courageous fight against 4 evil dragons. His Father slew 3 of the four dragons but an Old Red dragon delivered the fatal blow that sent him plummeting to the earth. Malekhorne watched his fathers light fade from his eyes as he said "Do not mourn my passing young one, for I will always be with you. Be a light in this world, and protect those who cannot protect themselves. May Absu be with you." With this Malekhorne swore an oath of vengeance to destroy the evil red dragon and all other evil dragons as they are an affliction that needs to be smited. His fathers spirit passed on, but part of that spirit entered into Malekhorne on that fateful day.

Ok so that is the quick quick version...Malekhorne is an Oath of Vengeance/Dragon Knight Paladin of Absu. Permission granted on 3rd party Dragon Knight Archetype.

He will be a Multi Class Variant Sorcerer Teifling Pit Born Paladin Oath of Vengeance/Dragon Knight taking the Horned Demon bloodline (which basically uses the Minotaur Bloodline stats). Phew that's a lot to say is his Stats and Feat build. 3rd party bloodline permission granted. What a Nice GM.

Str 16 (18)
Con 14
Dex 10 (debating changing it)
Int 12 (need ion stone to bump it to 14)
wis 8
cha 16 (18) All stat bumps go here at 4/8/12/16

1. Fey Foundling
3. Bloodline (Horns that my DM will allow as part of a full attack)
5. Power Attack
6. Mystic Healing (3rd Party Feat, permission granted)
7. Bloodline (Natural ac bump and energy resist bump)
9. Unsanctioned Knowledge (I know others hate it, but I love it)
11. Bloodline Feat (Toughness, but asking GM if I can take Blind Fight)
12. Combat Expertise (Personal choice, But I think its helpful)
13. Furious Focus or Extra LoH
15. Bloodline (+4 bump to Str at this lvl)
17. End of campaign Feat maybe Vital Strike

So I just talked to my GM and he said the availability of wands and other treasure are going to be hard to come by....he said it's not like going to walmart and just picking up whatever you want. It's weird how flexible he is with things like 3rd party feats and how unavailable magic items are going to be. Normal campaign if the settlement has a 12000 Gold peice value then items worth under that are available 75% of the time, but not in our campaign , which makes gold almost worthless as a treasure.

That said UMD diminishes in value. This makes me want Unsanctioned knowledge even more. I also dont think taking the Orc Bloodline or Abyssal or Minotaur bloodlines are worth it because you really dont get access to the +4 str bump until lvl 15 and by then the adventure is drawing to a close. I might go sorcerer Linnorm bloodline as a Multi class variant instead and ditch the skill focus perception. And take blind fighting at lvl 11.

Although for 16500 gold I could buy a wizard wand of 1st 2nd and 3rd lvl and just UMD and save the int points and the feat....

Well I humbly disagree with regards to unsanctioned knowledge and here's why...

1st lvl expeditious retreat is self only and gives me +30 movement and it lasts a minute a lvl which is fantastic as a 1st lvl spell , plus no one else is casting that on me.

2nd mirror image also self only also lasts a minute a lvl and it's a huge life saver that carrys you through even upper lvls

3rd good hope (we do have a bard in the group that can cast this so instead i could swap it for fly or displacement or blink or see invisible all of these have merits and blink and see invisible are self only

4th stone skin as the only true tank and front line fighter this is super valuable and no one else in the party has access to it.

My perception at lvl 1 is a 6

Class skill plus 1 bonus from seeker = 4
Wis -1
Ranks =1
Pit Born bonus =2
Total =6

By lvl 10 with skill focus I'll be at a 21 perception...not bad

But what I really wanna know is what feats to take at lvls 12 , 13 , 15 and should I dump Eldritch Heritage or choose a different bloodline. Our Dm is allowing 3rd party bloodlines.

I really appreciate the advice....let me play devils advocate with some of my selections.

Actually Pit Born racial gives me +2 perception as a taking skill focus perception and seeker trait also magical knack, so i'm going to have a high perception even with the 8 in wisdom. I hate being surprised, sometimes it leads to really bad situations.

For movement I plan on taking Unsanctioned knowledge with these four spells.

1. Expeditios Retreat (+30 Movement 1 min per lvl)
2. Mirror image
3. Good Hope
4. Stone Skin

So Pit Born also receives a +2 bonus with UMD and I could take extra traits and aquire Dangerously Curious to take advantage of those wands and still have the perception I want.

Lastly going down the Eldritch Heritage Path with Minotaur gives me access to a Str Bump and fits well with my Skill Focus Perception. The Horns from Minotaur can be used as part of my full round attack action and this is my DM Ruling so it actually makes it quite nice. Im considering different Bloodlines if I can find something that mixes well with my LoH.

I really am interested in what feats to go with at lvls 12/13/15

Maybe switching to the Abyssal bloodline would fit better and it's more in line thematically with my character race. Just need to change my skill focus to acquire it. Also mystic healing is a 3rd party feat that I got permission to use. I think everything else is standard. The word of healing plus sunblade combo is interesting....

I am playing a Teifling (Pit Born) Oath of Vengeance Pally and I'm looking for advice with regards to feat selection. We are playing RoTRL and I'm grouped with a Bard , Ranger and a cleric. I like to plan way ahead and our GM is generous and let's us spend skill points for extra feats every 6 levels. He also removed the -2 int racial negative stating that if Aasimars have no negatives to their stats neither should Teiflings (shrug). 25 point build.

Str 16 +2 (18)
DeX 10
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 8
Cha 16 +2 (18)

1 Fey foundling
3 Power attack
5 mystic healing
6 skill focus perception
7 unsanctioned knowledge (need int headband or ion stone to meet prerequisite)
9 eldritch heritage (minotaur)
11 improved Eldritch Heritage
12 ??? Need help ???
13 ??? Need help ???
15 ??? Need help ???

Should I grab extra lay on hands for more smites, or furious focus or combat expertise for its AC goodness or go greater mercy / ultimate mercy or extra traits or go some other direction I'm not thinking of?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Name: Baldr
Race: Human Warpriest
Adventure: The Hill Giants Pledge
Location: Red Lake Fort.

The Party: Vhako Half Giant BloodRager, Kuugen Kitsune Arcanist, Rutt Dwarf Warrior, Badr Human Warpriest

What done it? Cannibalistic Urges Haunt CR 5

There have been quite a few deaths so far and some are pretty awesome but this one was my favorite. The party entered into the area with the haunt and Vhako and Kuugen and Rutt Failed their save and were influenced by the Haunt. Poor Baldr made his saving throw...and was attacked by the party. He was layed low with a battering blast from Kuugen (I hate this spell) and the rest of the party feasted on his unconscious body.....I later corrupted them with a form of Ghoul Corruption which was very entertaining.