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Full Name

Krisilanni Rashira




Oracle/Soulknife (16 Gestalt)





Strength 32
Dexterity 24
Constitution 22
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 24
Charisma 26

About Krisilanni Rashira

Born in a secluded forest from two kitsune parents, Krisilanni seemed unique the instant he was given life. He had a lower body temperature than most kits, but he seemed perfectly fine. Only a year later, and he and his family learned that he was cursed with the black blood of Orv; apparently, his ancestors had a brief life in Orv, and it seemed it decided to show up in him.

Krisilanni found this to be both a boon and a curse; while it certainly helped him with battle prowess and being unique, he was also treated like a damn zombie. Knowing that he was of the living, he resented being treated as such, so he started to harbor a true hatred of anything undead. His hatred boiled so great, he even found himself wishing to punish any necromancers or anyone who tolerated such people as if they were the zombies they raised.

Unlike most of his kin, though, Krisilanni also held a very competitive personality. While he also still loved to play tricks, he would tend to attempt to make the most elaborate and surprising pranks out of anyone. He would also attempt to be the best in battle, best in magic, and anything he could. All this while being very young, as well.

As he grew up, he managed to gain a little control, but he still wanted to be the best in all that he attempted. That included using his blood to the best of his ability. He eventually learned that he could control it with psionic capabilities, and as soon as he could, he shaped his blood in all forms he could think of. He was anemic many days when he started out, but he got better.

It was then he learned of an academy for helping those of special talents to hone their abilities further, and he was all over that. As soon as he could, he headed out from his home despite his parents' wishes and dreamed of being the best out of the student body. If there was any undead or necromancers to kick the crap out of in the process, it would be the best decision he ever made. Also, though he couldn't quite harness his latent ability to turn invisible just yet, he did have a ring from his family to do so, anyway, so of course there would be some pranks to pull that no one could compete with.

Str 32| +11; Dex 24|+7; Con 22| +6; Int 20| +5; Wis 24| +7; Cha 26| +8
Hit Points 256 AC 17 CMB +27 CMD 27
Fortitude +16 Reflex +17 Will +17
Melee +27/+22/+17/+12; Ranged +23/+18/+13/+8
Psychic strike +4d8; Enhancements: +4 / +2 Frost/ +1 Wounding
Battle mystery

War Sight, Resiliency, Iron Skin, Maneuver Master, Battlefield Clarity

Blade Skills:
Fluid Form, Improved Fluid Form, Reaper’s Blade, Rending Blades, Deadly Blow, Exploding Critical, Powerful Strikes, Alter Blade

Power Attack , Cleave , Psionic Weapon , Deep Impact , Greater Psionic Weapon , Vital Strike , Weapon Focus (Mind Blade) , Wild Talent

Create Water

1st level spells:
Ant Haul
Hide from Undead
Magic Weapon
Endure Elements
Inflict Light Wounds
Cure Light Wounds

2nd level spells:
Cure Moderate Wounds
Inflict Moderate Wounds
Sound Burst
Instant Armor

3rd level spells:
Cure Serious Wounds
Inflict Serious Wounds
Fox's Cunning
Dispel Magic

4th level spells:
Cure Critical Wounds
Inflict Critical Wounds
Divine Power
Spell Immunity

5th level spells:
Disrupting Weapon
Righteous Might
Wall of Stone
Cure Light Wounds, Mass

6th level spells:
Undeath to Death
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass

7th level spells:
Restoration, Greater
Cure Serious Wounds, Mass

8th level spells:
Antimagic Field

Bluff +27
Intimidate +27
Heal +26
Sense Motive +26
Perception +26
Spellcraft +24
Stealth +30