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I was talking to my DM and he vaguely remembers an item from D&D 3.0 that increased an Animal Companions stats. A magic pet biscuit or something. Does anyone remember what that might be and if there is anything like it in Pathfinder?

Firstly I apologize if this isn't the right place for this thread. The name sounded fitting for my noob status.

I originally started back with D&D 3.5 by learning the rules and making a character, but the campaign fell apart before it ever started. I didn't pick D&D back up till halfway through college with 4E. When a friend brought up the idea of a Pathfinder campaign I said sure cause I've always been curious. Reading through the rules everything is hauntingly familiar yet still just different enough to be utterly frustrating. The fact that there are so many options and no retraining have put me in a paralyzed state of character creation. A lot of stuff is dependent on building up the right way so you almost have to have a character fully planned out from the beginning.

Coming from D&D 4E, I fell in love with the flavor of the Seeker but never got a chance to play one. So for the Pathfinder campaign I wanted to make a primal magic wielding archer. So I have been exploring two core classes, the Druid and the Ranger, as well as the Nature Warden Prestige class. From what I can figure out going the Nature Warden for 10 levels and 5 of each of Druid and Ranger I gain access to 6th level spells and a higher caster level, but a lower total number of spells per day. If I go 10 of each for Druid and Ranger I get more spells, but a max level of 5th level spells and a lower caster level. I don't know enough about Pathfinder game play to know which one sounds more beneficial. There will be two other casters of the arcane persuasion in my adventuring party as well. By going for the Nature Warden route I also give up wild shaping for anything more than once a day, which might be okay because I think I planned on using it mostly outside of combat purposes. I am just not sure how beneficial any of the Nature Warden's class features will be and if they are stronger options than the 10/10 Druid/Ranger ones.

TLDR: I am looking for advice from anyone who has built or played with a Druid/Ranger/Nature Warden or some combination there of.