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Excellent! This brings us back to five players and means the party has all the crucial roles adventures are built around.

Now that I know who is back, I'll build a reintroductory post to bring the game back into place. I expect that will post sometime tomorrow evening Eastern time.

Thanks for bearing with me during the hard time and I look forward to getting this game running again!

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Captain Walren stands at the rudder. Ewem, who emerges shortly back onto the deck, seems to be in charge of the sails. This means Fin's comfortable spot is also one filled with tales of travel along the river. Walren doesn't seem the sort to embellish, not to Fin... though Fin suspects a bit of creative expounding might happen if he were up front, where Aldelenna was making her beautiful music.

Cole finds the lower deck where the doors to the cabin are found, to have room to pace. He's also suspicious. There are marks on the deck, from arrows and even the occasional sanded and nailed repair of an ax mark. A soldier, it takes him only a few dozen circles of the deck to realize they've been arranged for cover. Maybe Walren wasn't kidding about the dangers when you reach the lake...

Although the pace of the barge seemed ponderous at first, once the sails caught wind and the current helped the beastly craft get going, you realize you are traveling faster than horseback. This is evident to no one more than Aldelenna, whose hair whips alongside her face as the notes of her music conjure the phantom colors in the waves.

Venssa finds the most comfort in the center of the boat. Rivers are part of the wild, but traveling this fast, she cannot sense the current, and the wood at her feet is dead. But the iron in the ingots whispers in forgotten keening that reminds her poignantly of her menhir and her commitment to keep her friends safe.

Lodric finds himself alone again with Hansyn. The boy is expertly tying up a hammock. It's no secret the boy is a scion of one of the wealthiest families in Kessen, and you can't help but wonder where he got such expertise.

Hansyn can't fail to notice Lodric puzzling over him. But he gets his hammock in place in no time. message boy. Ewem's question haunts him. Is that all he is? Is that all he means to Arnama? He grasps at his bag. Within the stolen pages of Turik's spellbook hold such promise. He'd seen a similar book, protected, cherished, in Fin's belongings. That was his special gift—noticing things. Not that his father appreciated it. But Arnama did. Maybe that was why he was here?

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Lodric Aegilson wrote:

I have returned! My apologies for the continued absence.

Could the last campaign be marked as complete so it leaves my active campaign tab?

This is done

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Magnolia seems sad as she looks at her drink. A seamstress who always needed a steady hand, she's never been one to drink much except on feastdays. The return of the Everflame ranked on that list.

She looks at the small mug of ale. "They'll have you leaving again, then," she says. "With all your wandering with Arnama's rangers, I've gotten a lot of practice, but it's still hard. You're all I have left of him, you know."

For a moment it looks like she might say something else, but then she drains her ale in a single long pull, and wanders to the bar. When she returns it's with a bottle, one Fin quickly realizes she spent more on than is proper. But she shushes him before he can say anything. "They've been storing it for me for years. It was his favorite vintage. We had a case, bought it when he was flush with gold. Your father was often flush with gold. Only a few bottles left, but if ever there was an occasion for it, it's this."

She pours two goblets with a steady hand, and then lifts. "In memory of those lost. In remembrance of friends. And may the stars shine safely upon us all and keep us safe in the night."

For a moment Fin sees a spirit about her, one he knows is only there when she is remembering his father. But it passes quickly. The wine she sips, cherishes as though it might be her last cup.

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Hansyn would know everyone. Fin and Cole have met him briefly, and he frequents the Seven Silvers to avoid Moltus, so he'd know Aldelenna as well. Rankev is obviously his half-brother.

Lodric... probably not. Maybe Aldelenna. He has BEEN to Kassen, and presumably, while he is often on business with his father (ostensibly to learn the family business) Kassen is home. But his character history suggests that he spends a lot of time away... so much that Kassen is very nearly foreign to him except for a few childhood memories.

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Venssa: The druidcraft flower is perfectly appropriate. Take Inspiration.

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The stench is worse as Finlogan rolls the man's body. The mask, no longer tightly secured, falls away, revealing the slow rot of a human face. There is the subtle and unmistakable clink of coinage in the pockets as the body rolls, but perhaps most interesting is the fallen map to the crypt. In the corner in a tight and elegantly written style are words that are, no doubt, what he had pulled the map out of his pockets to check. The notation reads "The amulets are entombed with Kassen and Asar." There is no signature.

You recognize the iron mask as belonging to something of a cult north of the lake Encarthan region. You've heard of it growing over the years, and there's even word that they've formed their own nation: Razmir, the cult of the Living God.

The mask appears to be worn voluntarily.

Dimira sits up. She clasps Aldelenna's arm. "The undead swarmed upon us in the night. The scary one questioned me. He wanted to know of Kassen, about our town, like it was a blight upon the earth in need of being s-sundered." She bursts out in tears, shakes, and pulls herself together.

"When I saw them go for the horses, I knew running out was no good, and I know the tomb better than most. I quested for the Everflame myself. So I ran inward only to stumble upon the worst of the evil."

Dimira shudders and hugs her shoulders. "He called himself Asar. He was furious that I did not know the name."

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At the Guard Post (Rankev)

"If only I could." Yvette turns and flashes a smile, but quickly resumes her watch. "Captain Wisslo stations me here a lot. It's because I'm not one to prank Guardsman Kir. And, I think, because he's not so dim-witted or slow not to realize what the other guards say, and maybe he thinks I might listen to Kir despite what the other guards say."

She leans forward for a moment, peers intently into the distance, her whole body tense, then she relaxes. "His mother fell ill. Poor time of year for it. If she goes into winter sick, she could die. I'm supposed to be proud to be trusted to watch without him, but really, I miss him. He can't stand the quiet, so he talks. He has a unique appreciation for the simple things in life." Yvette's smile is wistful.

"Thank you for coming," she says, very quietly. "I have guard duty early tomorrow, and I won't be there with the others to see you off. Didn't figure I'd know anyone when duties were assigned, and I'm too new to the guard for the others to owe me favors. And too many of them convinced that it's not a job for a lady as it is."

She leans back against one of the posts. "Gimble was devastated. He said you were using me for a bit of pleasure. As if that wasn't what Gimble was after too. I don't think he's all wrong. But... I liked it. I like you. My burning mystery man." She slides a hand beneath her armor and pulls out a ladies handkerchief. It's a bit crumpled, and a bit damp with sweat.

"You're not much of a knight. But then, I'm hardly a lady." She grins. "But take this favor anyway. I know you see yourself as lucky, but a little more luck never hurts. Besides, when you bring it back to me after a successful quest, I might just spend some of that silver I won from Turik on a room so we can celebrate properly."

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Man, sorry to see you leave. You'll be missed. (you even drew me out of near retirement on the boards to write this).

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Dances With Worgs wrote:
Considering they're built using the standard set of stats rules, and not rolled out, they don't seem that bad to me. I mean none of them are going to take on Acerak any time soon, but they're first level.
mevers wrote:

Yeah, I know they are built using Elite array. My point isn't that their stats suck. It was that they have made strange choices for the way they have built them. This includes stat placement (8 int for a rogue?!?), Feat Selection (TWF Fighter, Martial Wepon Proficiency(scimitar) for the cleric, Dodge for the sorcerer, it just goes on and on), Spells Known for the Sorcerer and the list goes on and on.

Have a look at my suggested rebuilds of the Iconics. That is the sort of thing I am suggesting. Choices that actually make the characters stronger at what they are supposed to do. Characters that I would actually want to play. Mechanics that match the awesome art. choices that show / teach people how to make strong characters.

All the suggestions I have made have been using the same "rules" as the Paizo guys used (Elite Array, Core Books only), and the character builds I suggest make for much stronger characters.

I'm interested to hear from the Paizo guys why they made their iconics so weak. Elite array, Core Only is already pretty wussy as far as a lot of campaigns go, but the Iconics are weak compared to any number of elite array Core only character builds. I would like to know why they are (intentionally) so weak.

This isn't an MMORPG where placing things in a certain prescribed way is practically required. Outside of a few hard and fast rules (a wizard with a low int or a cleric with a low wisdom can't cast spells, duh) not placing scores in OPTOMIZED places requires the players to ROLEPLAY WEAKNESSES and encourages DIFFERENCES in individual members of the same class beyond, oh say, which weapon they use.

D&D is NOT a game of min-maxing, though certainly it is easy to do with the system. It's a game of storytelling and role-playing. I'm not saying there is anything inherently wrong with building in an optomized way, but bravo to Paizo for NOT doing so.

- Ashavan