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I've been working on a new homebrewed world set in my SJGW universe. While the universe was originally meant to be a homebrewed Spelljammer universe, now I'm going to go with the PFRPG 1E version of the Starjammer RPG created by Publishing.

Crater World is the third major world I'm designing for SJGW. The main world is known as Time of Ages.

I'm do the bulk of my work on this setting over on The Piazza, but I might share some of the details for the world and its star system here too.

I have a Discord too, but I'm not sure what the rules are for sharing that her, so i will wait until someone chimes in to let me know the rules.

Planet Type: Terrestrial
Size: Medium
Gravity: Standard
Atmospheric Density: Standard
Atmospheric Composition: Breathable
Geology: Standard
Hydrosphere: Dry
Biosphere: Standard
Population: Moderate [1 to 5 billion]
Technology: Variable
Starjamming Technology Knowledge: Moderate
Magic: High
Psionics: Moderate
Natural Satellites: Terrestrial Moon [w/Hostile Gas Atmosphere] (small), Terrestrial Moon (very small), Terrestrial Moon (medium), Terrestrial Moon (medium), Terrestrial Moon (very small), Terrestrial Moon (very small), Elemental Water Moon (medium), Asteroid Cluster (medium), and Elemental Water Moon (medium)
Oddities: Debris Field, Elemental Earth Ring

I'm generating planet data using a custom system I came up with for another, non-steampunk, universe. It combines aspects of the classic Spelljammer system/planet generation along with system/planet generation rules from the DRAGONSTAR Guide to the Galaxy.



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A few themes I'm going to use, pulled from other threads on this messageboard:

Draconic Bloodline (by Lord Fyre)
Liasion (by A Wizard Did It)
Outlander (by A Wizard Did It)
Repentant (by VampByDay)
Security [Security Officer] (by A Wizard Did It)
Stellar Noble (by Pax Rafkin and Lord Fyre)

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Lord Fyre wrote:

By the way ...

Check this out

I saw that a week or so ago, and have already linked to it as a possibility for the Half-Dragon race. But thanks!

There are some other ideas posted there I might use as well.

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See this thread on EN world:

I will post stuff here too once I go more in depth regarding what I'm working on. Right now I'm trying to find Legacy conversions for the Pathfinder classes, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

I did do my own version of what I call the "Outlands Fighter," but it's only a second draft.

Someone on the DSD20 Yahoo! Group mentioned the PF Technology Guide as a possible resource, especially for a premade feat to replace Dargonstar's Technical Proficiency feat.

Anyway, just sharing and seeing what you all think. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

FYI, my Arcanum of the Stars setting is where I have set my Realmsian Dragonstar story hour and now a pbp game over on EN World, which is why the bulk of the work will get posted over there.