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Liberty's Edge

From Page 9:

"In most cases, these benefits are gained on a level-by-level
basis -— your character gains the specified incremental
benefit each time she gains a level. Unless otherwise
noted, these benefits always stack with themselves. For
example, a human with paladin as a favored class may
choose to gain 1 point of energy resistance each time she
gains a level; choosing this benefit twice increases this
resistance bonus to 2 per level, 10 times raises it to 10 per
level, and so on."

I think "per level" needs to be removed in its last two instances in this block. As is, it makes it sound like the favored bonus multiplies with each selection of it -- meaning if I select it as my favored class bonus for levels 1-3 I would end up with 14 points of energy resistance to distribute (1*1+2*2+3*3) rather and 3 (1+1+1).

Either way I think this paragraph could stand to be clarified. Does a Human Paladin that selects this Favored class bonus 10 times have one 10 points of one resistance (realistic) or 385 points to distribute among resistances (unlikely)?