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Full Name

Klair Loon




Sloth Mage 5 Magaambyan 1





Special Abilities

Servants of the Eight Cloud Kingdoms




Creationist Nethys Sect




Common, Draconic, Auran, Thassilonian, Polyglot.


Narcoleptic Magi

Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Klair Loon

Klair Loon Portrait

1 Sloth Mage Spell Focus Conjuration, Scholar
3 Augment Summoning
5 Spell Mastery, Superior Summoning
6 Magaambyan Arcanist
7 Improved Familiar: Lightning Mephit
9 Sacred Summons
11 Evolved Summon Monster

Pragmatic Activator (Magic)
Student of Philosophy (Social)
Force For Good (Faction) (Paths)

Racial Traits:
Like the Wind (replaces energy resist)
Storm in the Blood (replaces air affinity)

Adventure History:
1-Scars of the Third Crusade
1-Bloodcove Disguise
1-Rescue at Azlant Ridge
2-Hall of the Flesh Eaters
2-The Segang Expedition
2-Scions pt 1
3-Scions pt 2
3-Scions pt 3
3-Silken Caravan (high tier)

Druid Spells:
1- Cure Light Wounds
2- Barkskin
2- Lesser Restoration
3- Greater Longstrider
3- Remove Disease
4- Freedom of Movement
4- Summon Animal 4

Page 1
In the deepest bowels of Krune’s subterranean citadel lay several stone pods, each roughly large enough to fit a man. Our team first readied our spells, believing the pods encased more wretched Sinspawn. However, as we investigated further, we found the dusty and withered remains of a number of long dead sin mages. Aasimar, Tiefling and Ifrit corpses were identified, each carrying tomes of arcane knowledge. The arcane power source needed to maintain the pods had long since died, killing the pod occupants in the process.

Page 2
One of the pods seems to have retained power. In the arcane engine, conjured outsiders from the heavens are summoned then drained of much of their life essence to fuel the Thassilonian construct. It is a diabolical device, but not without its flaws. It seems for all the other pods, the summoned beings managed to damage the devices over the centuries. This one pod however, has received no damage at all. It’s almost like the unfortunate celestial captives have no desire to kill the pod’s occupant. We need to learn more.

Page 3
The pod was opened four hours ago. The occupant is a young woman with long white hair and blue spirals creating unnatural pigmentation across her pale skin. She was originally dazed and weary. Her parched and dried robes thick with dust. Upon awakening, she pointed a finger at us, as if to fire a spell. She barked at us in short, demanding Thassilonian. It was not until our Tengu linguist switched to Celestial could we make out her words. In an old dialect, she told us her name was Klair and that she was incredibly thirsty. Upon consuming two wetskins, she asked what had happened to Krune. I detected fear in her eyes. We informed her that he was gone. She wanted to know the details, and if anything, her suspicions only rose from that point. I believe she thinks our entire introduction is some form of painful Thassilonian test.

Page 4
Klair is reading our tomes at a frightening speed. Her bloodline seems to be Thassilonian ethnicity cross-bred with some form of air-aligned native outsider. She seems to be hungry for knowledge of the outside world. We give her this information in the hopes that she tells us more of her story. Yet, we still have no idea what her relation to Krune was. Was she a handmaiden? An apprentice? A slave? Or worse still, was she his daughter? All we know is that she is one of the students of Sloth magic.

Page 5
I wish I hadn’t sent the last four entries to Kreighton Shaine. The mad elf has been consumed by curiousity. Klair is being shipped to Absalom as I write. The security is lighter than what I would have preferred, though I am satisfied that the young Thassilonian has lost much of her grasp on magic. She seems to have a kindly nature, but being part of the archaeological expedition in Varisia, I have learnt from experience to never overlook something dug out of a Thassilonian burial chamber.

Page 6
In Absalom now, selling off the new pieces that we uncovered. Kreighton Shaine has taken in the girl like she was some sort of magical staff, or a keystone that needed divining. I tried to encourage him to keep an eye on Klair, but he was already conjuring some dense magical treatise to her. She responded in kind with an indecipherable collection of magical mumblings. I made my excuses and left. Let the magic users do what they need to. If another Rune Lord emerges, I’ll be ready with my blade to put an end to it again.

Page 7
It has been some months since Klair Loon was acquired by the Society. A plot by Shaine to nudge her towards the halcyon magic of the Magaambyan Arcanists has been a success. Her long term of service in the Mwangi Expanse has nurtured a curiosity in the sacred magics. I have not dared get close enough to the girl to elicit her considerable suspicions. Junior agents report Klair retains her narcolepsy, yet speaks decisively to non-agents and has a flair for summoning angels, archons and the like. I am pleased that my early suspicions so far seem foolish. Time will tell. We are keeping her out of Varisia.