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I would like to purchase the Player Core and the GM Core from the Paizo store. I have repeatedly put the items in the cart, verified the purchase method, and submitted the order. There's a timer for the cursor and nothing. I tried different browsers but got the same result.

I submitted a ticket via email. There's been no reply.

I checked the forums, and I'm not sure I'll be getting any indication from Paizo that I can purchase the items or what the problem is.

Other than launching an SOS into the email void, it seems impossible to contact the company.

Since I don't seem to be the only one having an issue with purchases, I wonder how long before there are other issues with the company appear. If Paizo isn't interested in taking money or fulfilling subscriptions it follows that there are already serious issues.

I've noticed that there is little interest/allowance in 3rd party support for PF 2e. That doesn't seem to be a good sign. Archives of Nethys isn't being updated. That doesn't seem to be a good sign.

Is something going wrong, or has it already gone wrong?
Is the juggernaut simply rolling on, about to crash?

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Does the pugwampi's aura of unluck also count on the flat roll to recover from the Dying condition if the character failed the initial saving throw?

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We're working our way though the Kingmaker Adventure Path. Our party is 9th level, and has just finished solving the Varnhold Vanishing. There are still plenty of hexes to be explored in the plains and mountains east of the River Kingdoms.

Our local half-orc fighter just made a deal with a wyvern that attacked and ate his horse. Well, the wyvern's mate ate the horse, to be fair. In return for sparing them, the wyvern has suggested that he could serve as a mount for the better part of a year (it's late summer and he'll serve to next summer's solstice).

It occurred to me that my new wyvern NPC/mount may want to use his new "friend" to kill off some of the competition and secure his spot as top predator in the region. Also, my son would be happy to while a way a few afternoons this summer kicking some butt, and maybe introducing a friend to the campaign (who would be playing a barbarian patterned after the Savage Rider from the NPC Codex).

The question I put to the creative minds out there: What creatures pose a threat to a Wyvern? Who/what would he hunt?

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Is there an official list of adjectival forms of nations and their demonymic equivalents? If so, where?

Country name|Adjectivals|Demonyms
Abkhazia|Abkhaz, Abkhazian|Abkhazians

I pulled out the Inner Sea Guide and started compiling a list, but then it occurred to me that this is something that is on an Paizo editor's desk somewhere and may have even been published.

Thanks in advance, and thanks to the moderator that might have to move this thread!

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Hi! I was wondering if anyone had a list of the fictional authors of Golarion. That is, the NPC authors of books found within the game. Titles of their fictional books would be nice, too. If so, would you please post it to this thread or point me to it?

I found a list of the known Pathfinder Chronicles on the Pathfinder Wiki.


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I've pulled out TableSmith again. I used it back in the FR days extensively to generate more interesting mundane, but so valuable jewelry and art treasures. And books... and so many fun things. Did I neglect to say that I'm a treasure junkie?

I've built my Religion tables, Calendar tables, and my Language tables are just about done. However, I have this nagging feeling I might be missing something. So, if you have an interest and basic understanding of tables, please let me know what you think. The numbers are the chance of each item to be rolled; the brackets tell the program to move on to [another table].

Please keep in mind that the languages are to go into treasure tables; things that are written. Some languages, like Drow Sign, are left out on purpose.
Thank You!

# Generates languages with leaning to Human, Dwarven, and Elven
40,[Language Common]
2,[Language Ancient]

# Generates modern languages from common or exotic tongues
# Osiriani is the most common language of Garund
# Hallit is almost never written, Tien and Shadowtounge are rare
;Language Common
5,[Language Exotic]

# Languages taken from Dragon Empires Gazetteer, the Beastiaries,
# and Into the Darklands. Languages with no written component
# were dropped. Draconic and Celestial with the prefix Tien to
# denote Dragon Empires languages. The prefix Darklands was
# added to denote Darklands sources.
;!Language Exotic
2,Tien Draconic
2,Darklands Dwarven
2,Darklands Elven
1,Tien Celestial
1,Dark Folk

# Generates lost tongues and ancient languages "Ancient"
# Dwarven, Elven, Draconic, and Serpentfolk are simply made up
# to add variety and re-add languages that have been around more
# than 10,000 years. Likewise, Abyssal, Infernal, and Celestial
# were active languages. Old Kelesh and Old Taldane are
# inventions to give flavor for things 2,000-5,000 years old.
;!Language Ancient
15,Ancient Osiriani
8,Ancient Cyclops
5,Ancient Elven
5,Ancient Dwarven
5,Ancient Draconic
3,Old Kelesh
3,Old Taldane
2,Ancient Serpentfolk

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Hello again! I've got a new player in my home campaign; a rogue. She's got a great little backstory, she's been talking to the NPCs, and she doesn't see any reason not to improvise a few traps while the rest plan out their ambushes.

This is all GM approved... in theory. I can't find a thing about quickly making simple, improvised traps. We see them all the time on TV, in the movies, and in books. They are as common as a good old dragon fight. So... do I have to reinvent the wheel every time she wants to drop a net (which is not a "standard" trap that I could find anywhere), trigger the xbow nailed to something, or create difficult terrain with a shallow pit?

Is it possible that someone has a handy guide, or guidelines, for handling the "fun" traps to thwart the bandits/guards/mercenaries about to rush the door?

Obviously, these things need some time, but it's time measured in minutes, not weeks. And the materials will be simple, at least to start. That simply doesn't seem to fit in with the standard rules of crafting.

Can the 1st level rogue weave a net with 300' of rope, hang it from the top of a gate, and drop it on the bad guy with 4 hours notice and a chance of success?

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We recently finished a weekend event here called Egypt Wars 3. It's a local game con run by our local gaming store, Castle Perilous.

There were 6 tables of Pathfinder Society games running on the busy Saturday and Sunday event times. Seth Gipson, our newly-appointed Venture Lieutenant, was our events coordinator. He did a great job. He posted the following on the SIPFS Facebook page:

"I just wanted to let you all know that the grand total that Im coming up with for the weekend (after counting from all the sign in sheets), that we had 29 tables run, with a total of 136 players being seated over the course of the con. No idea on the exact number of different players yet, but I think Scott is right that it was somewhere between 25 and 30. Not too bad, considering we did have at least a couple locals who didn't make it.
Also, before the con, I had made 15 'new player packets' which had a PFS number, blank character sheet, and a bit of info about our group. I think all but 2 got taken by new players."

This was the 2nd year for the SIPFS organizing Pathfinder Society games, and it was a vastly different undertaking than the first go-around. There were many more tables, more GMs to herd, more events to order and distribute, and much more paperwork. There was a comprehensive selection of pre-gens, nice new-player packets with numbers and character sheets, and fun boons to award. That's a lot to keep track of, even with the assistance of his wife Kristen and fellow SIPFS founder Carl Harris.

There were 2 special guests! Bob Jonquet and Chris Mortika came down and ran events for us. Bob is our Venture Captain and it was wonderful having him around to meet the SIPFS regulars. I can't say enough nice things about Bob; he's awesome. Chris Mortika is a terrific GM from Iowa that is working on his *5th* GMing star. That means he's got lots of experience running PFS events. Boy, does he know his stuff! He performs wonderfully as well, creating sheer magic at the table.

If you live within 2-3 hours of Carbondale, consider coming to the next Egypt Wars. There's a low weekend rate, no table fees, prizes for each event. In addition to the Pathfinder Society events there are other RPGs, Card, Miniature, and Board Games. Scott Thorne from Castle Perilous found some folks from MO that bring 50+ board games and will teach anyone, anytime. If your event finishes early, you don't have to mill around; they will be happy to entertain you! I make a point to head over to their tables and see what's up simply because they are so much fun to visit and it's a good game break.

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Checking the forums before I started, I didn't see the answer to a couple of things that came up for me as I was playing pregens.

I have a 2nd level rogue and wanted to play though a couple of higher level scenarios. I have a day job, and earned some gold on the road to 2nd level. I will refer to this character, the one the scenarios will be applied to when the character reaches the level of the pregen as the "main character."

First adventure with a Pre-gen. We played Midnight Mauler and wanted silvered weapons at the start of the adventure. The GM offered that we could use the money the main character has to purchase things now for the pregen; but only things that our main character has access to. We record the money as spent now and when the main catches up that equipment will become part of the main character's inventory. I marked off 22gp for a silvered dagger from my character sheet and moved on.
Now: If I record the purchase on the chronicle I don't apply now, how do I record I spent the money in the official track of what got spent where?

Same adventure. Asked about the Day Job and the GM asked around and got the answer that if I've got one I make the roll with the pregen's skill and note it on the Chronicle in the normal way and it kicks in with the other rewards when the main character catches up.
Now: I'm OK with this.

Another adventure, Sewer Dragons of Absolom. In the course of this scenario I wanted to buy the freedom of an NPC, and a Cure Disease for the same. The GM ruled no to using my main character's current funds. One of the other 3 who had main characters picked up the tab for the 3 of us running pregens. Then needed to make a purchase for an outfit, and a minor magic item to explore the sewer. I was uncomfortable spending my fellow player's monies; it seemed they were being penalized for my participation. The GM waived the rest of the "costs" in favor of moving on.
Now: I'm OK with the GM's rulings, he was even generous. But a 7th level character is really limited with only 14gp to spend in the city.

Same adventure. Got around to the Day Job, GM had never heard of anyone with a pregen taking a Day Job roll. He allowed the roll as I had precedent.

So... OK, I got 2 very different examples of rulings on these 2 money matters. Both had reason to them and came from experienced GMs. Purchases sometimes need to be made in the course of a scenario, especially in the course of completing some faction missions. The pregen is what it is. The Day Job is nice; in my case I even spent Prestige Points to have it. I've completed scenario when the main catches up, right? Again, the pregen is what it is and has no day job.

Are there an official rulings I can reference for the next time I GM?

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So, when exactly did Animal Companions become free exotic combat mounts? I've been listening to the gamers in the local game store talking about their campaigns, characters, etc. As soon as one mentions having a druid, there's an immediate comment to the effect of "Oh, yeah! How cool is it to have a giant poisonous frog mount!" The halfling druid has a badger: "Oh, that's a great mount for a halfing!"

When did this happen? I didn't see anything in the Core Rules... Is there some place where this is addressed?

Please tell me it's just some crazy local thing that's gone too far. I'm rather old school and it simply pains me to think that your friend, companion, is something that is meant to be broken and saddled or used as a polish mine detector.

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How many days travel from Restov to Oleg's Trading Post?

I can't find a scale and both things on the same map. Maybe someone else sorting this out already.


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In preparing to run "Among the Gods" I discovered that there are some stacking conditions that are likely to effect the PCs. To help me keep track of who's got what, and to help the players keep track of what their current modifier penalties and other restrictions are, I created some simple Condition Cards. Also, there are several occasions where PCs can pick up one or both diseases, so I created Disease Cards to help keep track of those.

If you are going to run the scenario and would like them, you can download them as a PDF at: MtMDg4MWMyMGU5YTc3

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I've got "Among the Gods" scheduled for this weekend and need a quick clarification for handling diseases in PFS.

One of the monsters has:
Plague Carrier (Ex) The *** can infect those it strikes with its slams with disease. Filth Fever: Slam—injury; save Fortitude DC 14; onset 1d3 days; frequency 1/day; effect 1d3 Dex damage and 1d3 Str damage; cure 2 consecutive saves.

As I understand it from, the players get a save immediately, but in effect, nothing happens if they fail it. There are no effects in the combat or the next that occurs in the same day.

In a normal campaign game, we'd deal with the disease some more days later as the onset kicks in. However, the scenario is over in short order after this combat. What do I need to do to resolve the effects of the disease? Are they diseased at the start of the next scenario? Do I have to note this on the scenario sheet in the Conditions Gained?

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I created a list of the Gods of Golarion for the players of my game. They mostly want to know what gods their characters can worship and which are villainous. So, I rearranged the list into 2 tables, added a note for what races look to the gods, and added their title names for additional flavor. As a GM, I find this kind of list to be handier for quickly sorting out which are good for an NPC or town.

If you want to have a look, I've posted it as a Google Doc Spreadsheet. I5WVVBOTV6OVE

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I'm suffering from severe edition lag... How do we turn players/NPCs that have been turned to stone by medusae, etc, back to function? I recall the Stone to Flesh spell, but can't seem to locate it (I was going to put it in a wand).


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I find inspiration periodically in lists. This thread is intended to be used to compile such a list, hopefully useful to others as well.

I was considering the (seemingly) incompetent NPC. When I use them, I can't think of anything that is simply foolish or incoherent other than insults and babble. Both of which lead a RP encounter to a different end. I'm looking for those odd things that make the clever PC listen for hidden content or outright laugh.

Often the kind of thing that I'm trying to find is joke... Some of you probably know more of these than I can think of.

Things the Foolish NPC Asks/Says
- Hey, do you remember me? I met your brother.

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Several of our "new" friends used to play d20, as did my husband and I... about 10 years ago. We all have fond memories of wild adventures and good times hanging out. After playing a Pathfinder event at the local game store on Free RPG Day, I've decided maybe we should quit reminiscing and actually PLAY.

We all have old 3.5 books (many, many books), and I'll probably homebrew a campaign setting. Still, I don't want to overlook the improvements in the game that have occurred in the last 10 years. But the product landscape is now so alien...

There are a number of character and monster generators and advancers that I've looked over. If I use them, what are the differences that I should expect to see? What would you recommend to the olden gamers in terms of "must haves"?


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