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I read this book recently. I still can't forget it fast enough. All the reviews that said this book is bad were correct: terrible pacing, repetitive, exhausting chase scenes that never seem to end, and the same 4 mobs used over and over followed by villains that don't need stats because they just can't be defeated.

But, for me, what sticks are the many "Oh, Hell NO!" moments.

Here's what the others didn't tell you (SPOILERS):

Our hero: Find me a guy anywhere that, when he finds a cursed item that erases physical features, for fear that it actively hastens the melting of his face, decides the best place for his cursed mask is *in his pants and over his junk*. And the thing can, and is, placed back over his face again later. That alone was terrible. His sudden remembrances of who just tried to kill him, *after* the combat was over was annoying.

Our heroine: Becomes very dislikeable despite a really promising prequel story. She meets the hero-a guy that is hunted day and night by lunatics in, above, and below the law. He has a disturbing, face melting curse. He lies to her, "Oh, yeah, I do know those guys that tried to kill us personally," not once, but twice. Has a strange, LSD-style trip as an undead priest claws up her thighs, by desperately downing any potion to heal her pains. Gets maimed trying to help the hero. The hero violently digs through her mind and memories using an artifact. She feels personally violated by him, runs. She suddenly feels sorry for him, tries to talk it out. He tells her, "You're darned right you should have trusted me. Apology accepted." He's broke; she's doing all of this to have the opportunity to *pay him* 10gp. Takes the job with the government that has held her in slavery, but only if the hero is her partner from now on. After all this she initiates a physical relationship with the hero by kissing his lip-less, veiny, melted into a mere slit of a mouth--happy ending!

I felt like I was being taken on a stupidly abusive road trip where my captor wouldn't even let me sleep. As a woman, this was not a fun read. Looking at the other reviews, it wasn't fun for most of the men, either.