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Story-forward treasure of an adventure


I very much enjoyed my playthrough of this One-Shot adventure. Unlike some modules and APs, the story and enjoyment of this adventure is really driven by the provided characters. I'd strongly suggest playing with people who enjoy getting into character and roleplaying interactions. I think the puzzles were just right for complexity and solvability.

If I had a complaint, it would be a lack of skill challenges in the adventure. The combats were fun, and varied, but I wouldn't mind if one were dropped in favor of skill encounter (and Victory Point systems are so easy to implement!).

Overall, the adventure makes for a pretty good one-shot adventure. It could be used for a pick-up game, as an interlude to introduce the provided characters as NPCs, or even as a jumping-off for a whole campaign of your own.

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Wilderness Adventures


If you want to enrich your outdoor adventures and wilderness exploration, this is an excellent book.

Even if you don't find yourself using the wilderness rules, the archetypes, races and new class make this an appealing purchase.

Familiar, but updated


I don't own the Starfarer's Codex, but this product makes me want to go back and pick it up.

The witch class presented in Starfarer's Codex: Witch Legacy Class is retains much of what there is to love about the original witch class, while improving and updating to Starfinder rules.

A first level, witches choose a patron. Patrons provide a bonus spell known at the levels you gain access to new spell levels, but in addition grant a unique, thematic hex at first level. Witches choose additional hexes on every even level, and gain access to more powerful options at level 10, and even more powerful abilities at 18. (For example, Slumber is a Grand Hex available only at level 18 or 20)

A new feature are hex amplifications. Similar to the technomancer's magical hacks, these options let you modify hexes by spending resolve. There is no Cackle or Chant hex to extend your effects indefinitely. Instead, the Extend Hex amplification lets you spend a move action and a resolve to extend the duration of a single hex by one round. This was my only disappointment of the options, but I can understand reining in the cackle mechanic.

I like how familiars were done, but I expect this is mostly reused from Starfarer's Codex.

I think it is really cool that witches have proficiency in sniper weapons (and I really like the artwork on the cover, which is reused in the document).

Overall, I think the class will play very well and look forward to including it in my games.

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Boot Camp is not for everyone


This is an excellent roleplaying opportunity for GMs and players that get into the story and are mature enough to handle failures.

But, boot camp is not for everyone, and highly independent players or players who get frustrated easily should be advised to "go with the flow" or consider sitting out.

There are a lot of player options that aren't expressly given to players. To get the most out of this one, GMs need to roleplay NPCs well beyond what's written.

Not recommended for newer GMs.

Important NPCs:

Dell needs more characterization than is spelled out in the text. Something to clue in clueless players that he is a roleplay opportunity. It's too easy to portray and view him as set dressing for the role he plays.

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What a Hoard!


What kind of character would keep a dragon hoard?

One of my favorite little parts of this book were the options that encourage you to be miserly like a dragon. The Covetous oracle curse, and the Wyrmwitch's Hoard both require you to keep some money on you. A nice example of mechanics working with the lore.

The variety of Draconic racial traits lets everyone express a little dragon about themselves. My favorite has to be the half-elf option that lets you be considered a dragon type instead of either your human or elf subtypes. Dwarves sniffing out gold and jewels with Treasure Sense comes in as a close second.

My favorite regular archetype was the Scaled Fist archetype for Monk. A Charisma-based monk with dragon powers might just fulfill a character concept I've had for awhile.

I am a big fan of companions, be they furry, feathered, or scaled. The drake companion is an interesting take on the companion, representing a lot more growth and investment during your PCs career instead of as backstory. They probably won't be a combat pet while they are Tiny sized (levels 1-5), but they can still be darn useful. For characters devoted to their drake, these archetypes make compelling options. I liked the Druid and Paladin archetypes especially.

New Improved Familiar options are always fun! I like the Calligraphy Wyrm that can change shape into a golden fountain pen. (Rules for adapting pyraustas (Bestiary 5) as an Improved Familiar are a super bonus!)

The highlight of the Spells section were the Form of the Alien Dragon and Form of the Exotic Dragon lines. Lots of neat options that were used throughout the book.

Overall, a must-buy for anyone who (like me) has a bit of a thing for dragons. For everyone else, there are plenty of neat options for adding a bit of draconic legacy to your games or expanding what options there were already.

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Intriguing location


I really like the premise of this Mystical Marketplace. This seems like a perfect location to drop into a political or Intrigue campaign as fashion trends shift and PCs have to update their wardrobes to maintain respectability. The shopkeepers could end up as either allies or enemies, and inspire a few side missions.

Magical fashion is not something that has been much explored in print, and I was disappointed there weren't more custom magical items presented. Self-perfuming shirts, boots that dance, hypnotizing skirts, cloth that looks like armor, or other minor enchantments.

The encounter makes sense for the venue and would make a good introduction to the marketplace. Detailed encounters work best when they can serve to get the PCs more invested in working with (or against) the shopkeepers. It probably needs some tweaking to fit into a campaign, but should be easy to do. (who keeps 10 guards??)

There were a few editing errors. The book could have used another pass to remove typos and duplicate lines such as "The following magic items can typically be purchased at The Brass Drake:"

Overall: There is a big seed of potential here. Einjhall's could be a location of interest in many campaigns.

Future Marketplaces:

In future Mystic Marketplaces, I'd like to see 2 or 3 new magical items close to the theme that aren't tied exclusively to the patronage system. I would consider referencing or using the Influence system with patronage.

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Not your typical game store


The Goal
This book aims to make shopping an interesting and engaging part of your roleplaying campaign. I very much like this idea. Shopping is easy to gloss over in a campaign. Roleplaying the experience of buying and selling mundane and magical gear can become stale and repetitive, if it is even played at all. To this end, I was very happy to see this publication and look forward to more from Flying Pincusion Games.

The Concept
The Brass Drake itself is an interesting concept. But, I just don’t think it has the chops to be the party’s establishment of choice in a campaign. I think it fits better as an occasional stop, or one that shows up from time to time. The ideas presented for quests and tasks offer a good selection for side missions when you need a diversion from your main plot.

When I’m shopping around, I look for which shops offer what items and where I can get the best prices. I wanted to see more of that kind of thinking from this book. The list of mundane suggested items was short. That list could have been twice as long and offer more items in the less expensive ranges. I thought the Bartering System could have been expanded to include or reference these items, as well.

I liked the list of typically available magic items, but I wish there were one or two more items on theme. The special items and services hit the mark. A shop only needs two or three unique things to set it apart, and these were on theme and interesting. I like the Patronage system used to make these available in theory, but it is mostly quantifying something a GM should be accounting for and adjusting anyway. It’s also unclear how the system interacts with the nature of the shop.

I don’t usually think of shops and marketplaces as settings for a combat encounter. I was ambivalent about the encounter detailed here. I would have been happy with just the introduction as one of a few encounter ideas, and a suggestion for Maurice’s build and statistics rather than a full stat block. I can understand some GMs wanting tactics and scaling notes, but it felt tangential to the rest of the material.

GMs will have to do a little work to include this shop in their campaigns, but it is worth a memorable location and shopping experience. A solid start to what I hope will be an excellent product line.

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Library of the Lion meets your worst nightmare


I very much enjoyed running this one. It offers a good challenge and some excellent story line advancements.

The research mechanic was okay. KP helped it feel like the group was always making progress.
The occult ritual was a bit confusing. It worked well enough for this scenario, but I don't think it is a mechanic to bring back too often.
Impossible feats were a neat addition and enhanced the setting.

Overall, the scenario mechanics are pushing on too many new things, but they end up all working together for this one. I had a good time trying my hardest to take out the party in this one.