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I couldn't figure out how to edit a post so I'm making a new one.
I noticed two other things worth mentioning. Tiny creatures can't flank normally, so the only way this build can flank is with the mouser ability. Most of the time this shouldn't change much, but if your ally had a reach weapon, for example, he might have a hard time being adjacent to both you and the enemy you're trying to flank. Unless of course he has short haft.
The other thing is you have levels of paladin and slayer. If a paladin sneak attacks, he breaks his code of honor and loses all his paladin abilities until he atones. Unless the iroran paladin can sneak attack (I can't find it on the srd) or can also be a gray paladin, or there's a slayer archetype that doesn't sneak attack.

I love fun and derpy stuff like this and I'd love to do something like this with a particular DM who I think would actually enjoy DMing for it.
The only thing I see that I want to point out is that you wouldn't get the +4 to armor class for being in your opponent's square while moving into your opponent's square. I couldn't tell for sure, but you made it sound like you were applying it. Attacks of opportunity are reactive actions. That means they happen before whatever triggered them. In this case, the attack of opportunity would happen before you are actually in the opponent's square. It's the same reason you can't trip someone (with an attack of opportunity) who is standing up from prone. Because they're already prone when you try to trip them, so they just stay prone for your trip attempt and then stand up anyways.
Is it hair splitting? Kind of. But some DMs will call you out on it.