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Minis & Terrain

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1.  WOC21546-12
Star Wars Miniatures—Knights of the Old Republic: Wookiee Trooper

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Ships from our warehouse in 1 to 5 business days.

Our Price: $4.00

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Killa Wookie Warrior


I totally want to do this.

3.  Grazzt
How to make "minis" for your RPG game on the cheap
Thread (19 posts),

Awesome stuff to use with Newbie DMs token tutorial.

4.  Yargin
Re: Miniature Madness!
Post, by Robert Hawkshaw

amazing list of miniatures companies and the types of minis they make.

5.  Sean K Reynolds
Re: Miniature Painting 101
Post, by Sean K Reynolds

Cool SKR minis stuff

6.  Gath Morian
Re: Pawns
Post, by Dwilimir