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Human Scarred Rager 2 / Two Handed Fighter 3 / Living Monolith 1| AC17 T7 F17 | HP 69/81 | CMD:21 | F:+14 R:+2 W:+8 | Init:+-1 | Perception: +0


| Ka Stone 3/3, Rage: 15/15 | Active Effects: bless, fatigued, rage ,-

About Kett, Raptorscale Scholar

The brute of the a kellid man looks up, smiles and then returns to flipping through his history tome.

Human Scarred Rager 2 / Two-Handed Fighter 3 / Living Monolith 1
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init +1; Senses Perception +0
AC 20, touch 10, flat-footed 20 (+10 armor)
hp 69 (3d10+2d12+1d8+27)
Fort +12, Ref +3, Will +6; +2 vs death effects, mind-affecting effects, effects that grant negative levels
defensive Abilities -
Speed 20 ft.
Melee +1 Large Silver Taiaha +10 (2d8+10) hammer end or
mwk Large Cold Iron Taiaha +10 (1d8+9/x3) spear end or
Battleaxe +11 (1d8+6/x3) or
Cestus +11 (1d4+6)
Ranged Javalin +5 (1d6+6/x3)
Special Attacks ka stone (3 times/day; enlarge as a swift action), rage (9+6 rounds/day), shattering strikes (+1), overhand chop
Str 23, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 7, Wis 11, Cha 7
Base Atk +5; CMB +11; CMD 21
Feats Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Taiaha), Endurance, Furious Focus, Iron Will, Power Attack,Toughness, Extra Rage
Traits Spirit Animal (Woolly Rhinoceros), Called
Skills Climb +10, Knowledge (engineering) +5, Knowledge (history) +7; +1 vs ancient sites or +2 vs ancient osirion sites, +2 vs ancient cultures and elementals, Knowledge (religion) +0, Linguistics +0, Swim +10
Armor Check Penalty -5
Languages Ancient Osiriani, Hallit, Sphinx, Taldane

Special Abilities:
SQ swift foot

Soul Stone (Su): During his induction into this prestige class, a living monolith has a stone scarab embedded in his forehead, often set with gems or inlaid with precious metals. This stone is inscribed on its inner side with the monolith’s true name and his oaths to the gods and pharaohs. It cannot be removed without his permission, cannot be dispelled (though it does not function in areas where magic does not work), and does not use a magic item slot.

The soul stone grants the living monolith a +2 bonus on saving throws against death effects, mind-affecting effects, effects that grant negative levels, and on saves to overcome negative levels.

A living monolith can invoke the power of his soul stone 3 times per day as a swift action, enabling him to grow in size as if using enlarge person (even if he is not a humanoid).

When a living monolith first gains the soul stone ability, he must decide whether it takes the form of an ib stone or a ka stone. If the character was a spellcaster before becoming a living monolith, he can choose either an ib stone or a ka stone. If the character was not a spellcaster before becoming a living monolith, he must take a ka stone.

Ka Stone (Su): A living monolith with a ka stone gains Toughness as bonus feat. In addition, when a living monolith uses his ka stone to increase his size, his base attack bonus from his living monolith class levels is equal to his living monolith level.

Terrifying Visage (Ex): A scarred rager adds 1/2 her barbarian level on Intimidate checks against humanoids who are not members of barbarian tribes. When dealing with barbarians, the scarred rager may choose to add this bonus on Diplomacy checks instead. The DC of any fear effect created by the scarred rager also increases by 1. This ability replaces fast movement.

Tolerance (Ex): At 2nd level, a scarred rager who fails a save against an effect that causes her to become nauseated, sickened, fatigued, or exhausted can make a second save to negate the effect on the start of her next turn. Only one additional save is allowed. If the effect does not allow a saving throw, its duration is halved instead (minimum of 1 round). This ability replaces uncanny dodge.

Combat Gear
acid (3),
+1 glamered full plate,
oil of bless weapon,
potion of invigorate,
potion of enlarge,
potion of monkeyfish (4),
wand of comprehend languages (50 48 charges),
wand of cure light wounds (27 10 charges),
wand of cure light wounds (50 charges),
wand of endure elements (48 charges),
javelin (5),
+1 silver / mwk cold iron Taiaha,
locked gauntlet
scroll of lesser restoration (2),
Other Gear
antiplague (2),
belt of mighty strength +2,
cloak of resistance +2,
grapple hook,
dusty rose prism (cracked) ioun stone (+1 initative),
mwk tool - Dead Languages and You (+2 to decipher ancient languages),
mwk tool - History of Osirion, 2nd ed. (+2 history vs Osirion),
mwk tool - Essays of Alysande Benedict (+2 sense motive vs corruption),
mwk tool - The Empyreal Lords, a Study Guide (+2 religion vs Empyreal lords)
oil (1 pint),
rations (10),
silk rope (50ft, knotted),
skeleton key,
smelling salts,
Tien-Taldan Travelers Dictionary
ka stone
Tactics (how to bot):

Kett rages and attacks.

Here is the calculator for melee attacks... I got tired of figuring out buffs. I did this to myself, but it really makes me look forward to 2ed.

[dice=attack; javelin]1d20+5[/dice]
[dice=damage; javelin]1d6+6[/dice]


Rage; -2 AC, +12 hp, +2 fort, +2 will, +2 att, +3 dam
Ka Stone; (enlarge, +1 bab) -2 AC, +1 att, +1 dam, 2d8 to 3d8 dam, reach, +1 CMD
Power Attack; -2 to hit on every attack except first, +6 dam.
Overhand Chop; x2 strength on single attack instead of x1.5.

[dice=Knowledge (history); +1 vs ancient sites or +2 vs ancient osirion sites, +2 vs ancient cultures and elementals]1d20+7[/dice]
[dice=Knowledge (religion)]1d20+0[/dice] [/ooc]trained...[/ooc]

Temporary Gear:

Pathfinder Agent Dossier:
Agent No.: 156828-13
Faction: Scarab Sages
Experience: 15
Prestige: 22
Fame: 26
Gold: 9525

The Accursed Halls:
Prediction of Future Peril - Thornkeep bonuses.

6-10 The Wounded Wisp:
Explore, Report, Cooperate - Ask single question of GM.

3-23 The Goblinblood Dead

5-04 The Stolen Heir

GLYPHCon 2017 Boon #1
Scholar of the Sages - +1 Knowledge (history) vs ancient sites.

2-01 Before the Dawn part 1
The Favor of Cartahegn: 10% discount on mundane equipment.

4-18 Veteran's Vault

#3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment

#8-07: From the Tome of Righteous Repose:
Worthy For: Scales

#9-18: Scourge of the Farheaven:
Guardian of the Farheavens: Charm Monster vs Bear/Owlbear, or Bear's Endurance.

#9-04: The Unseen Inclusion:
Secrets Beyond Sight:

#9-10 Signs in Senghor:
Student of the Twelve Rites: Cast Feather fall, levitate, mirror image, spider climb, dispel magic.

#6-19 Test of Tar Kuata
Enlightened Ambassador:
Jeweled Recruiter: +2 Sense Motive 1/scenario
Tar Kuata Initiate:

AP#98 Turn of the Torrent
Elixir of life:
Savior of the Acisazi:
Waterfront Deeds:
Rebellion Leader:

Faction Journal Card:
Season 8: 4 Goals
Planar Sage: +6 / +2 Knowledge History/Planes vs ancient cultures / elementals.

Season 9: 0 Goals