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I think the Storm Caller is awesome as well.

I love all of your art though.

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So far the Wishcrafter has my attention the most. I haven't played a sorcerer mostly because I find the bloodlines boring, but that combined with the elemental bloodline has me wanting to play and Ifrit Wishcrafter Sorcerer.

You are correct that there is no way it actually works, but if you drop the second half of mixed weakness it does work. That is the closest I come to fix on that with the Strix.


Arcane Focus replaces Weapon Familiarity
+2 to concentration checks when casting defensively

Fleet-Footed replaces Weapon Familiarity & Keen Senses
Gain Run as a bonus feat
+2 to Initiative

Spirit of the Waters replaces Weapon Familiarity & Elven Magic
+4 to Swim checks and able to take 10 on swim
Add Aquan to your bonus languages
Gain Longspear, Trident, & Net weapon Profiencies

My friend just dropped by and gave me my copy. I had authorized the store owner to give it to him. So far it looks great and gives some wonderful options to play with. I'll probably juggle some and shift things around to fit my homebrew setting. Some of the stuff would be wonderful on the races there.

I may adjust the tables to suit my purposes though and mimic them for my races. As apparently one of my players prefers random age, height and weight.

I have a Kindle Fire. I would love to be able to access the iFumble and iCrit on the Fire.

In addition I'd love just about any app that makes refrencing things in game easy as my CRB frequently is not near me when I need to refrence something quickly.

Something like the PRD only in APP form would be heaven sent for my table and planning as my mother and roommate borrow my books to work on their characters. And in my mom's case to work on her campaign.

1: I actually do 4d6 drop the lowest. Re-roll 1s and nothing below 10 unless you want it. Also make 2 columns and pick the one you like best.

2: 3d6 is standard for me when gaming under the my mother. Never had a problem with it for her. I rather enjoy the randomness for rolling, but for her your roll is your roll.

As a note aside from the nothing below 10 the rules I use are the ones my mom always used and taught me for making characters. So far I've had no problems with my system as players seem to enjoy that if they don't have high stats they are at least average.