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I wouild like to extend a warm welcome to Francis Webb, the new VL of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Francis is our special events coordinator in charge of scheduling special game days at our FLGS as well as other cons here in Winnipeg.

Congratulations and welcome aboard!

Sovereign Court

Many class abilities that are 1/2 or some fraction your level have (min 1) stated. The Master Tactician does not have a minimum stated for the initiative bonus. Is that intentional or an oversight?

Sovereign Court 5/5 Venture-Captain, Canada—Manitoba aka Kess, Humble Servant of Abadar

Manitoba Pathfinder Lodge is proud to announce a new venue with bi-weekly Saturday games in one of Winnipeg's bedroom communities. We'll be starting March 15 with 5-08 The Confirmation.

All welcome!

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I wanted to get a feel for other GMs and how they deal with the meta-gaming that often revolves around the AoO, combat reflexes, and provoking.

How I deal with the issue:

Real combat isn't static. The combatants don't just stand there and take their one (or more) swipes per turn (as I've seen discussed in numerous threads). So your attack is your "good oppotunity" to land a solid blow (one that isn't parried, or dodged, or glances of his shield as would happen in actual combat).

I read the same thing for combat reflexes. All it represents is their "good opportunity" to stike a creature, not that they won't "try" and hit you going past, even if they've used up their "good opportunity".

So, the first combatant, A1, somehow provokes from B1. Attack gets rolled as normal, but unlike normal attack rolls, I roll my AoOs behind the screen, to begin minimizing meta-gaming. The next player, A2, will often think to themself, and sometimes even verbalize "they've taken their AoO, i'll just walk past them"

This is where, behind the screen, I'll roll again. Of course, if they don't have Combat Reflexes, the roll is moot, but the dice and my verbalization, "He swings as you walk by, slamming into your armour, which absorbs the entirety of his blow", or a "glancing blow, successfully parried" I find can break the meta involved, or at least try to minimize it. I like the surprised look I get when a player thinks the coast is clear but maybe, just maybe, it really isn't.

How do you try to negate this type of meta?

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Is there any PFS representation at the Calgary Expo? Just curious, as I didn't happen to come across a thread.