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There is a THUMP from one of the nearby stacks, and a dozen or so volumes spill out onto the floor of the reading area. A bespectacled halfling stumbles out after the, rubbing his head. Seeing the crowd, he straightens up, trying to recover a bit of dignity. His eyebrows raise briefly upon noticing the other halfling, all in black and wearing the symbol of the Lady of Graves, but then he turns to Ysh.

"Information on dwarven runes? Let me think a moment."

Profession (librarian): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

"Ah, that should be aisle 17Q, row 43, shelves Z through BBB. But you might want to start with Rederik Ronnel's Runesource Cyclopoedia, on the common reference shelf over there. You probably won't find what you're looking for in it, but if you do, you'll have saved a lot of time, and even if you don't, you're certain to find something else of interest."

With that, he bends down and starts picking up the dropped books. As he makes to pick up the last one, it appears to slide a few inches out of his reach. He sighs, mutters something that sounds like "Damn it, Harvey!" and quickly snatches up the book before it can escape again.

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A Mysterious Soothsayer wrote:
Garridan thumbs through the cards to ensure they're all there, and once he is confident all of his treasured heirlooms are accounted for he looks up and says "What exactly is this 'Harvey' you speak of? i may be able to offer some advice, as i have some experience with beings of an extraplanar nature."

Kepli scowls, sheepish. "Limiting my description to the facts, Harvey is a large, anthropomorphic hare, whose sole mission appears to be to annoy me into madness. The high priestess of fate at the Gray Lady's temple told me he is tied inextricably to my so-called 'gift,' like the two sides of a coin, and that I could not have one without the other. I told her I would be quite happy to give them both up, but she was unamused and suggested in the strongest possible way that I should seek out Master Shaine. For 'training,' she called it." The halfling snorts. "A face-saving way to get rid of me, I call it. But" -- he waves his hands around, pointing at the bookshelves, crates, display cases, scroll racks, and locked vaults, and smiles -- "I never dreamed there were so many books in Absalom that I haven't already read! So many artifacts to identify! I could spend the rest of my life down here and never have to leave the Grand Lodge at all!"

In his exuberance, Kepli knocks over a candelabra (which, thankfully, holds only inactive candlerods). The candelabra kits the floor with a jarring clang, then skids a full ten feet into a dim passageway leading deeper into the stacks. Abashed, Kepli lowers his arms.

"And anyway, between Harvey and my 'gift,' the rest of the world would probably be better off if I stay out of the way." He gestures with one hand and mutters something under his breath, and the candelabra floats back onto the table.

Spellcraft DC 15:
He casts mage hand.

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A Mysterious Soothsayer wrote:

"Well, i don't exactly have two eyes to keep on the cards, but i'll do my best." says Garridan, gesturing to the eyepatch he wears.
(Perform(Comedy) for the joke he made about his eyes) (dexterity to keep the cards in check)

some faint chuckles can be heard from somewhere as the cards promptly fly out of his hands "i see what you mean about needing to grip the cards tightly."
what little details he was able to gather from the harrowing can be found here

Kepli slides out of his chair to help The Mysterious S. collect his cards.

"Actually, that's more of a reading than I've gotten before." He slides an arm under a bookshelf and pulls out a card and two of his escaped coins. "Be glad you weren't around for what happened with the troll auger in Kaer Maga." Kepli shudders. "There are some things you can't unsee."

He sighs, and hunts for more dropped harrow cards. "A symbol of my own wisdom, or a sign I need to pay more respect to someone wiser? More likely the latter than the former, I suspect. If I were wise enough, I would have figured out away to lose my leporine shadow by now."

Kepli hands The Mysterious Soothsayer a stack of cards. "I think that's all of them. Sorry about that. Harvey usually doesn't bother other people, but he gets offended if he thinks someone might help me get rid of him."

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A Mysterious Soothsayer wrote:

"I am indeed a harrower." Garridan replies "What do you wish to ask the cards?" i will post the details of the harrowing here so i don't clutter this thread up with 19 dice rolls + interpretation.

Kepli thinks for a moment. As he does, a hole opens in his belt pouch and several dozens silver and copper coins stream out and onto the floor. Most of the coins roll underneath the bookshelves, and will be nearly impossible to retrieve.

Kepli nods once. "Right, then. My question is: What did I do to so anger the Gray Lady?"

He points at the harrow deck. "Remember to keep both eyes and a tight grip on those cards. That deck won't do you much good if half the cards end up under the bookcases with the contents of my purse."

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A Mysterious Soothsayer wrote:
A short human man looks up from a text he was researching and says, his one visible eye seems to lock on to Kepli and he says, in a voice much deeper than you'd expect from a man of his stature, "ah, a newcomer." he gets up from his seat and offers to shake Kepli's hand "Name's Garridan. you seem rather lost, perhaps my talents in fortune telling will be of help to you?" (Bluff = 24 for Kepli) ** spoiler omitted **

Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 2

"Lost? I wouldn't say that, I'm just..." he pauses for a beat, "... sure, why not."

He pulls out a chair across the table from Garridan and sits down. "Um, you don't use harrow cards for your fortune-telling, do you? Because if you do, let me suggest that you keep a close eye on them when you shuffle, and hold them very tightly as you deal them out. I've had some very odd results from harrow readings in the past."

Sense Motive 10:
Kepli isn't trying very hard to conceal his curiosity, but underneath it, he seems unusually anxious about the fortune-telling.

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Cathran Casrua wrote:

A Varisian half-elf pauses on her way into the stacks to appraise the newcomer.

"New guy, huh? Well, just remember to keep your wits about you. We don't know what the majority of the artifacts in here do yet. Be careful around the books, too. They're not very well organized, and the mundane and otherwise tomes can get mixed together."

With that, she continues on her way.

"Thank you for the warning, ma'am," he calls after her. "But isn't that why we're here?" He shakes his head quickly.

"Oh, shut up, won't you?" he mutters, more audibly this time.

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Zordlon Moonsilver wrote:

[dice=sense motive]1d20+4

Brother and Sister, they have another sibling, but he is in liberty's edge

"Oh my yes...most of it is just text though"

"I did most of my library training in the archives at the Temple of the Lady of Graves, but rotated through several other local church libraries and archives to learn their systems as well. After the month I spent with the Callistrians, sir, I can promise you that mere mundane text causes me no discomfort whatsoever."

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Asmodan Galadon wrote:

A tall, broad-chinned man with long golden hair and polished mithral armor approaches from behind a bookshelf, grinning.

"Sit down. Would you like a drink? I could use an eh... helper on my next mission to Mother Varisia. It involves lots of drinking under the full moon, I can promise you that. That, and we need to get someone's dirty laundry back to base here. You in?"

[dice=Profession: Bartender]1d20+4

Kepli cranes his neck to look the bartender in the eye.

"That is a very ... generous offer to make to a new recruit, sir, and I greatly appreciate the offer. I suspect, however, that even serving as your 'helper' might require someone with more experience with field work than I have. I would at least need to clear my participation with my Venture Captain."

Perception DC 5:
He mutters under his breath: "It also sounds uncomfortable, dangerous, and an awful lot like real work."

While his head is tilted back to look at the big man, the halfling's hat falls off. It is caught in a slight draft, and blows under a nearby table. Kepli sighs and stalks over to retrieve it.

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"A pleasure to meet you, Manaria," he says, with a slight bow. "I grew up right here in Absalom."

Turning to her brother (or father? It isn't easy to guess the ages of those with elven blood), "And are there a lot of dark, mundane items in need of categorization, sir?" He blinks owlishly from behind his glasses, raises a hand, and gestures over one shoulder as though batting away an insect.

bluff: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21

Sense Motive DC 21:
He is trying not to sound sarcastic, given that it's his first day.

"I take it you both have been members of the Dark Archive for some time? What do you do here?"

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Those inside the archive nearest the entrance hear the bolt side back as someone outside unlocks the door, followed by a loud clank (as though someone had dropped a large key onto the stone tile floor), then a thunk of something blunt striking the door, and a muffled curse. After a moment, the door swings open, and a young, bespectacled halfling in a scholar's outfit enters, rubbing his head with one hand.

He hunts through his pockets for a moment, muttering under his breath, until he finds a scrap of cloth. He takes off his glasses, cleans them with the cloth and replaces them, and puts away the cloth.

He squares his shoulders and approaches the person sitting nearest to the door. Sticking out his hand, he says, in a soft, high voice, "Hullo. Kepli Lindenbrook. I'm a new junior librarian? Archivist? Darchivist? Master Shaine wasn't very clear about titles. Or what I'm supposed to do here."