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Fun if not a little bit mechanical


A good scenario that combines many different scenes and elements in a way that doesn't always mesh well. Somewhat to be expected for a repeatable but I would still recommend.

One of the combats left us particularly bloodied but also had an interesting enemy and allowed us to make good use of the map.

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Very high chance of TPKs


Great atmosphere, fantastic characters.

Many brutal encounters that can be overcome with the right party, fun and flavorful.

Previously the final encounter was extremely brutal but this has been updated, adjusting review due to this.

I've played almost every scenario and have not encountered anything as brutal.

In low tier this effect is greatly reduced so I would give the scenario 4 stars for low tier play and 2 stars for high tier play. Its never fun to be completely out of combat for multiple rounds due to effects you are more than likely to fail saves against.