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Metallic dragons are known to walk the world in human form, keeping watch over the lives of men.

Perhaps they'll make another mistake. Perhaps the richly dressed, subservient page they just struck was an Elder Wyrm Silver Dragon in disguise.

The man reels from the blow. He slowly wipes his bloody mouth with the back of his hand and, in an ancient and booming voice roars: "So you wanted a fight, whelps? Well, YOU SHALL HAVE IT!"

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The verdict is still out concerning this FAQ due to unclear wording. It depends on what "if I don't have that archetype" means - does that mean the replacement features are available to the archetype class only, or does a multiclassed character with levels in this archetype class count as having the archetype where the other class levels are concerned. I suspect it's the former, but this FAQ doesn't even take multiclassed characters into consideration, and I think it's vague enough to require further clarification.

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So I just realized that with the Investigator/Alchemist Alchemical Allocation extract you can drink the Sex Shift Elixir, spit it back into the container and redrink it indefinitely so long as you keep preparing your extracts.

... Which is entirely disgusting and unsanitary, but I'm sure people will find out some extremely funny ways to make use of this fact.

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Easy. I choose to become a Level 8 Samsaran Arcanist, ensuring my own effective reincarnation and immortality for all time. I store all my wealth in a safely guarded location and memorize the details in several dozen different forms, ensuring my next incarnation will certainly remember where it is. I then purchase an elixir of sex shift, immediately drink the elixir and revert back to my normal gender.

The assassin I hired will then kill me as arranged before your magic activates to send my body back to my original world, and I will then be reborn to live as I wish with all the knowledge of where I stored my original materials.

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Tsiron Ragmar wrote:
I challenge you to make your MOST BORKEN BUILD for PFS

Here you go:

Human Expert (Chef)
Traits: Patient Calm, Black Powder Fortune
1 Skill Focus (Profession: baker), Cosmopolitan
3 Skill Focus (Profession: brewer)
5 Skill Focus (Profession: butcher)
7 Skill Focus (Profession: cook)
9 Skill Focus (Perform: sing)
11 Skill Focus (Perform: percussion instruments)
13 Prodigy (Profession: baker; Profession: brewer)
15 Prodigy (Profession: butcher; Profession: cook)
17 Prodigy (Perform: sing; Perform: percussion instruments)
19 Antagonize

Basically this guy.

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Word. At-will SLAs sound like a really fun thought exercise. Might even have to create a thread based on that. Here's a thought -

Spell-like Ability, At Will
Invigorate (2)
Moment of Greatness (2)
Vanish (2)
Mount, Communal (4)

Rage-cycling Barbarian who doubles his/her rage morale bonus starting at level 1. When you run out of rage and health, disappear and summon horses. HORSES EVERYWHERE. :D

Wait, wait. Beast Shape I (6) and Mount, Communal (4). Turn into a horse. Then summon a herd of horses and hide in the herd.

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I'm giggling to myself over the thought of a Utilitarianist antipaladin performing good acts with the intent of serving his own selfish interests. Like, oh I don't know, Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist?

Or, ooo, what about an antipaladin who performs good acts while remaining entirely convinced that they're evil and sadistic?

"I made you cookies. Ha-ha! Suffer from the diabetes I'll be giving you in a decade, wretch!"

"I'm taking out the dog, dear. If I meet an early demise, my eternal absence will inflict a lifetime of suffering and longing as you linger over my grave."

"Ah, this old lady needs help walking across the road! I shall grant her assistance so through her survival she will continue to waste her family's precious resources."

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Green skin, really long ears, short height and high dexterity. Young life spent in seclusion, so he has no idea what his native race was like. Plus the speech problem. Think about it. Now, I've no idea what this would look like mechanically but really really want to play something like this in the future. The only class that should not be included is Barbarian (for obvious reasons).

Some optional flavor things might make the build stand out -
1) No armor worn/ possibly a dip or a few levels in monk. Acrobatic.
2) Proficiency with a two-handed blade, possibly a katana.
3) Telekinesis?
4) Healing?!

Anyways, help, please? :D

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Fascinating stuff behind Sgriobhadair's ore theory for #9.

Of course, lots of this shouldn't be exactly known to many inhabitants in the area, who'd think the continents float due to mystical/magical reasons.

Some more thoughts behind how 'Kyslite' might work...

Theoretical Science!:
Repulsion is still necessary, although a few more things are needed for this to function correctly without everything floating out of control. Firstly, Kyslite itself must exert its effect at very specific altitudes. So beneath altitude Y it becomes extremely buoyant, and above this altitude it has a normal weight; the mineral for each island is 'keyed in' to different altitudes through a harmless process of decay.

Building on that floating ore idea, I'd think it needs to be water-soluble. And, combined with a second ore, it forms a solid-permeable compound. Why is this, you ask?

Well, mostly since water runoff and soil erosion go hand-in-hand. Over only a few decades, precipitation can wash arable soil down mountaintops, which is why deforestation is such a large issue in third-world mountain communities. If you were to create a self-sustaining ecology floating in the sky, some mechanism needs to exist that prevents water from leeching soil down from these sky islands.

This brings us to water-soluble 'Kyslite.'

What does this do? When dissolved in water it creates a suspension only slightly more viscous than normal water, but amplifies water cohesion greatly on a large scale, and grants the suspension the same buoyant properties. Also, it's harmless for most creatures, which excrete the mineral rather quickly. That's okay; just a few more weird things water does.

So how would this affect geography?

You could have floating mini-oceans filled with dissolved Kyslite, anchored to their respective land masses by massive amounts of adhesion. So excess water pools out for a few kilometers around the island and evaporates like normal. Convection brings the suspended minerals back to land, where it forms deposits like limestone.

One brief following mechanism: Sky island rises too high -> Kyslite gains weight -> Washes down with water -> Deposits at base of island -> Island sinks -> Kyslite gains buoyancy -> Rises through soil+stone to top of island, repeat cycle.

Some of the local flora might metabolize the stuff for food, sequestering it with another mineral into a compound... which is where things could start going wrong for plot-related reasons. Say, for example, that Kyslite can only permeate inorganic solids while in the form of this compound, and that's why sky islands float - all the soil and minerals contain trace amounts. When exposed to sunlight, the compound breaks down into Kyslite and this Mineral 2; and the sunlight activates the Kyslite, renewing its properties.

Still with me? The island runs into problems when sequestration doesn't happen - maybe the plants die, or Mineral 2 is extremely rare and therefore mined by greedy people, or Kyslite deposits are extremely rare and also mined, like the melange from Dune. It could take centuries before the Kyslite becomes inactive, but taking solid Kyslite from rare deposit sites removes it from the picture.

Which leads to sinking sky-islands.

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The Vulture wrote:
I think...I think we're agreeing here; the black blade's monetary value can make up for the class ability cost, basically. I thought you were trying to say that it wasn't going to be that significant of an impact on your wealth.

Ehh; well, I blame the badly worded "It's not a huge benefit." :P

Say archetype power (magus only) was axis Y and campaign wealth was X; what I think happens is that a Black Blade's curve would be logarithmic. Huge advantage in a low money campaign, but past a certain threshold that advantage grows a lot smaller.