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Looking for a less generic way to keep a troll from petrifying should he need to be out and about during the daylight hours. I originally gave him an amulet of...something lol. Cannot remember the name of it, he had to decide to use it or not before rolling and it gave him a major +. Looking for something not so obvious as "find a ring of darkness..." Something limited at least?

He did say pack. Im assuming he is looking for play maps for his table. It would be nice if there was just a standard ratio to size the D20(?) maps to. I just printed out a map from the community created thread of the Glassworks for tabletop use. It's much more detailed than anything I have ever seen Game Mastery come up with. Sizing is just a pain, but worth it. I think my squares came out at 7/8th of an inch. *shrugs* Anyone wants it after this weekend, pm me. More than happy to send it your way! Only other ones I have done so far were north gate and the town square. Pretty generic so I laminated those and am keeping for further use!

Ok, trying to answer everyone in one post here. Sorry this is going to be a long post, but since you all took the time to help me, I feel I should reply goes....

Latrecis-EVIL ROLEPLAYING- No, of course the PC's are unaware of Aldern killing the wife and carpenter. In any case, I played him as a super flirty obsessed a** that that would not leave the drow alone. As far as what made the PC think it was a good idea to do what she did to him? Well, probably my speech I gave them beforehand to get them off of the video games and start playing table top. I told them games like Pathfinder, D&D, etc, did not have limitations like video games. You are limited only by your imagination and your role play abilities. When I asked her why she did it after the game ended. She said- because if some guy was bothering her like that in real life, the thought would cross her mind at least once, even if nothing more than a fantasy. Being a female and having been in this situation, I cannot say that I disagree with that statement. Anyway, keep in mind this is most of my party's first time ever playing a tabletop RPG, trying their hand at roleplay, etc.

Dracovar, MagnmCPA, anyone else that commented on ALIGNMENT- Yes, immediate alignment change was called for lol! My "noobs" all actually started off neutral because they were new and didn't know exactly how they wanted to play. I told them it would probably come out once we were playing and I could adjust. Boy did it come out! One of them was evil before the beginner box even ended! Put on his gloves and whipped poisonous spider goo in another PC's face for calling him a wimp because he could not make a roll to hit that spider even once! Everyone lol'd and the other PC made his save, so no real damage was done. So yes, there will be further shenanigans I am SURE!

Latrecis and Cintra Bristol-AMEIKO AND THE DROW- Agreed certainly Ameiko should remember the Drow so I played it off that she was drinking with the party to calm her nerves after the attack and Aldern and the drow had left while she was arguing with her father. So she was not paying attention to who was coming and going out the door and who had just gone up to bed (as 2 other party members had). One party member knew for certain who left with him but was not going to bother asking her about it until the bloodstain was found. He figured her sex life was none of his business.

Latrecis and Tinalles- PARTY REACTION-The players knew what happened but their characters did not. That is to say, we did not go off into a different room during the event. 2 characters went to bed at the Dragon and the one was up, a bit tipsy, having words with Lonjiku when he came storming in to yell at Ameiko. So they would be unaware. As far as what the players thought, my 2 seasoned players were "what the......holy...*gasp*" Not grossed or offended, just kind of in shock. My other 2 teens thought it was ragingly heeeeeelarious! (remember these kids went from their M for mature video games to tabletop so there is not much you can do to shock them) As far as PG-13, well I guess everyone has their own definition. But consider the whole Shayliss encounter. A woman luring men to her dad's basement to drop her drawers is not exactly kiddie material! Am I ok with it myself? Im ok with whatever keeps the kids playing and expressing themselves. I should probably CLARIFY my kids statement, we are talking teens here, but really anyone under 25 is a "kid" to me! =)

Latrecis-BOOK 2-I have read the whole campaign twice but, yeah that was over a year ago. I knew he would become a ghoul etc, that other person's comment about him getting bit threw me because I remembered the fungus thing. In either case, you are right, and I will read through again before heading to the Glassworks next Friday! I was planning on just going with the flow of the campaign and re-reading one book at a time! Silly me! I should know better truly! Back in my playing days I killed an important NPC in session 2 or 3 of a campaign and my DM made my life a living hell paying for it. Literally, I had to run around hunting, collecting, doing whatever I could to make money to hire someone who could raise dead or speak with dead or whatever while the rest of my party continued adventuring. It sucked! I had already been playing a while and had a taste for it so I didn't quit playing. But I don't want to scare anyone off after only a few sessions. And really, if the drow goes, the other 2 would probably drop it as well.

Latrecis and Cintra Bristol-HEMLOCK/ALDERN- I am still debating on what the sheriff would find at Foxglove Manor. I am guessing Xanesha would not mind helping the guy find someone to "heal his wounds" if for no other reason than to keep him on point with his fungus gathering.
As far as Hemlock stopping by the manor? Unless I am reading something wrong, it is directly between Sandpoint and Magnimar and I am guessing not TOO far off of the main thru way? I don't think an hour detour would be completely out of the question. Especially seeing as at this point he would have left the PC's and Shalelu in town, both of which have certainly proven that they can handle some goblins.
As I said, I think Xanesha would help out his castration situation. So one of two things can happen here. He doesn't answer the door as he is busy harvesting fungus, and more dutifully than ever since being "helped out". OR he can answer the door and continue on with his bullcrap prideful behavior. Let's face it, his whole trip to Sandpoint was a ruse, facade, whatever you want to call it. So he would act like the nobleman he is still pretending to be, bragging about having relations with the drow, and claiming to have no clue what happened to make that horrible stain. Worse yet, he might blame the 2 thugs he hired to dress up and play his attendees and ask if anyone in town is missing. (and yes I did write it in to my notes before any of this happened that he had hired guys to be his attendants because none of these nobles ever seem to travel alone. at least none did in my D&D days)
---ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS welcome here, esp regarding the timeline and what Aldern would be doing at the point Hemlock got to the manor. ---

Latrecis and Dracovar- VENGEANCE- Yes wrath, and perhaps earlier appearances as suggested, but I still wish I has a solid timeline. When do you guys think he should seriously start messing with the PC's? Because of what happened with Aldern, we did not have our usual downtime in between sessions. The next session was the next day. I was thinking the drow would start getting disturbing messages a week or two later. NOT the ones in the actual campaign yet, just weird odd threatening stuff. Perhaps a fellow party member might lose their job working at one of the Sandpoint shops after a threatening note from a noble as well? (everyone pretty much secured a job except for one ambitious pc that wanted to work on his hunting skills. He feels he has enough gold for now and can make more as he needs it selling his skins/meat at the marketplace.)As far as our sessions go, we have not yet made it to glassworks.

Cintra Bristol- DAMN- If I had not already ran the next session I would have used your idea of someone having found that blood and reporting it and my other PC thinking the Drow had been murdered! That would have been AWESOME! And lol digging up a dead mastiff, that would piss off the blacksmith =P """"If Aldern's specific mutilation became known, mutilating some of his victims the same way might also point suspicion at the rogue""" LOVING that too, but does it have to be widely known? It cold just be happening and only a select few know why!

Anyway, this is becoming a book, but I appreciate everyone's help. I am not new to being a DM but I have not done it in several (damn near 18?)years. This is really my first experience with any long term pathfinder stuff as well. I ran a few kids thru beginner box a couple times, really doesn't count for much in the great scheme of things.

So as short as I can put it, what actually happened in the next session is this:
Hemlock was approached about the bloody bed, asked around, a couple villagers saw a hobbling/limping Foxglove leave before dawn. They thought it unusual, but didn't think too much more about it. In speaking with Ameiko, she thought she saw a party member leave with Aldern late last night, didn't think on it as she had been drinking and was swinging a soup ladle at her father at the time. After Hemlock leaves the drow got immediately pulled aside by the PC who KNOWS she left with Aldern. She confesses to PC what she had done (in a weasely victim sort of way-aka- "he wouldn't leave me alone, I thought he was going to do something bad to me") PC is understanding but warns her he will be watching her every move and he will not hesitate to tell everyone what she did should she screw up again. For now at least, he will keep her secret. For the record, this particular PC has a job already and is sees Ameiko as a love interest. THANK GODS for the thread on keeping Ameiko going, because if I ended her after Glassworks, Im pretty sure this player would quit, and he is not one of my kid players!

For short answers and funnies, I probably have or will shortly send you a PM! =)

Thanks for bearing with me! Any timeline help with Hemlock seeking info upon arrival at Foxglove's house or when Foxglove should seriously start messing with the PC's is more than welcome!

sorry guys kee forgetting tags =/

No, I was not going to omit him. I figured Hemlock would stop by Foxglove Manor on the way to Magnimar (seeing as it is on the way)to inquire about his well being and the blood stain. If for no other reason than to ease his own mind about leaving people who may or may not have had something to do with a big bloody stain in charge of the town.
Not sure about timeline as it states that Aldern has a problem actually finding the "rats". But either way I don't think the fungus would have turned him to a full on ghoul yet. (am I missing something about him getting bitten? I thought it was fungus) I suppose I should have said I cannot make him an immediate ghoul/undead I guess. It might be a good idea to have him come back to Sandpoint earlier I suppose but more re writing for me and I am short on time.

As far as what Hemlock finds at the manor, I am not sure yet. Aldern may make some stupid story up about the stain due to his foolish pride (at least I find him prideful). He may just not answer the door at all. I don't know exactly what is going to happen yet, but more importantly, neither does the party. They will definitely be nervous about what Hemlock may find out in his meet up with Aldern.

Digital Mystic wrote:
Look in the community created thread up top. All your map needs should be supplied there

Awesome maps in there although printing them out can be a real pain in the butt, at least for me. I tried to order that town square flip mat before starting but I think it is out of print. I even tried ebay for a used one to no avail! Ended up resizing the pdf and printing/laminating.

Athos710 wrote:
TheRavyn wrote:
Wtf did I just read...
This is why Drow just can't have nice things....

That about made me pee my pants thanks! SO sorry for ditching out on my own thread! Been fighting with an illness and literal hordes of my kids friends have had birthdays in the last 2 weeks!!!!

Thanks for all the great advice. I completely agree with all the wrath suggestions. I cannot make him a ghoul as she left him alive and patched his parts up. Here's a basic outline of what I am going to do....

I'm kind of leaving it up to the rest of the party. =P Yeah a cop out perhaps but here goes.

The next morning there will be some commotion as Aldern's bloody bed has been discovered. Several villagers saw Aldern leave before sunrise so no one can ask him exactly what happened. After asking around, Hemlock was told by Ameiko that she THINKS she saw him leave the dragon with one of the party members. She is not quite sure seeing as Longiku was causing a commotion at the time and she was beaning him with a soup ladle. (I will remind the 2 pcs that were still awake at the time that they also saw the Drow leave the Dragon with him)When he is about to ask which party member left with him and if they know anything at all. Shalelu will come into town and Grim News from Mosswood event will occur. The mayor will express her reluctance to leave the party members in charge until someone fesses up to going home with Aldern. The sheriff will remind her and the party, that although he would appreciate them finding out what happened to leave that large blood stain, it really doesn't matter. He is headed to Magnimar and can just ask Aldern himself.

Several of the pc's have good reasons to stick around Sandpoint and want to be liked. So if they kill her, make her turn herself in, so be it. (in which case,well have to use the whole "make a new haracter for them to meet at the in standby") Maybe they will concoct a lie about what happened? But that would be taking a chance considering they dont know what Aldern will say. Then again his word against theirs.

Best I can do with the time I was given! Any thoughts would be welcome!

Yeah I was also thinking he will leave quietly since he is on his way back to Magnimar anyway and probably would not want to share his story with anyone. I especially doubt he would want any "sheriff" involvement given his past activities.
I think the wrath thing sounds good, but wondering still about the lust Given what he is done and his state of depression and desperation, would he see the drow as his redeemer? lol! Just a thought.
How strict are pathfinder alignments? Drow was a chaotic neutral. If this had happened in D&D, I would make her change to evil.

So maybe I played Aldern TOO flirty? As smitten as he might have been with my elf, she was none too smitten with him. I could tell by the raised eyebrow where this was going, or so I thought. He comes off as flashy and my drow rogue is going to flirt back and follow him back to his room to steal what she can. Yep, no problem with that and maybe a little foreshadowing when he doesn't have a whole lot to steal right?
NOT what happened! She makes a point of being loud and he notices her....long story short they go to bed. She tells him she loves adventure and wants to tie him up, he agrees. She GAGS him and CUTS OFF his manhood!!! She also fixes him up so he doesn't bleed to death. It was all rather graphic and I will not go into details. (cuz a few kids out there still tabletop, I hope!) I was not expecting this and do not know exactly where to go from here.....any and all suggestions would be welcome!

Hmmm, is there a hero lab thread here somewhere? I hate their message boards! So many unanswered questions. This forum has always been super helpful! Thanks to you both for trying to help out, now that problem is solved I dont want to be bumping!! =)

Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
If you've purchased it as medium, make sure you don't have any adjustments applied like enlarge person or reduce person in the appropriate tabs.

THANK YOU!!! I don't know what I hit on accident the first time, I deleted it and tried again and it's all good now! It was just the last piece of equipment after leveling up and redoing everything for 6 people and was making me mad crazy!!!

May you have a FABULOUS day!!!

Please excuse me, I have not played PF in quite a while and there is probably a better place for me to find the answer to this, but can a half-orc rogue wear lamellar leather armor? I looked thru the PRD twice and can't find anything that prevents it. I don't know if Hero Labs is just messing me or what. Every time I try to equip it, it states "you can't use this piece of armor, it is the wrong size for you". I tried changing it to every size there is and it is still a no go. Any ideas?? Thanks for any and all help!

Anyone else old enough to remember when teen violence was blamed on Dungeons and Dragons? =S

Digitalelf wrote:
When I was in grade school, gun safety was a part of the curriculum. To teach young children (and adults for that matter) to respect rather than to fear guns would go a long way in helping to mitigate accidental shootings and such. I do realize that this would not really help with gun violence in general, but it would help in keeping guns that are owned by responsible people from getting into the wrong hands - because a gun that is not accessible is a gun that is not used inappropriately...

Seriously? Where did you go to school? I think this is a good idea. But then you always would have people that were home schooled and such, sigh.

Honestly, when I was around 12 or 13 years old, my dad had a bunch of rifles hanging above the bed that were always loaded. We had a problem with coyotes and feral dogs attacking our chickens, chasing our horse etc etc. If they weren't loaded they would have been useless. I knew what they were and what they did and didn't touch them unless we were doing target practice or something like that. Unfortunately, my dad invited a friend home from work and his friend brought along his kid. Long story short the kid got into my p's bedroom, came out aiming a rifle at me saying "Im going to kill you hahaha" Well, I got lucky and kicked the rifle out of his hand and stomped him into oblivion. He later said he thought it was a BB gun. So maybe a class in school would have helped, I don't know. I have thought ever since, WHY does Daisy make bb and pellet guns to look like rifles. Can't they make them look different so it's obvious?

In either case, does it matter whose FAULT it would have been? My parents irresponsibility not locking up guns or having them not loaded? This kid's parent for letting him wander an unknown house? The kid's fault because he was stupid? The gun's fault for being there? I'm pretty sure if I had got shot I would not have given a crap whose FAULT it was. Seeing as the nearest hospital was over an hour away, I probably wouldn't even be posting this. Dead is Dead.

Sorry if this question has been answered already but I could not find anything to do with printing problems other than how to get the grids right.

I have no problems with the grids, but for some reason when I print out a map it turns out..... foggy? Almost looks like it has a layer of tissue over it. Am I doing something wrong? I downloaded the pictures and then opened and printed them with windows photo viewer. I know it's not my printer as I tried printing something afterward and that came out fine.

Any ideas? Would love to have a map of Rusty Dragon Inn as it seems my players are going to end up there quite often!

chocochobi wrote:

I am going to run "deadly mines", "beginner box bash demos"

Im going to run those after Black Fang also. My kids are just about to run into black fang. It has actually taken longer than I expected due to us having to play for short periods of time because of the kids having a lot of homework the week leading up to xmas break. I expect things will go faster over the holiday!

Jadeile, good luck on running your first game!! Make sure you check out the deadly mines and beginner box bash adventures if you are worried about not having enough time to write up your own adventure. Actually, pick them up anyway. If you are a good DM, there's a good chance no one will want to STOP playing, lol!

Thanks for the extra info on PFS, I was thinking it was a more "linear" way to play if that makes sense. There are no groups on my island at all that I can find. I would like to make a pfs char to play online tho so I can "vacation" from the job of DM now and then and just play.

I think I'll slip my son a note just to give the kids a broader understanding of how many different things can happen in game.

I also found more info on dragons here ack
I'm used to D&D. I keep forgetting that in Pathfinder you can still look things up regardless of not blowing your entire paycheck on Bestiaries etc. I get happier about choosing the Pathfinder Box over new D&D box every minute!

Just wondering if there is a Community use page of map symbol images? I found just about everything else I think. (Runes,factions,religion,etc) I was just looking for treasure chests, traps, etc that fit on the flip mat. I hate reaching over and drawing the stuff on because I always end up wiping off half my dry erase markings in the process with my dang sleeve lol. Would be nice to have some token type things to just toss on the map. Thanks for reading =)
PS I think I searched all the pay products too, but if I missed them and that is where they are I wouldn't mind buying them if I could find em =P

@Quatar I don't see a language box (at least not in the p 63 entry of GM guide)but him speaking common would make sense if intelligent. It only shows me his INT as +0 tho? Bleh, Im still confused about a few things as a nooblet =P

@BTam I like your idea about including him in other adventures, but are you allowed to do that with society games or do you have to stick to the printed material, just wondering. I haven't read all the society rules yet, waiting till payday to order the field guide etc.

@ Sean, yeah I know the BB doesn't use languages but I have been using the core book to make the transition easier later. I also let them pick races from the core book as I think it would be a pain to switch later. Get all the page flipping done at once =D

Thanks all!

I can't find a place that explains languages more in depth. I mainly need to know if someone that has Draconic as a language can try to talk to the dragon (black fang) in this adventure. And how do I handle that? My son's elf took it as a language and knowing him, he will try something. What sort of skill check would I make? I'm assuming it doesn't matter too much as the dragon is chaotic evil, it would most likely say something mean and spit some acid in my sons face, yes?
Any advice?

*off topic question, but when I click on someone's name I go to the Paizo blog? Is there no way to PM or see a member's email if its public? I hate to hijack threads in the Grand Lodge to ask questions about another island =S

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Yep Rot Im definitely following you =) I may do this at my kids school next year depending how things go. (although I'm kind of hoping someone else will so I can go and PLAY for a change and not DM) Hopefully I'll get some good ideas from you! I love the way the blog is set up. LOL @ Shorty McShortshort!

Hooray awesome baby sitting! Waaaay back when, the kids I used to baby sit used to love to paint figures. I used to buy little cheaper plastic sets and let them go to town while I was working on my Warhammer set. Easiest babysitting money I ever made. A little messy but fun was had by all!

Awesome to make a little money at something you love.

Thanks for all those links Michael! I take it you have been on Oahu before. I was only there for about a half hour once, on a layover on my way here. Inter-island flying has become super expensive here in the last 2 yrs or so, so I haven't ventured away from the Big Island at all yet.
Thanks for all the links, Ill look into them and see what happens and let you know what turns up.
I have heard of some online groups, not sure my internet is up to the task though. The only internet available in the rainforest is Hughes Net and it is pretty crappy. I really haven't tried ventrilo or anything like that since moving here because none of my games will work on the poopy internet so I haven't needed it.
Mahalo again!

Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun! My kids school used to have a teacher that ran D&D games after school, sadly he moved back to the mainland. Funny though it was open to parents also and I think there were more parents there than kids =P

@ Expert, sorry I didn't see your earlier post, I had this page just sitting open for a bit.
I'd love to get some actual gameplay in before starting. Unfortunately, there are ZERO groups in my area as far as I can tell. The closest one I have found on this site hasn't posted anything in a year and is still on a different island than I am. It would be about $500 flight + hotel (and Honolulu isn't cheap so figure another $200) to go play' so it would have to be one hell of a game =P I really don't love DM'ing either but I dont have much choice and its better than nothing for now.
I have never really used craigslist but was thinking of maybe posting there to try to find people that play.
A sea journey sounds fun!

@Aaron, well I'll probably go with some sort of sea journey or a cheap trick. I'm anxious to start the PFS stuffies =)

@ Aaron, Thanks for the info and the map link, although I cant find Sandpoint? Would it be south of Riddleport? As far as familiar with the core rulebook, depends on your interpretation of familiar. I do have it but I have not read it cover to cover or anything. I got that first to see if I wanted to play the game or not as I had heard Pathfinder rules and play were much more strict than D&D.

@Michael, thank you for the Char Creation link, that seems easier than flipping back and forth from the hero's to the core.

Any ideas on one or two short scenarios to get us to Absalom from Sandpoint? Like I said earlier, there are SOOOO many scenarios, the choices are overwhelming to a noob like me. Also if you could point me in the direction of good modules to follow up First Steps that would be great. I like to know things in advance seeing as I have to mail order everything. No game stores on the Big Island of Hawaii. =(

Many thanks to you both!

Ok, I am a total nooblet to Pathfinder. I was wondering how close is Sandpoint to Absalom? I can't seem to find one big map anywhere, although I have probably been looking in the wrong place. I found this thread very helpful as far as things to do in the area after the beginner box.
(um, I don't remember the html to make that clickable lmao)

I'm just wondering what the smoothest transition would be into the society first steps scenarios? Or should I just delve into a campaign like Rise of the Runelords and skip the First Steps? There are sooooooo many more things to choose from here than there were in my D&D days, its a bit overwhelming, but Im certainly not complaining! =)

Mahalo! (Thank-You)

EDIT: Also, would it be easier to just use the core book instead of the hero's handbook from the beginning? My son wants to be a half-elf. =P