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Hi. I'm trying to add Kasmir as a character for my card game. He doesn't show up in the choices. Only Feiya and Raheli are there.

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Hi everyone!

I just recently found out about the volunteer program. I actually tried starting a PACG group a year ago but I couldn't find any players. I didn't know about the volunteer program at that time.

I have a gaming group that plays Starfinder at The World's End, a pub in Quezon City. My friend owns it. It's a gaming pub that's tied to Fortress Games, one of the retailers for Paizo products here. We want to do guild play at the pub for the Pathfinder RPG, the card game and Starfinder. I've already talked to my friend, and he's willing to host OP in his pub.

How should we go about this? What are our next steps? Should my friend reach out to the local agents? Or should he apply as an agent himself?

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I sometimes take a scenario with me when I go travelling. I take just enough of each card type to simulate the random draw from each type. I think it works just fine for taking one scenario with me.

What if I wanted to take two scenarios? Do you reckon that doubling the usual number of cards i take with me simulate enough randomness for the cards without taking the whole deck from the box?

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Any players in the PHilippines?