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Alright, this is one for the books. This arises from a fight against stone giants at the Storval Steps in Rise of the Runelords vol 4.

Druid, transformed into a large air elemental through her wildshape ability, is fighitng a stone giant while hovering about 40' off the ground (the giant is standing on a ledge). The giant gets in two lucky shots, and drops the druid to -2 hp. 40' below, a dwarf ally happens to be standing adjacent to where the druid would "fall".

I roll hypothetical falling damage, and it's going to kill her unless something happens. So.

1) Does a druid revert back to their natural form when knocked unconscious (from negative hitpoints, and not some other effect)?

2) Assuming she remains in air elemental form, does she fall? If so, does she fall in a way that delivers falling damage?

3) If she falls, can the dwarf attempt a grapple as she moves through his threatened area, thereby catching her (I think so). But does she still take any falling damage?
a) If she does take damage, is it full or mitigated?
b) Does the dwarf take damage?
c) Any additional complications from the air elemental being large and the dwarf being medium?

How's that for a D&D physics question? I appreciate the PATHFINDER braintrust's help on this one.

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Directed at Vic, I guess...

Noticed a small error on the Grey Maiden's lead in blurb. Should read as below.

"When Pathfinder fan and artist Brian Patterson showed us his really cool Gray Maidens T-shirt at Gen Con this past year, we immediately knew that _WE_ wanted to offer his design "

Just trying to make sure you guys look spiffy 24/7.

If there's a better format to bring things like this to your attention, let me (us) know.

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I'm a fan of gaming music, organized by "scene". That is "Action" "Romance" "Dungeon" etc.

I've discovered a way in which gamers across the world might be able to share a single, free, online gaming music playlist, and all it should take is community effort for the scene labeling process.

The site, which you may have heard about, is LastFM (The website is and allows subscribers (and maybe non-subscribers, I don't know), to label their vast repository of music with "tags". You can search for a Tag type (or an artist) and it will assemble a playlist of songs labeled with that tag.

I would recommend the following tags (if we don't use the same tags, it's less effective):

Gaming - Creepy
Gaming - Romance
Gaming - Dungeon
Gaming - Wilderness
Gaming - Combat
Gaming - Town

I'm not positive it will let you label these this way, but it will if you drop the "Gaming -", I'm sure of that.

If you have to subscribe, it's $3.00 a month, and is a non-cycling non-renewable charge (so you don't have to worry about continuing charges unless you request it).

I think this could be a really handy tool for GMs out there.

Any other, similar thoughts?

Site again is:

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I'm rather surprised that no one has brought this up yet, and if they have and I missed it, apologies, but the current unfolding of events begs the question....

Will Pathfinder continue to be published in 3.5 edition format?
When (if ever) will it switch to 4th edition?
Is the Open Gaming License even going to be available for 4th edition?
Did our friends at Paizo know this was going to happen? What's the plan?

In retrospect, the cancellation of the license should have been a clear indicator of this course all along.

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Here's the question I need to know to make a decision about where my money and subscription credit is going to go....

Is Paizo independent from WotC? Or are they tied to the publications department (from whence they came?)

'Cause frankly, I want to send a message, and that message is "I'm pissed". I don't want to give WotC my money right now, and I'll be reluctant to do so in the future, too.

I just want to make sure I'm paying the good guys here.

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Hey, you know, if you guys like making money, a wish list option sure would be a good idea. Gamers could add stuff to their wish lists, then send a link to family members who could mail-order all the goodies straight from Paizo, and we'd all be sure to get exactly what we wanted.

This would be especially useful given that Paizo sells a lot of things you can't find on Amazon, etc. I remember as a kid how hard it was to get mom or dad or aunt or uncle to get into a store that had what I wanted, and then get them to get the right thing.

Wish list.